Blood on the Highway – Texas Theater Style

28 06 2010

The BOTH gang was out in full force to showcase the new DVD – June 29th release date -.  A crowded house creeped around the historic theater, drank beers amongst friends, discussed taking over the world, and then watched the film.  Here’s what went down before, during and after!!

Haha before we jump to all the crazy antics of Saturday night lets venture back to the interview.  I promised some things for you so here is your climax.  Chris discusses the future of the guys.

Speaking of THUNDER THIGHS – Chris’ band TOBER OMI played a set, following the film screening, and they covered TT’s classic song from the film.  The guys also played one of the DVD’s special features that highlighted Con$umart and was freaking funny – and so abrasive!!

One final story to remind you just how funny these fellas are.

Blair and Chris thanks for the memories…it was fun.  Saturday Night was pure fun.  First of all the push to reestablish the Texas Theater is really amazing to be part of.  Its nestled into a unique and happening part of Oak Cliff.  Easily the area could be turned around and the local “bo-de-ga-s” that run the show could have new competition.  With Oak Cliff having already seen parts of it re-vitalized by local business and with the backbone of that part of town being Kessler Park its not hard to imagine it rising again.  There is money, art, beauty and finally people that want to see it changed.  Here are a few pics from the Texas Theater.  I tried to stay incognito and didn’t want to have anyone yell at me cuz their hair didn’t look right = no photos with folks in it.

This blob of Blue you see above is the lovely sky blue ceiling of the Texas Theater’s atrium entrance.  Its inviting and a nice contrast to the red throughout the rest of the theater.

BOTH was ready to party!!

Ok so my pics suck I really just wanted to show you pretty things to further entice you to buy things.  Whatever do you mean Gadi – well the BOTH DVD comes out TOMORROW.  Its loaded with special features – including a genius infomercial/training video for “Con$umart” – Chris Gardner at his finest!!  Also a slew of other features and o yeah one of the funniest films around.  If you like blood, abrasive sexual dialogue, and laughing then you’ll love B.O.T.H.

It was wonderful to see everyone out there and I wanted to leave those that made it out with a treat.  If you were able to “use” the upstairs bathroom you should have come into view of this (men’s restroom – I don’t tend to go into the ladies bathroom unless asked nicely or told meanly – either way we’ll work – wtf?) interesting “clock”.  Personally it looks like the sign of the apocalypse or a colorful clock emblem.

Maybe I was really drunk – funny I don’t remember drinking.  Then again Blair did hand me a drink with something fizzing in it and said “Gadi, don’t go leave yet, you haven’t seen my special feature”.  I figured he meant just the Con$umart special feature but he was giving me a look.

Haha – I kid to much.  Thanks Blair, Barak, and Chris for the fun times and letting me into there cool world.  Expect more from these fellas soon.

P.S. – to Beth and Jennifer – thanks for understand my humor with the guys about their obvious gay feelings – I hope I didn’t ruin things for you all.




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