Blood on the Highway – Part 2

24 06 2010

We’re two days away from Blood on the Highway’s DVD Release Party.  Its time for PART 2 of our exclusive with Blair Rowan and Chris Gardner who were kind enough to discuss a Buffy Vet getting tased, the music behind BOTH, and well MORE BLOOD!!!

Saturday Night at 8pm make sure you’re at the Texas Theater in Oakcliff because the guys have promised a wonderful show.  I don’t want to keep you from the fun and entertaining tales that Blair and Chris were kind enough to share with me.  Lets start with how certain extras in the film seemed a bit young.  Here’s Blair and Chris.

Another major obstacle of the shoot was the kind Mexican groundskeeper that also lived in the “set” home.  Its better when the guys tell the story.

No pics of Sanchez – so I thought this lovely photo of Chris having some coffee would fit in nicely.

Lets now talk about some more familiar people.  Tom Towles anyone?  Here’s a pic to SCARY YOU!!!  Yep Tom wonderfully play “INSERT NAME” who commanded your attention.  Blair and Chris talk about how Tom came to the set fully prepared to be his character.

The other major name you will recognize is Nicholas Brendon who plays Chase Sinclair.  The Criminal Minds and Buffy famed actor has an evil freaking character to play.  Blair and Chris talk about how Nicholas fit in perfectly.

In fact Blair and Chris befriended “Nicky” really quickly and well I’ll let them explain…

I know what you’re wondering = “Gadi you told us you were going to talk about Nicholas and his run in with a taser gun”.  Well Blair and Chris do such a better job of it all.  This is really cool by the freaking way!

Ok amazing I know – but there is an even cooler story.  ENJOY!!

Incredible I know – abrasive, funny and ironic.  The guys wanted to interrupt this part of the performance by talking about there good friend and the Co-Director and producer of BOTH – Barak Epstein.

Yeah I’d like to clarify for you folks.  Chris didn’t understand for the whole first half-hour that I was with a website and not a small town bugle (?).  In his defense I’m a lousy communicator and by this point in the interview Chris had downed a few glasses of alcohol.   Not that I’m wanting to call out Chris, because from this moment on its like he finally figured out who I was.  I was his very own soundboard at the imaginary small town bugle in his mind.  But I’d now like to let the guys tell you about there festival experience.   AFI Dallas 2008 was the first stop and news to Chris is the first time he met me.  Yep I’m so memorable, but I will always have proof.  Here is a photo of us three.

There’s Chris on the right, There’s Blair in the middle and then I’m on the left or according to Chris i’m in his mind as a small town bugle writer (ironically my real long-term goal in life is not to far off!!).  I kid though – these guys kick ass and I’d like to let them tell you about the FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE.

AFI GANG – Barak Epstein (top left), Robin Gierhart, Clay Liford (bottom left), Blair and Chris, Nate Rubin (middle bottom), Michael Fleetwood (in the Brown suit), Robert Bell (purple handkerchief ), and Deva George.

Did you hear the line “Put your Balls in Ostrich feathers”  – Chris = Genius.  Now I’d like to share the moment in the interview I got most excited listening to.  If you don’t know I’m a bit of a big Morgan Freeman fan.  Well Blair’s next story followed by Chris’ very own story really bring back wonderful memories of AFI DALLAS!

Ok so I think that is a nice stopping point today ladies and gents.  Don’t forget the important stuff.  Saturday Night 7 pm – Texas Theater in Oak Cliff – DVD Release party and its FREE ($5 donations are accepted)!!!  Chris Gardner and Paul Nichols Band TOBER OMI will also be playing that night!!!  June 29th the DVDS are AVAILABLE.   Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion to our exclusive with Blair Rowan and Chris Gardner.  One final gift for you all.




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