Exclusive Interview: Frank Mosley and Justin Hilliard

23 08 2010

Hot Coffee and Hot Sauce are the main ingredients to a fun time with Frank Mosley (right) and Justin D. Hilliard (Left).  The lovely and talented  Arianne Martin, actress/writer/producer and wife of Justin, wasn’t part of the interview but she was brought up!! Thanks George Wada for this excellent photo(s).

Artists are usually allowed to be open and free to their creative influences. Frank and Justin are two locally based directors/actors/producers/editors and artists.  I was able to share a wonderfully insightful dinner with the guys this past weekend.  Lets start this beginning like most stories do…childhood.

Justin and then Frank discuss how their parents cultivated the artistic urge that every film-maker seems to share.

On the red carpet at the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival.

Photo by Devin Pike – © 2010

Frank explains how being Ferris Bueller actually can pay off.

The guys explain how they’ve been making movies ever since.

Wait Wait What?  Backyard Movies?  Explain Frank.

So far Backyard Movies comprises movies:



This is the VERY EARLY part of the interview where I realize just how important spicy food is to Justin. (J/K – but I might have that out-take if you ask kindly).   Justin breaks down the film-maker drive.

Justin and then Frank talk about the full process of making a film.

Awwww KOMODO…I do believe you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer before I drop that bombshell.  “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”.   And the guys discuss the first time they worked together.

Speaking of UT of Arlington…

But one of the first times the boys worked on a film was WEDNESDAY.

Justin talks about one of his favorite scenes from this very personal movie.

Did Justin just talk about one of the segments being shot in London?

Breaking hearts galore in Justin Hilliard's WEDNESDAY.

Intensity is Jamie Hewitt's middle name in "THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE."


Justin talks about Frank as an actor.

Frank talks about what he looks for in a role.

The movie is broken into 4 segments.  It didn’t necessarily start out that way though.

Justin explains how the guys can edit material that they have invested so much of themselves into.

The guys were a blast to hang out with and we accumulated a lot of “outtake funny” like moments.  If you’re kind I’ll let you take a listen.  But back to the guys.

Justin talks about the passion behind his film and also enlightens us on his production company.

Striped Socks Productions.

Frank talks about how times are a changing.

This is where we’ll end PART 1 of PSD’s Exclusive with Frank Mosley and Justin Hilliard.  Tomorrow the guys will talk about films like HOLD, THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE, The talented Arianne Martin and catch us all up on what is going on now.




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24 08 2010

Very cool, guys. 🙂

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