Blood on the Highway

23 06 2010

Do you like to be entertained?  Do you like laughing your ass off?  Do you mind a little blood (just a little bit of it is all – I PROMISE)?  Award-Winning Horror Comedy Blood on the Highway is at historical Texas Theater in Dallas (aka the place Oswald got caught) this Saturday night.  Its FREE, its fun, and it filled with crazy amounts of gore, sex, and killing vampires.  PSD brings you an exclusive with the minds behind the horror.

AFI Dallas 2008 holds many memories for the creation behind PSD.   That particular year Helen Hunt, Mickey Rooney, Bill Paxton, Josh Brolin, and the Polyphonic Spree kept us entertained.  With all those interesting celebs the film that stands out the most to me is BOTH.  Its not because its a locally made film, there’s UNT connects, or that is freaking genius (maybe that is a legit reason) its none of those things.  Its because the scene that awaited me an hour before I saw the first midnight screening of the film.  My date and I were promptly told that it was completely sold out.  The line ran around the building (No Shit – AROUND THE FREAKING BUILDING).  Well i’m not one to let these little issues get in the way.  Long story short we got in and we’re treated to one of the most intelligently written horror spoof comedies in a long time.  The film is raunchy, racist, sexist, overtly over the top, and tries damn hard to alienate EVERYONE.  Its simply put – BETTER THEN ALL THE TRASH WE’VE HAD TO WATCH OVER THE LAST DECADE IN THE HORROR SPOOF GENRE (maybe barring Simon Pegg films).  Would I lie to you?  Well enough of my ranting about BOTH.  Here’s the particulars – This Saturday June 26th at 7 pm at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff there are 600 seats ready for your asses – its free ($5 donations accepted)!!!  Come out and enjoy it.  If I haven’t sold you – then let me introduce Blair Rowan (Co-Director/Co-Writer) and Chris Gardner (Co-Writer/Actor/Musician).  The creative minds behind BOTH are quite the unique duo.  Think the Ambiguously Gay Duo – without the SNL audience and you may or may not be in the right ball park with the duo comparison.   From the beginning of our interview I realized that either they were completely honest and open OR they were full of shit.

Great example would be Chris explaining how they first met each other and listen to Blair’s insightful response.  (cue violins).

Now here’s Blair giving a more legitimate memory of their early friendship and Chris is there to ad the extra missing details.

Special FX artist Joshua Fread and our lovable Duo.

So where did Blood on the Highway first rear its evil head?

We talked a bit about coming up with the characters and the one that really stood out to me was BONE – played by Deva George.

Blair explains how Deva’s character became the bad ass BONE.

I’ll let the guy play praise on their Co-Director and the Wizard of Oz – Barak Epstein.

GO MEAN GREEN!! The guys went on to explain how the executive producer of the film really got things rolling.

Other interesting people behind the scenes of this wonderful film (for you AFI/Dallas IFF fans) Clay Liford who directed EARTHLING (Barak produced) and screened the film at this year’s DIFF.  Also David Lowery, AFI Dallas 2009 winner for the MPS STUDIOS TEXAS FILMMAKER AWARD for his film St. Nick, was the assistant camera man on the film (amongst other things).  The music in the film has even been awarded – Paul Nichols put the music together with help from Chris Gardner and Gary Parks.  The fellas brought home “Best Soundtrack” at the Backseat Film Festival.  Ok so enough ass-kissing from me – back to the Ambiguougsly Gay Duo.

Nate Rubin as Sam, Robin Gierhart as Carrie, Cinematographer Clay Liford , Blair and Chris.

The guys talk about the main location in – YOU GUESSED IT LANCASTER, TX.

Chris has specific memories of the Lancaster shoot.

Blair talks about the creepy factor of the shoot.

The guys talked about the actual shoot.

The film was shot over just 12 days.  Blair talks about one of the more memorable scenes in the film.

Now a film called BLOOD on the Highway sort of requires a lot of blood.

Special Effects Crew with Joshua Fread (holding heart) and Blair.

MORE BLOOD???!!!!????

So I don’t really want to burst your fountain of joy just yet.  These fellas have way more stories to tell.  How about a little Mexican hombre named Sanchez who may or may not be nicknamed “Dirty”?  How about a fun story of under-aged extras?  How about the real story of Nicholas Brendon (OF BUFFY FAME – AWWWWW) being lit up by a taser gun!!!???

The next two days PSD will bring you more tales of horror from our favorite local Duo that happens to be Ambiguously Gay.   Don’t forget this Saturday at 7pm at the historic Texas Theater in Oak Cliff is site of Blood on the Highway’s DVD release PAR-TAY!!!!   The DVD will be available thanks to E1 Entertainment on June 29th.  Spend the next two days getting to know the guys behind the tale and be prepared to laugh so hard you have a little anal seepage (giggle).




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