Pearl – “Never Give Up”

3 06 2010

(Barry, King, Elijah and David)

Coach Switzer gets it.  Isn’t it about time you did?

Producer David Rennke is one of those figures that you can’t help but take notice of immediately.  Its not because of his height that he stands out.  Its because his passion about this project.  That passion can be seen throughout the cast, crew and the nation.  We’ve talked about the power of Pearl’s story, but I’m going to let our newest look behind the scenes concentrate on the flying.  The planes and flying are the elements that make Pearl’s story so magical and freeing.  David Rennke brought a unique viewpoint of flying to the project.  Like a large number of North Texans, David has a connection with the aviation field.  Also he has connections to places that are more “top secret” and whom may or may not work on planes and/or things that go with planes.  You following me on this whole “secret agent plane thingy”.   I’m not calling David anything or saying anything.  All I’m saying is I think he brought a unique viewpoint.  Ok hopefully i’ve confused you a bit and so i’ll get to the point of the post.   Lets get to the elements that allowed Pearl Carter Scott’s flying history to come to life in this film.

The crew had to find planes from that era.  David’s “background” (you remember the whole top secret stuff) allowed him to work on few occasions when the film needed to recreate a famous plane.  Pearl’s first pilot mentor was the famous aviator Wiley Post.  His Lockheed Vega aircraft, the Winnie Mae is on display at the National Air and Space Museum‘s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center adjacent to Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Virginia.  Interesting Lockheed – that sounds familiar to us Texas folks – hush hush.  Anyways the Winnie Mae is in Virginia and so David came up with all of the special effects that bring the historical plane to life.

On top of the seamless special effects the crew had a major obstacle when it came to filming the flying.  David explains what that obstacle was and the effect it had on filming.

Example of a Tyler Mount on a Helicopter.

Now we’ve talked about the one day in the past, but what we haven’t talked about are the people involved in the actual filming itself.

David has a way of always bringing it back to the people involved.  He really makes the whole thing sound like a family and the film makes us the audience share in that feeling.  By far the plane sequences were the most exciting of the film and they allow us the time to see Elijah grow up as Pearl.  In one of our older stories on the film I included a soundbite from King about his experience directing the flying scenes.  I wanted to play the full version so you can here just how fun, crazy and amazing the 4 and 1/2 hours were.  He started off by telling me one word that summed up the fun times.

Please forgive my giggling like a little school girl, King’s a cool guy to interview.  Not to mention the DF-“Dub” connections with King and some of the other crew and cast members.  Gotta keep on the up and up on any Dallas folks making big waves in the entertainment industry.  Anyways back to Pearl and the incredible journey.  Along any journey the real fun bits and moments happen because of the people involved.  Its true in the film, its true for the people behind the film, and its just plain true in life.  Its why “Never Give Up” is such a moving line about Pearl.  David would like to end things with a nice thank you to the people along the way.  The people that “Never Give Up”.

So take a chance to be one of those people moved by the REAL LIFE STORY of “the youngest licensed pilot in America”.  FREE preview screening of the movie “Pearl”.  Thursday, June 3  doors open at 7 p.m., movie begins at 7:30 p.m.

Studio Movie Grill (located in the Zona Rosa Shopping Center)
7430 NW 87th Street
Kansas City, Missouri
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Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so guests are encouraged to arrive early for the wait-line prior to the theatre doors opening.

Send an email to so we can keep you updated on this screening as well as other upcoming “Pearl” events. Sending an email does not guarantee seating.

Also, visit the Facebook page Pearl The Movie.
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Keep in touch, here as well, as we hope to have more screenings, distribution news, and possibly more conversations with the cast and crew of this wonderful film.




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10 06 2010

What’s Barry Switzer doing here??!

10 06 2010

He’s recreating the wishbone offense!!! Haha no – he’s chilling with the quality folks behind PEARL!!

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