Exclusive Interview: Director Elizabeth Lucas

3 09 2010

Brother Love (“Syd’) in the indie rock musical film CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY courtesy of CLEAR BLUE PRODUCTIONS

Director Elizabeth Lucas is a bold and inventive figure that is showing a new light to New York City.  I was able to chat with her about her career.

She’s in the process of showcasing three feature films that reveal the past, present and future of the big Apple.  But that isn’t where the story starts.

I want to jump to Elizabeth’s bold idea during college.

From Northwestern Elizabeth engulfed her self into the Chicago theater scene.

From Chi Town to the mean blocks of Broadway.

The short film is ISABELLA RICO.

“Tragedy on her wedding day turns Isabella Rico into a woman she never imagined she would become. An original musical.”

This short film and other directing work by Elizabeth led to a partnership and friendship with producer Al Parinello. He would help mold Elizabeth’s inventive idea for a film.

The project that Al has helped bring to life is CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY.

Eleven New Yorkers change course after catastrophic events force them to examine the difference between what they pursue and what makes them happy

Elizabeth talks about how a horrible accident forced her to reflect on what she wanted to accomplish in life.

To do this Elizabeth decided to make a film that allowed her actors complete freedom in the character they would create.   But she also had an idea for another film and she got a huge boost because of a two friends.

To complete her trio she noticed that she had a “RED” and a “BLUE” film.  She also had a film set in the past and one set in the present day.  So with her writers the third film came about, FADE TO WHITE.  A Sci-Fi Fantasy set obviously in New York and shot in Central Park during Christmas.

In 2007 Elizabeth slammed through RED HOOK, another theater project, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY and ended the year with FADE TO WHITE!!! That takes guts, a never-say-die attitude, and the constant notion that what you’re doing is something special.
Getting back to CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY, its really a unique film because of the improvisational base.

Its a challenge to even imagine what it was like to break down a story that involves 11 interwoven characters and do this from scratch, with  no script.  Its bold to start with just simple ideas and a interesting game that was the initial spark of creativity to the project.

Elizabeth explains how she fully realized how to make CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY a unique and bold film.

To help you see just some of the richly layered characters that were created in the film, I discussed each person’s role with Elizabeth.  She talked about how certain actors gravitated to each other.

Jan O’Dell (“Caroline”) in a scene from the indie rock musical film CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY courtesy of CLEAR BLUE PRODUCTIONS

Elizabeth shared a specific moment in rehearsal that impacted Becca Ayer’s character, Rose.

Elizabeth explained to me, how each character is different and represents a point in the full structure.  One particular character stood out to me, Cassandra Kubinski’s character Sam was the only “outsider” of the group.   She had come to New York after 9/11.

Cassandra Kubinski (“Sam”) in a scene from the indie rock musical film CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY courtesy of CLEAR BLUE PRODUCTIONS

Elizabeth talks about how Vedant Gokhale really stood out from his cast mates because of his comedic background.

What was that creative rehearsal process like?

Elizabeth would like to clarify what her film CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY really is.

Pictured: Director Elizabeth Lucas,DP Raoul Germain, Chapin Hall (back), Kristopher Lee (front). Photo credit: Ryan Mueller.
Pictured: Director Elizabeth Lucas, DP Raoul Germain, Chapin Hall (back), Kristopher Lee (front). Photo credit: Ryan Mueller.

Now the actual music is a key part of this brave film.  And that includes an awesome soundtrack.

Elizabeth tells you the bare essentials to finding out more about this wonderful film.

Once again The film opens today and will play 5 times a day at the Quad Cinema Theater in NYC thru the 16th of September.

SPECIAL TREAT: Director Elizabeth Lucas and cast members will be present for brief Q & A sessions after the following shows:

Friday, September 3 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm
Saturday, September 4 – 7:25pm
Sunday, September 5 – 1:00pm
Monday, September 6 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm
Wednesday, September 8 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm
Thursday, September 9, 2010 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm
Friday, September 10, 2010 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm
Saturday, September 11 – 7:25pm
Sunday, September 12 – 1:00pm
Monday, September 13 – 7:25pm
Tuesday, September 14 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm
Thursday, September 16 – 5:15pm & 7:25pm




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