Exclusive Interview with Producer Macdara Kelleher.

17 08 2010

I was able to chat with the producer from KISSES, Macdara Kelleher, about the film and about his award-winning career.

In 2008, Macdara Kelleher was named that year’s Producer on the Move by the Irish Film Board.   This recognition is only the beginning of what looks to be a long and successful future for the young producer.

Macdara started early on making films and in particular he met someone pretty famous!

Divine Rapture also starred Johnny Depp and Debra Winger and was about an aging priest that believed in miracles.

Marlon and Johnny on the set of Divine Rapture (unfinished).

From that early exposure Macdara was excited to be in the film world, but it wasn’t till he met this person that things started to happen.

Lance Daly at the Irish Film and Television awards where he won Best Director for Film in 2008 for KISSES.  Lance and Macdara became fast friends and even would partner in FASTNET FILMS,  which Macdara was managing director.  Its most fitting that Macdara, who has a English Bachelors degree from the University College Dublin, would be swayed by a piece of literature.

Macdara though was moved into producing because of a film legend.

The Legend.

The next film Lance and Macdara worked on was a film called THE HALO EFFECT and starred a well known Irish actor.

Macdara spent the next 3 years producing different films under different directors and even jumped into the TV production world.  In 2008 he’d teamed back up with Lance to make a film, and its the movie that inspired me to contact Macdara in the first place.  KISSES is a wonderful tale of two Irish children who run-away from the horrors in there lower class family lives.  In the script that Lance wrote there was something major that scared Macdara about the project.

Macdara talks about the difficulties of filming a movie with children in the lead roles.

Lead Actress Kelly O’Neill, Director Lance Daly, and Lead Actor Shane Curry at the Galway Film Fleadh (a real word – Festival).

Macdara tells the story of why Shane excepted the film role.

The film is how Dylan (Shane Curry) and Kylie (Kelly O’Neill) escape the abusive family life-styles they have back home.  In particular Dylan and his father have a heated fight and Kylie saves him.   Macdara touches on the elements of abuse in the film and there main purposes to the film’s plot.

The secret revolves around a different type of abuse that is happening to Kylie.  The reason why is that the abuse is of a sexual nature and involves her uncle (Sean McDonagh).  This element of the story was an important discussion that Lance and Macdara had to figure out.

Now this film isn’t all about the doom and gloom of abuse, its ultimately of first love.  Macdara talks about how the two young actors immediately had an attraction.

I think this is a good spot to take a breather.  Tomorrow will have part two of our Exclusive Interview with producer Macdara Keller.  We talked about Macdara’s other award-winning projects (THE COLONY in particular), the work behind being a producer, and even about Eric Cantona aka my favorite Soccer player ever.  Can’t miss stuff!!




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