Exclusive Interview with Director Rebecca Cohen

13 09 2010


Director Rebecca Cohen was kind enough to chat with PSD about her most recent film WAR DON DON and also about her award-winning career.

Filmmaker Magazine named Rebecca Richman Cohen one of its 25 New Faces in Independent film.  The annual recognition has highlighted some of the brightest and most intriguing young filmmakers coming up.

We started our chat by discussing her “different” degree choice at Brown University.

World Cup 2014, maybe?

Rebecca talks about how she ended up in law school.

Yeah I know, she’s pretty awesome.  How about her Michael Moore connection?

Fransisco Bello and Rebecca friendship has expanded into a partnership.

Speaking of Nadia, Rebecca discusses having Mrs. Hallgren and also William Charles “Chuck” Moss as the DPs on the film.

We now discussed how exactly the issues in Sierra Leone first peaked her interest.

Special Court in Sierra Leone.

Rebecca quickly changed her attention to Issa Sesay.

She explains the main purpose behind the film.

Rebecca gives the full time line breakdown of the movie.

What about the chance to actually interview Sesay?

I would like to say sorry for the my coughing during the interview.  I was quite ill during the interview and i didn’t want to cut out any of what Rebecca was saying.  To much gold from Rebecca to not gloss over my dying.

Rebecca talked to me about the actual interview with Issa and what she gained or rather didn’t gain from it.

Rebecca talks about the incredible score and music behind the film.

Max Avery Lichtenstein composed the score for the film.

Bajah and the Dry Eye Crew composed WAR DON DON after watching the film and it fittingly closes out the film.

Rebecca talks about the impact of Austin’s wonderful South By Southwest festival had on the film’s recognition.

Rebecca discusses the Special Jury Prize that they won at SXSW.

Rebecca talks about HBO and the festival tour continuing as they keep pushing this enlightening film.

September 29, 2010 @ 8:00PM   HBO2 USA

HBO Broadcast

8:00-9:30pm ET/PT exclusively on HBO2

Rebecca was kind enough to chat with me about her up-coming film project, more interesting stories from WAR DON DON and also the inspiration behind RCP.  I’ll share this and more the week of the broadcast!!




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