NBA: 2010 Time to Change it All UP!!

30 06 2010

NYC?  CB back when he liked the dreds!!  NBA Free Agency is all the talk and tomorrow all hell is going to break loose.  Lets discuss how the NBA will look completely different after tomorrow.

Meet the Wild Card – His name is Mark Cuban if you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade.  With Dirk announcing he has entered his name into free agency the Dallas world has been an intriguing place.  Like most folks I can’t see the Big German anywhere else, but I understand him wanting to at least get a nice steak meal out of it all.  Hell wouldn’t you want to be “courted” by other teams before returning to the fans that adore you.  MFFL – one of those letters does stand for FOREVER (well unless your name is Don Nelson, Avery Johnson, Michael Finley, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd – the first time, and now possibly Dirk).

This free agency period has the chance to be the most historic period of mass movement ever.  It is already the most hyped ever – we’ve been discussing this for YEARS!!  So I figured I’d give my take on how I HOPE things will play out.  The King, DWade, Bosh, Dirk, Paul Pierce, Amare, Boozer, Joe Johnson, and Rudy Gay out on the market (amongst numerous other interesting names) we are about to witness a changing of the “ranks”.  Lets look over at the Western Conference first.  The way I’m going to handle this is give my rankings of the top teams and give a brief look at how their off-season may go.

1.  Los Angeles  Lakers –  Defending Champs should be pretty quiet.

With the Staring Line-up coming back (though wouldn’t be shocked if Ron Artest is shipped out).  The only real question on the champs minds is whether the Zen Master is returning.  Don’t see much tweaking of the main ingredients.

2.  Oklahoma Thunder – The youngsters are about to take over!!

The busiest team during the draft made no bones in showing that they aren’t players in the FA world.  With Kevin Durant they have their superstar.  No real leverage with money and they just look SOLID at ever position.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see them pick-up a veteran big man to help bolster the front-line for the playoffs.

3.  Phoenix Suns – The first FA team of note – AMARE STOUDEMIRE TIME!

The talk around Phoenix is will the team be able to convince the big boy to stay in town!  And I just can’t see him staying.  You’ll see how LBJ final destination pushes Amare to…MIAMI!!!  Yeppers (LBJ and Bosh aren’t going and so the Heat go after Amare).  Miami will max out DWade and bring in Amare since NYC will steal away LBJ and Chi Town will steal both Bosh and Boozer!! (ok so I slipped up on keeping those picks a secret).  Miami has to much money to not go after someone important and they sure as heck aren’t looking at 2-guards.  Phoenix aren’t going to be big players and are hoping there youngsters start showing up.

4.  Dallas Mavericks – Yep they are this high for a reason.

Ray Allen?  Gadi what are you smoking?  (Good stuff!) The reason why I see this move happening is that Paul Pierce will not stick around in Boston and the team has already tried to trade Ray.  SO…Ray won’t stay in town and Dallas needs a name and they need a two-guard who can score CONSISTENTLY.  This move also allows the Mavies to not have to shop Roddy B (the real talent Cuban doesn’t want to move unless it = LBJ in Dallas).  Lebron’s entourage may love D-Town but just like the HORRIBLE show – shit doesn’t happen cuz you want it.  Cuban will bring home Dirk and he’ll do it by giving the German Ray Allen AND!!!  Here is the real treat for Dallas folks – SHAQ BABY – yep – Cuban can’t get to the KING – why not try Superman (he does have a home here in Dallas – trust me i’ve snuck into the “gated” community enough to know Shaq loves him some D-Town).  A sign-n-trade with Cleveland sees JET, Dampier and cash to Cleveland.

The Big Boy stole a title away from D-Town and now he comes to Dallas to win one (yeah he’s 38) but this is a HUGE improvement over Dampier.   Cuban aint about staying quiet and these two vets bring a level of respect that Dirk sadly hasn’t garnered so far.  Also this keeps Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood (though Hay might jump to a team where he’ll be the starter, but he seemed to enjoy it here – so I’ll give him the benefit of wanting to stay).

