Blood on the Highway – Part 3

25 06 2010

Welcome to the final chapter of PSD’s WORLD exclusive with Blair Rowan and Chris Gardner.   A theme has penetrated the first two posts and I think its time to highlight that theme of…LOVE.  As the photo speaks a thousand words of their love (what?) I hope you’ve witnessed there brilliance.  I invite you one more time into the world of BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY.

We left off yesterday’s post talking about the festival experience for the BOTH team.  AFI Dallas really set the bar amazingly high for all other festival for a film of BOTH’s nature.  Chris and Blair really sum up what its like to send your film away, but you stay home.

Not sure what the heck Chris is doing in this picture.

Now its time for gold from our good friends.  Let the guys tell you how HOLLYWOOD is run.

Now the boys really enjoyed the theater experience while out in Hollywood.

BOTH TEAM at the San Antonio Film Festival

* At this point in the interview Blair had to go pee – yeah we had been talking a bit longer then the agreed upon half hour (and add a few beers over that time).  Well Chris may have given the most insightful and real description of how Blair and him work together.  Seriously this is pretty cool to hear.

I may have oversold that one, but I thought it was actually a poignant moment in the interview.  Well actually this next clip might also be consider a nice moment.  Chris explains how the film got an R rating and more importantly tells us a key lesson in how to truly mess with an audience.

Chris sent this picture and a copy of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR and some how they still only gave a BOTH an R Rating (YEAH RATINGS!!)

How about we talk about why I slaved over a three-part interview – BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY is having their DVD release party this Saturday night at Historic Texas Theater.  The boys have a few words on how they scored such a wonderful arena (it seats 600 yo).

Well that’s not the real story.  HAHA.  Here’s the real tale.

Would you like to hear a SECRET about Saturday night???!!!???

TOBER OMI – Chris and Paul’s band will be playing Saturday night as the guys just mentioned.   Its Music talk with the guys – * The movie won Best Soundtrack from the Backseat Film Festival (Philly What – Philly Who – Philly How).

DANGER DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON – The guys decided to battle over MUSIC – and I got it all.

More on Ghoultown…

I think its time to talk about MONEY.  Yep I’ll let the guys tell you how big time they are because of BOTH.

Haha.  Lets talk about how kick ass the DVD is going to be!!

We ended our interview by discussing Vampire films in general and the exactly where the place BOTH’s importance to the genre.

The guys look at the film differently then you may think.

And now its time for you to help BOTH succeed.  COME OUT TOMORROW NIGHT at 7 pm at the TEXAS THEATER.  Its the DVD release party and its free ($5 donations accepted).  The film will be released by E1 Entertainment on June 29th (Tuesday!!).  And as a treat – if we can pack the house on Saturday night then PSD will share with you some final moments from the interview.  Who knows – MAYBE MORE – this has been a call to action by Pearl Snap Discount.  See ya there.  And here’s your moment with Blair.




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