10 08 2010

Yeah the title isn’t about me – its about these hot chicks above.  Specifically the one up against the wall.

Director Quentin Lee‘s latest film stars the lovely Karin Anna Cheung as Angela, a self-proclaimed slut and now a pregnant one!!!  Yep, the corky and fun comedy is about Angela trying to figure out “WHO’S YOUR BABY DADDY”.  Wilson Cruz plays her best-friend, aka “fag to Angela’s hag”, Gabriel Lugo.  Both are caught up in the search for love as they are living to their free-sex mantra.  The film’s best parts are when these two are cracking on each other and further pushing the other one’s buttons.  The film does have a lot of fun with the interesting group of men who are possible “DADDIES”.   Archie Kao plays the “Mystery Man”, aka the hot guy we all want Angela to end up with…you get the point.   Well mix in a little bondage, hot lesbian kissing, A LOT OF GAY HUMOR AND DANCING = THE PEOPLE I’VE SLEPT WITH.   The film isn’t mean or raunchy, instead Quentin Lee’s fourth feature film is heart-warming and funny as hell.  I’ll be honest the best way to sell this movie is just let Quentin talk.  The Asian Film Festival of Dallas had THE PEOPLE I’VE SLEPT WITH as its closing night film (and thank god for that insight!!).  The AFFD was able to fly out Quentin and he took part in a Q & A with us the audience.  We’ve waited a week or so to publish this post,  since the film has its big NEW YORK RELEASE this FRIDAY NIGHT – AUGUST 13th at the Clearview Chelsea Cinema.   On the website for the film they have these really cool bio/pics of the cast and crew.  They are to cool not to use to show the folks involved in making such a fun film.  Lets start with the lovely lead of the film.

Ok now that you’ve seen the hotness, lets jump into the wonderful mind of Quentin Lee.  This first story of his deals with his star having difficulty with the opening “sexual” montage to the film.

Ok it’s Quentin’s time.

Before we talk about the movie I’ll let Quentin tell you how AFFD treated him.

The story of where the inspiration from the film is interesting and leads us to another important person in the film – the screenplay writer.

Quentin explains the story behind the story.

This next part is really simple, Quentin talks about ice cream and sex.

Yes the “Mystery Man” in the film, Jefferson Lee (Archie Kao), is not only a good-looking chap but he’s a cook and a politician!!

Lets follow up Archie’s photo with Quentin explaining how his film is not raunchy or disgusting.  In fact its quite tame for the subject manner and you never feel grossed out by anything.  It makes sex fun and enjoyable for the audience, which is a great way to make us love the film.  Now Quentin explained how he went to see A FROZEN FLOWER which was at AFFD.  That film is an over-the-top sexual romp of a drama.  Where it has a LOTs of nudity and actual sexual scenes (graphic!!), The People I’ve Slept With doesn’t show any nudity or any hard-core graphic sex.  Quentin went onto explain how American Audiences differ from European and Asian audiences in there taste levels for sex.

Sorry about that last one – you had to be there to see Quentin’s faces while he explained how A FROZEN FLOWER’s castration scene was a little crazy.  Ok back to normal.  Time to showcase Wilson Cruz since he was freaking funny in the film.

If you’re wondering man what other cute films has Quentin made, well you’d be gravely wrong in your diagnosis of him as a film director.

Quentin tells us about the change from horror to comedy.

By the way Quentin is talking about Peter Martin.  Quentin highlights one of the great casting choices in the film.  Randall Park is a funny fella and he plays the “Nice but Boring Guy” in the film, who also has a BIG secret.  It’s really easy to say that Randall damn near steals the movie and is perfectly used by the filmmakers.

Randall with Karin in a scene from the movie.

Speaking of UCLA – its now time to highlight one of those Bruins.

I also want to highlight Angela’s dad in the film.  Veteran actor James Shigeta is genius as the crazy father with a young-bride to boot.  The Hawaiian icon is not in many scenes, but the ones he is in are just outstanding.  Also watch out for a really poignant scene with James and Karen talking about life – it was extremely well paced and scripted.

With such a diverse cast I’ll let Quentin explain how Hollywood can still be a bit COLOR-BLIND…well maybe not so much.

Though it would be fun to see Drew Barrymore play a slut (stretch?), I highly recommend supporting the ASIAN version of the film – its really well done.  And besides the film does have white people in it, geez.

Now its time to talk about KRUMPING.  Yep Quentin talks about his love for Krumping.

Quentin talks about how sex is fun!!!

Now it’s time to flashback through Quentin’s film history.

Keeping on the pixel to film conversation, Quentin explains the kick-ass camera he used on the film.

The Red Camera allowed for fast editing which helped with the other great advantages to going digital.

Quentin talks about how the film’s financing came down to perfect timing and a lot of good luck.

Ok now its time for you to GO OUT AND SEE THIS FILM!!!  Here are the dates of importance.

New York City Fri 8/13
Clearview Chelsea (1 Week Only Exclusive)
Los Angeles Fri 8/27
Laemmle’s Sunset 5 (1 Week Only Exclusive)
San Francisco Fri 9/3
Viz Cinemas (1 Week Only Exclusive)
San Jose Fri 9/3
Camera 12 Cinemas (1 Week Only Exclusive)
August 14 Vancouver Queer Film Festival



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