5.  San Antonio Spurs – My precious Spurs seem to just AGE AND AGE!!

The Spurs don’t make waves on the FA market – they make little moves.  Manu is back, TD is still here, the only trade bait is TP Machine and the Frenchmen aint leaving.  George Hill, Roger “crybaby” Mason, DeJuan Blair and new rook James Anderson give the old crew a SOLID supporting cast.  Expect a few small moves.  The major move will be to bring Aston Kutcher dopple-ganger Kyle Korver.  The three-point specialist fits the perfect mold for Pop run team.  Also in a great move the Spurs bring back THE ICEMAN – haha j/k – but imagine how kick ass his finger roll would look in today’s game.  The Spurs will win 50 games and they’ll be a mid level seed and will UPSET teams in the playoffs ( NEVER count this group out).

6.  Denver – Coach Karl you ok?

His sad state of sickness really put a damper on a stellar season for Denver.  They have all the right parts to compete, but George runs this jungle.  The “meanest” team in the league needs its lovable coach to return.  Melo’ should have a chip on his shoulder after seeing all these FA folks get so much air time.  Anthony is a top ten talent and he has a HELL of a good core around him.  This team is not rebuilding and they don’t have money to expand – SO they just want to stay as close to last year’s team as possible.  This team is legit a contender as any in the West.  GK returns healthy and full of energy and big things could happen in the mountains.  Now 2011 is intriguing if they don’t do well – MELO to NYC?

7.  Portland – Yep DA TRAILBLAZERS!!

Texas boy LaMarcus Aldridge is on the verge of being a Star.  He has Greg Oden returning (we’ll see if he can stay healthy) and lets not forget Brandon Roy!!  The #7 doesn’t injure himself at the end of the season then the PLAYOFFS ARE A DIFFERENT STORY.  Roy is quality and the North West hasn’t seen a dominate team like this in a while.  Roy is the key though – if he plays like he did before the injury then this is a legit team.

8.  Houston Rockets – Yao is back and welcome a new face to the team.

With the rockets letting 30 year-old Luis Scola leave (they deny the hell out of it – but I see the Argentinian moving on in a sign and trade) – has opened the position for a 20-10 guy like David Lee to move in.  Besides I figure NYC will go with Lebron friendly folks in the Big Apple – sorry D. Lee but no real connection with the King.  Welcome to the Western Conference.  This team kicked ass without Yao and T-Mac last season – adding Lee and getting Yao back turns this team into the SLEEPER PICK.  I wouldn’t be shocked if all three Texas teams go above 50 wins each.  The polite oil-city always welcomes hard working rebound machines like Lee.

9.  Utah – Boozer Get out of Town already.

CB (no not Chris Bosh) has been a rumor move to Chi Town for what 3 years now.  Well the bulls won’t get LBJ out of the state of NYC.  Instead all that cash movement to free up enough space to bring in 3 legit players seems to be going in a different direction.  The Chicago Bulls (CB) will sign CB (Boozer) and CB (Bosh) to anchor there front core with young center Noah.  I’ll get to the other new Bull later.  But with out Boozer – D. Williams will need a new friend.   How about Rudy Gay anyone?  He may cost more then the Jazz want at SG – but I think the Jazz will look to a complementary guard for Williams rather then another big man like CB.   The move may shock a lot of you since CB has a home in Miami but the money in Chi Town is so great – and with Amar’e going to Miami its hard to see to similar PF going – Bosh is different then both of them that is why he fits.


The Clips have been quiet, but they have cap room to pull off a move like this.  So why would Paul do this.  Well he’s a LA kid and even with Doc returning Paul has to think of his long term future.  Also with Baron Davis at point, and youngsters Al-Farouq Alminu and Blake Griffin this team is loaded.  Chris Kamen at C, Blake at PF, Paul at SF, Eric Gordon at SG, and Baron Davis at PG – they’ll have two quality rooks off the bench with Alminu (six-man) and Eric Bledsoe  spelling Baron this team has the depth to make some waves.  Pierce gives them the missing link at superstar and being back in LA might keep him happy for long enough to see the young talent grow.

