Exclusive Interview: Frank and Justin part 3

25 08 2010

I’ve been waiting and waiting to finally use this wonderful picture!!! Justin, um sorry I’m such a FB stalker but this is way to awesome!!  Now its time to close out PSD’s exclusive with film-makers Frank Mosley and Justin Hilliard.

I thought we’d start the final part of this interview by letting Frank tell a wonderful story.

Ok so I have to re-post George Wada’s wonderful photo of Justin, Arianne and Frank  because of this funny outtake.

Do you notice the hot sauce and hot coffee?

Now back to the boys talking about films!!

We left off, from yesterday’s part 2, with Justin talking about his avant garde documentary 3 Thumbs up.  Justin further explains what he wants 3 thumbs up to be and also about the intriguing people met along the way.

The project that Justin Hilliard is currently on is something that he’s even keeping secret from his close friend Frank.  BUT Justin did give me the exclusive “inspiration” behind his up coming masterpiece – SWALLOW.

SWALLOW – LOVE IN THE NEAR FUTURE – coming 2011 – Wallpaper – (photo by Ashley Case – poster by Justin)

Justin and Frank discuss this meaningful project more.

Now for the project that first got me to contact Frank in the first place.  KOMODO!!!!  BUT Before we fully jump into the greatness, how about a funny moment with the guys?

Haha, great question!!  Now lets let the guys discuss KOMODO for real.

Justin talks about the background and the heart of the project.

This is a real moment of inspiration that occurred, so much faster then the guys could ever have guessed..

The guys talk about how the show will affect people.

Ok here are a few more fun outtake moments with the guys.

This first one talks about one of Frank’s early films, BALLS IN THE ICEBOX.

This second one had to do with Justin filming Wednesday in London.

Now its time to talk about icon characters with Frank and Justin.

And that concludes our 3 part exclusive with Frank Mosley and Justin D. Hilliard.  These two are on the verge of greatness and PSD will do it’s best to keep you all on the up and up.  Thanks guys it was a blast.




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