Inception – Let your Dreams be invaded!!

13 07 2010

Star-filled cast brings to life one of the most unique and intriguing film in over a decade.

On Monday Night a friend and I were able to witness a new epic in film.  At the North-Park Theater in Dallas a special sneak preview screening of INCEPTION took place.  Sorry no cameras or recording devices were allowed – I got “wanded” three times (HOT!!).

I don’t intend to SPOIL this movie for you -I’d rather keep this short and sweet.  GO SEE THIS FILM!!  IMMEDIATELY!!!  IMAX if you can (we’ll see the IMAX experience on Thursday – well Friday Morning!!).

The look of the film may immediately bring you back to the Matrix.  Only this film doesn’t require a red or blue pill.  You don’t have to believe that AI, Aliens, God or something else is in power.  This film takes place in our coming future and deals with the security of our own minds.  Here’s the official site – READ UP –

So i’m not going to comment on the plot – its to brilliant of a screenplay by Nolan to even try and comment on.  Instead I’m going to comment on the casting, specifically three folks you need to get ready to fall in love with.  The first is the beautiful Marion Cotillard.  The Oscar-winner isn’t in the film as often as I’d like, but her presence is PIVOTAL to the on-going struggle in the film.

Her character is the most unique in the film.  She’s not just one of the prettiest women in the world, but her understated and intriguing performance gives the film its overwhelming feeling of fear.  What happens to her is the ultimate issue with INCEPTION and the real power of the love story is all about how she was effected.  I can’t really say to much more – its an amazing feeling though when you realize what is going on with her character in the film.

Still of Tom Hardy in Inception

Meet British Actor – Tom Hardy.  For you already familiar with the dynamic young actor – GET Ready!!  He’s the new MAD MAX!!!  His character Eames is by far the most quick-witted and entertaining of the film INCEPTION.  His one-liners and cocky attitude really ingrains his character with the audience.  If one person steals the show its Tom.

Still of Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph  Gordon-Levitt and Ken Watanabe in Inception

And finally veteran actor Ken Watanabe plays Saito – a ruthless business man.  The film revolves around his character’s unflinching power and specifically how he can help/hurt each one of the other characters.  Saito is the bridge that connects the journey you’re about to go on.  His scenes with Leo are utterly CAPTIVATING and crucial in understanding the motivation behind the power of Inception.  Without Saito, Leo’s character Cobb doesn’t have a reason to pull off INCEPTION.  Of all the actors I think Ken can get ready for all the Supporting Actor nominations he’s going to receive for this film.  A well-deserving actor of your time, respect and admiration.  Enjoy his scenes because they are amazing.

Ok enough is enough – here’s the hd trailer

Go get your IMAX tickets and don’t worry this film is WORTH EVERY PENNY.




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