11. Sad Sac Kings – Big Wildcat joins the Rookie Club.

DeMarcus Cousins joins Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi as the young future of the purple folks.  I really love the make-up of this team and of course seeing the first Israeli in the league hits home!! This team won’t compete next year, but by 2012 this is a playoff team.  PG Beno Udrih and SG Evans are a great backcourt.  Cousins joins Omri and (my pick for 2012 starter) Sean May to make up a great front-line (of winners – May and Cousins both NCAA titles and OMRI European success with Maccabi Tel-Aviv).  With Paul Westphal running the show watch out this team is going to be legit!!

12. New Orleans – Chris Paul not out the door just yet!!

The best PG in the game?  Maybe so.  New Orleans is a really interesting team – they have talent, but they also suck.  I don’t see CP staying long in Louisiana.  In fact a trade deadline deal with NYC might make a lot of sense – I can’t see them entering the year without Paul running the show.  But they do already have his replacement – Darren Collison.  The real question is what can they get for CP.  Well after injuries ruined last year – they need him to come out gang-busters so they can trade him by the deadline.  I think this move will be the final piece to keep LBJ happy.  Chris Paul with LBJ in NYC – um NO-BRAINER.  But New Orleans wants something major for CP – they’ll be bullied in the end.  David West is another interesting player to see if he is traded.

13.  Minnesota – Um do we care?

Hey Ricky – you coming over anytime soon?  No –  Ok maybe next year.

A team still rebuilding – great another shitty year for the Timberwolves.  Players like Ryan Gomes, Johnny Flynn and Corey Brewer have a chance to impress.

14.  Golden State – O gawd the other Cali team.

Aww  Nice Stache’ and Drink up old boy.  Still miss Don Nelson post game with a Beer in hand.

This team is in shambles – injuries made them historic (only team to play a game with only 8 players).  Don Nelson is aging rapidly and minus the kid Curry this team has nothing.  They’ll laugh there way to 30 wins and pray for a high lottery pick.  Do like seeing Baylor Powerhouse Ekpe Udoh playing in the wide-open offense of Nellie.  The players love the style of play they just can’t seem to actually win games.

15.  Memphis – Rudy Gay bye-bye.

Hi I’m a Russian billionaire.  Mikhail Prokhorov has been AWFULLY quiet.  He can’t get to LBJ and I doubt he’ll go for the other big names – instead he’ll listen to AVERY Johnson and bring in a younger talent.  HELLO RUDY GAY.  Memphis loves Gay – but Nets can offer a lot for the SG/SF.   This team has  legit PG in Devin Harris a legit big man in C Brook Lopez.  They drafted the PF of the future in Derrick Favors and Rudy Gay would fit in PERFECTLY at the 2 or 3.  This move just makes so much sense – hell the nets could fork over money, draft picks and their other big rookie from this year Damion James.  Memphis needs bodies and cash.  This move does allow the Griz to resign SG/SF Ronnie Brewer – a talent waiting to step up.

So recapping the West – Dirk stays put cuz Shaq and Jesus Shuttlesworth are coming to Dallas.  Paul Pierce goes home to LA.  Phx loses its big man to Miami.   Utah loses their big man to Chi Town.  The young teams start to take over – Spurs still hoping for one more title ring (its now or never).

Ok so i’ll get to the new look of the Eastern Conference – boy is this going to be crazy!!

1.  Orlando Magic – Yeah Superman still plays here!

The most like-able star in the league is still the best damn big man in the league too.  Orlando isn’t going anywhere except back to the top.  They collapsed against the Celtics and will look to the same core to get them back.  Rashard Lewis is still bad ass and Vince still has a year left in those legs.  I think they’ll be smart and resign JJ Redick and Matt Barnes – especially if Boston implodes like I think they will.  They won’t be big movers for FA other then their own, but don’t forget who the real star team of the east is and its not the other South Florida team.

2.  Chicago Bulls – Two much money to not bring in star talent.

He already looks great in Red and Black.  CB adds two CBs to the line-up – Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer give the Bulls the best damn front three in the league – Noah is the C.  O yeah they already have the best damn point guard in Rose.  Here is the THIRD big free agent signing I’ve been keeping from you.

