Exclusive Interview with Kara Stephens – Part 2

30 08 2010

Nancy Kissam with Kara Stephens on set.  In the conclusion to our interview with Kara we get a more in depth look about her career.

Kara Stephens is one of the few women in her industry and I was curious if she ever felt any form of discrimination?

Kara with Nancy.

We discussed the major influences, aside from Nancy, that have positively affected Kara’s career.

Director David Twohy (white hat) with Mark Plummer (green hat).

Kara touches on films that inspired her, like the incredibly shot CHILDREN OF MEN.

She talks about how friends can also get you interested in things.

Now we start to get a bit more technical.  She reflects on when she first started to notice the advancement in camera technology.

Kara talks more about the benefits of all this change.

She explains the issues of a three-chip camera compared to the more efficient single-chip cameras.

She’s worked with the RED before and after the most recent changes.  She discusses the positive changes.

Kara’s future has many paths it can take and it sounds like she knows what she wants.

We do know that Nancy and Kara will be working together for a long long time.

Kara also has revamped her website with a brand new reel.  ENJOY!!!




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