Exclusive Interview: Clay Liford part 3

8 09 2010

Our final showdown with Director-Writer Clay Liford.

Now that you’ve tuned in day after day – I’d like to give you a super SCOOP from Clay.  Well sorta.

photo by Adrian Testolin.

Clay would like all you newbies to slow things down a bit.

Clay talks about how art goes through cycles.

Clay shooting a scene with RH Gray.

Clay discusses how Film Festivals can be wonderful experience and have importance in the full process.

He brings up how the 70’s changed everything.

We started talking about horror films and Clay talks about greatness.

Clay and Nate bring up the memories of My MOM SMOKES WEED.

Nate Dog explains his experience on WUSS.

Nate being Nate.

Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting a wonderful film-maker.  Thanks Clay and it is indeed a small world, GO RAMS!!!




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