Joe the shirt says it all bro.  Why wouldn’t this kick ass guard go and ball it up in Jordan land?  Atlanta are run by morons who don’t realize that they have some AMAZING TALENT.  Da Bulls have stated they are going after 3 big guys -well this trio makes this team look GREAT.  This also allows Chris Bosh to not have to play “second” fiddle (which has been his biggest concern)  and JJ/CB2 would love the chance to be paid like stars and not be the MAIN guy.  DA BULLS ARE BACK!!

3. Miami Heat – DWADE BITCHES.

DWade can now add Amar’e to his top five – knocking Barkley out of it?  This team will lose Udonis Haslem because of this move – but that is ok (also U-Dog is just fine).  Miami bolsters their depleted and weak front line with Stoudamire.  They even pull off a huge move by trading for Louis Scola.  Why Scola you ask – well Amar’e is your C and Scola is a 15 board a night PF – thats fucking why.  With David Lee jetting for Houston – the Rockets will want to get something for Scola and Miami have move-able parts and cash (lots of it).  Another name to pop up in this interesting team (and for pretty cheap i might add) is former Mavs Forward Josh Howard.  Washington will clean cap space and Miami could use a SF with range on his shot.  These moves won’t cause people to go gaga over, but Amare is all Dwayne has been needing.  Its either him or they go after Boozer!

4.  New York Knicks – The fun begins.

Yeah!!!  I know what you’re thinking (Both CBs, Wade, Dirk, Pierce, Amare and Shaq are all not in NYC – so why LBJ).  Well its really simple LBJ knows to conquer the world (in other-words to compete with Kobe – who owns CHINA by the way) he needs to be in the exact opposite of LA – and that is NEW YORK CITY.   The Knicks will lose David Lee, but that is ok because they swoop up Udonis Haslem (after Amare forces him out of Miami).  Also KEVIN GARNET in a NYC uniform would be pretty sick.  Yeah you heard it hear – the three Celtics are scattered all across the NBA.  KG, U-Dog and former bull John Salmons give LBJ his supporting cast.  Wow, that doesn’t seem that much better then Cleveland.  And its NOT, but NYC is so much better then the mid-west.  AND remember my whole bit about Chris Paul – well NYC will get him – it’ll just take time and a third team to do it.  But CP is the missing link for LBJ.  Also with Chris Duhon, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Toney Douglas they have enough depth.  Granted New Orleans may crack early and send CP sooner which makes more sense.  I think LBJ isn’t thinking about who will mesh with him on the court, but rather how to maximize their wallets.  That is why CB, DW and LBJ met – to decide to head there own teams.  Amare and Boozer are the workable pieces for big men.  But with NYC not having the money of Miami and Chicago they’ll lose those two guys.  But don’t be shocked if George Karl does retire then Carmelo Anthony may be available.  Interesting to see the ‘Cuse Savior return to NYC to play along side Lebron – what a crazy move – I’ll stick with CP as the real bait and switch move.  2011 – Melo,LBJ and CP = Title?

5. Charlotte Bobcats – WTF?

Tag Team Back again.  So I know this move may cause some of you to stop reading.  BUT HEAR ME OUT.  Boston is going to implode, Toronto loses Bosh, Cleveland loses Lebron, Atlanta loses Joe Johnson, and the East is wide open.  Atlanta might be most folks choice, but I’ll always choose Larry Brown to succeed when no one thinks he can.  He took the smallest MVP (AI BABY!) to the finals when they were NO one’s pick.  LB is a GREAT coach and he has a pretty good team.  Raymond Felton and Tyrus Thomas will be resigned and jump back into the rotation.  Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson are the vocal leaders and GW is the scoring king.  Boris Diaw was one of the biggest STEALS last year and watch out for Tyson Chandler to regain his form.  This team is built on athletic defense that never breaks and an offense that moves.  It’ll be exciting to watch this team play, maybe not the level of flair of Hot’Lanta but still quality.  This team won 44 games last year!

