Exclusive Interview: Frank and Justin – Part 2

24 08 2010

Photo for interivew on Mosley for FW WEEKLY.

Frank has a quote from Plato that he’s adopted as a major influence on some of his early work.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

Frank labeled the films Perception.  Both Justin and Frank seem to want to make sure that we don’t perceive them as anything less then film-makers.  If we can accept them for that then they can gladly hold their head up high in the sunlight.

What was all that Plato talk about Gadi?  Frank help me out here.

Frank filmed the movie LITTLE BOY on a sound stage that they re-lit to make look like a staged theater production.  Its an effective and fun way of showing perspective.  Now the actual story behind the film is as dynamic and intriguing.

Sorry to get all philosophical, but these guy’s material isn’t just simplistic or entertaining.  In fact its far from that, its engaging and difficult at times.  They don’t go for the usual rationale and they strive to spark a creative originality within their films.

Now I brought up a name to Frank and we played a game of six degrees of kevin bacon…sorta.

On set with Frederick Trevino for his film THE NEW POSITION.

Frederick Trevino and Frank on set of THE NEW POSITION.

With Robby Storey discussing the making of HOLD on GOOD MORNING TEXAS.

Frank and Robbie Storey (on GOOD MORNING TEXAS talking HOLD) took an idea of a rape of a normal housewife and created a deeply moving portrait of a failing hero archetype. (aha!)

On the red carpet for HOLD with Farah White, Stephanie Rhodes, and Robby Storey at the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival.

Frank, executive producer Farah White, stars of the film Stephanie Rhodes and Robbie Storey at the Dallas International Film Festival 2010.

The film tests the way you expect a scene to unfold.  Frank brought up our good friend Ron Gonzalez who was the DP for HOLD.

Now the film took a massive change to its length and Frank explains why.

The boys bring back up our buddy Ron G. and also give a bit of a run-down of how they scheduled it all out.

Ok now its time for quiet Justin to talk a little about a talented woman…his wife.

Arianne and Justin.

Arianne and Frank on-set.

I had to bother Justin more about the rest of his “family”.  In particular this little lovable guy.

Ok one more pic of Larry David!!

Justin talks about another project of his that turned into a massive documentary.

Now we’ll stop there because tomorrow I have something special for you all.  We’ll discuss what Justin and Frank have coming up and we’ll also have a little fun.  In the meantime enjoy this funny little moment with Justin.




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