Exclusive Interview: Director Clay Liford

6 09 2010

Writer-Director Clay Liford had a chat with us at PSD.

Let me introduce you to a talented Dallas film-maker who has a ton of passion to share.  Clay’s traveling abroad has given him an intriguing and mysteriously calm demeanor.  Right off the bat I felt like he’d have a lot of gems to share and yet leave us wanting so much more.  I hope you enjoy this ride.  Clay talks about the BIG RED MACHINE.

One of the early relationships that Clay came across in film was with producer Barak Epstein.

We jumped back into Clay’s fun UT Austin days.

Clay talks about his first love and the funny story of how he got her for free.

He’s a funny guy.

Clay tells a story about one of his favorite films, to explain what directors he admires.

Clay talks about his favorite type of films.

Never wanted to  be a cinematographer.

Clay talks about his main cinematographer when he’s directing.

He discusses the writing process or lack there of.

Now that doesn’t mean that Clay doesn’t have rituals on his films.

Clay discusses the differences of Earthling and Wuss, his two most recent releases.

Nate Rubin and Clay Liford.

(photo from camera by Chris Simpson)

Clay talks about the two leads on the film and their importance to the whole process.

He did give his leads one important bit of information to better understand their role’s range.

Clay does a wonderful job breaking down comedy.

A Gem of a point from Clay about Hollywood and Independent film debate.

Check back tomorrow as we’ll discuss more of Clay’s talented earlier films and his plans for the future.  And of course we’ll touch on this greatness.




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28 03 2011
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