6.  Atlanta – Say it aint so Joe.

Hey guys I’ve been chilling in Greece – I’M HOME!!  Where’s Joe?  O really he went to Chi Town.  Well guess that means the big boys get to shine.  Josh Childress, Al Horford, and Josh Smith make up a hell of front-line.  Mike Bibby is still a viable point in the league.  Rookie Jordan Crawford will slide into Joe’s old spot and don’t forget Marvin Williams is a hell of a six-man.  This team will lose a little steam with Joe gone, but Crawford has skills and is more a pure 2 guard then the taller Johnson.

7.  Boston – Doc  and Rondo show.

Who’s the best Celtic the past three seasons?  RAJON RONDO – sorry Paul.  Rondo has become an elite point guard in his short career.  Doc Rivers returning is a good thing for Boston – but sadly not enough stability and money can keep Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.  Boston will ship out KG for the future.  BUT why then is Doc coming back – well I think to prove a point.  He’s one of the best coaches around and cutting the fat (KG and Ray) is going to happen – losing Paul will push them out of contender status, but this team is still talented.  Kendrick Perkins is the legit C on the team and his injury cost them a title.  I think Doc knows he has a lot more talent then folks know about.  Big Baby slots in as the PF.  Here is where the Celtics make moves – TRACY MCGRADY folks!!  TMac becomes expendable after LBJ arrives in NYC and Boston aren’t about to not give Doc Rivers talent.  T-Mac would work wonders with a coach like Doc – hell Paul Pierce became a legit star when Doc showed up – before that he was a chubby T-Mac.  But there are more names coming (just really small names is all).  Bulls will not have space for talents like Hakim Warrick and Jannero Pargo – nice fits for the pair in Boston.  Shaun Livingston of Washington will be cheap and add guard help.  The interesting pick-up will be there starting 2 guard – Luther Head.  Ya’ll remember him?  Well he’s unrestricted free agent and will come CHEAP to Boston.  Another name that may float around is ALLEN IVERSON – He’s not welcome in Philly, but he’s still wanting to go out better then he did last season.  Nate Robinson turned his career around with Coach Rivers and will get a nice deal somewhere.  Allen could return and slot in as the perfect scoring guard for the team.  But Head is a perfect pick-up and could become a good player with a point like Rondo next to him.

8.  New Jersey – Da Nets go from worst to PLAYOFFS – WOW!!

hehe – ya’ll have no idea!  Devin time.  This kid should be the starting point guard for the Mavericks, but da Nets are loving the hell out of him.  Brook Lopez is there other prized possession.  And do you remember what I let slip up earlier about who I like coming here? “They drafted the PF of the future in Derrick Favors and Rudy Gay would fit in PERFECTLY at the 2 or 3.” (quoting yourself in the same post – that’s fun!).  No joke Rudy Gay still might end up a little down the road in NYC – I’m still debating this one.  I like Rudy in this part of the world and its hard to think he wouldn’t want to play with Lebron.  BUT I think with the nets he’ll be the main scoring piece.  I really think that the Nets will be active but smart and Rudy is a perfect fit.  I think they’ll go after some fun names like Channing Frye , Luke Ridnour, and Travis Outlaw.  They need parts to go with the talent.  Mark my words this team will make the playoffs – IF THEY GET RUDY GAY – and imagine them in Brooklyn in a few years too.  This team is about to be on the up-and-up.

9.  Milwaukee – Damn Bogut Injury.,0.jpg

If he wasn’t hurt the Playoffs would have been a different story!!  They’ll lose John Salmons to NYC, but this team is still stacked.  Bogut in the middle.  Luc Mbah a Moute and Ersan Ilyasova give you the wonderful forwards with kick ass spellings.  Brandon Jennings is the real superstar on the team and will run point with Michael Redd, Carlos Delfino or recent signing Chris Douglas-Roberts at the 2.  Head Coach Scott Skiles is highly underrated.  This team is not well known, but BJ is legit and Bogut is a BEAST.

