Exclusive Interview: Clay Liford Part 2

7 09 2010

Part two of our chat with Director Clay Liford.

Clay jumped into the inspiration for Earthling.

Clay talks about having a love of the mundane and how that love goes back a long way.

Clay tries to sum up his tastes and how they are apparent in his projects.

Photo by Adam Donaghey.

He honestly explains how watching EARTHLING is tough because he is used to the comedic world.

Clay talks about how his short MY MOM SMOKES WEED was a complete different experience.

Clay talks about how working with a talented actress can completely make a project.

Clay felt that positive feeling on the set of WUSS because of his lead.

Clay and DP Chris Simpson.  Photo by Thomas Meredith.

Clay talks about the spark of WUSS.

He even has hopes of bringing everything together.

Clay talks about his view of how you should classify the film.

Another great photo from George Wada.  Producers Barak Epstein (top), Adam Donaghey, David Lowery (Director of St. Nick, and Clay.

More on this interesting viewpoint.

I do believe Clay just asked us to SHOW THE HECK UP!!  Gotta love the boldness of that.  Clay explains further why he has this viewpoint.

The battle is a tough battle and yet Clay fights on.

Do you really think I’d end with just two of these?  I mean seriously we just ended with Clay talking about “That’s like pull out your hair CRAZY time”.

We still haven’t even gotten to when NATE and his actor friends stopped by.  That’s a teaser.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Same time, Same Channel and all that.




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