10.  Detroit Pistons – Mo Town aint singing so loudly these days.

Tayshaun Prince is one of the most intriguing names this off-season.  Not a free-agent, but Trade Bait for sure.  RIP Hamiliton has declined drastically, Prince is a legit starter for most of the teams in the league.  BUT with all that said I think Detroit is waiting a season to make a move for MELO.  Yep Joe Dumars realized that they don’t have the money to do anything this year.  He can’t compete with Chi Town, Miami and NYC.  Instead this team will give the vets one more year and Prince is the only wild-card.  I easily see him being shipped to the Playoff Contender smart enough to realize how helpful his long-wingspan can be.  The team I’ll have you keep an eye on is NEW YORK CITY!!  If LBJ does go I think He’ll want talent that has been to the big game and WON.  Prince is a great compliment to LeBron.  Imagine Chris Paul running the show with LEBRON being the King and Prince is your defensive maestro (with a sweety jay).

11.  Philly – Evan Turner is going to be the real steal of the Draft.

Andre Iguodala now has a quality teammate in Rookie Evan Turner.  What a duo they could be.  I think all the talk about shipping Andre is total BS.  Through in vet Elton Brand and young point Jrue Holiday and you have a nice core.  This team may be players for a guy like Brad Miller at C.  I like Philly but they seem to usually stay quiet when they should be loud and vis versa.

12.  Cleveland – The Thrown is not the same with out its KING.

Hey where’s LBJ?  Well Delonte um maybe you should have not been so friendly with LBJ’s MOTHER.  This team has some good pieces – two of them above.  Varejao and Mo Williams are legit.  Delonte is still learning and Zy is 800 years old.  This team does have JJ Hickson and Jamario Moon as possible starters in LBJ’s position – ouch thats a drop in talent.  I still love Daniel Gibson and Anthony Parker as role players.  Can’t see this team doing anything but crying cuz LBJ broke up with them.  They will drop this year and pray for the lottery to hit again.

13.  Toronto – The Northern Neighbors lose their big Dog.

Hi my name is Ed Davis and I was drafted to replace Chris Bosh.  Calderon and Bargnani give them a fun foreign flavor and with a LOT of young talent this team will bounce back in a few years.  They do a have a some many options to build off.  The team will take a huge hit, but that is expected after losing the cornerstone to the franchise.  They don’t have teh money to go after anyone and that is why this group will have to do for 2010.

14.  Washington Wizards – Arenas trade bait?

John Wall is the future of the Wiz.  He’s a quicker and taller Derrick Rose = AMAZING.  Now they have quality coaching with Flip Saunders, but after the debacle with Arenas Gate – this team is in a weird state.  Giving away Haywood and Butler for basically a useless Josh Howard (who I think is gone for sure to Miami) this team is a shell of a unit.  Wall will impress, but it’ll take a major move to bring in new life.  Agent 0  is the real key to their future.  IF they can get something for him by the trade deadline then they should be EXCITED.  Arenas can be a nice addition to any team – NYC maybe?  If Rudy Gay ends up in New Jersey – maybe Gilberto can join LBJ – he would be able to switch to point guard there pretty easily.  Andray Blatche looked like a STAR the second half of the year – if he can live up to HALF of that then he may be there starting C of the next few seasons (not bad after letting Hayword go to Dallas for NOTHING).

15.  Indiana – As long as they let Reggie Miller on the TV then I pray the Pacers FAIL.

Danny Granger is the star of this team.  If he can stay healthy he has a lot of good guys surrounding him.  TJ Ford and Earl Watson can split time at point with Brandon Rush sliding into the 2 guard (Luther Head leaves for Boston!!) Danny Granger at the SF and Rookie Paul George is playing up in size as the PF (needs to bulk up otherwise Tyler Hansbourgh can steal some minutes from him).  Roy Hibbert and Troy Murphy are your bigs in the middle.  This team is decent, but they just never seem to mold into winners.   I still think its the Reggie TV curse – which I back completely – HE IS HORRIBLE.  They will hope for another lottery pick chance next season.

WHEW – ok so NYC,CHI-Town,MIAMI, BOSTON, Dallas, and the NBA are completely changed after tomorrow.   I hope I add another fun scenarios in the MILLIONS out there.  Remember the ICEMAN is coming back to San Antonio – AWESOME.




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