UFC 114 – Rampage vs Rashard!!!!

27 05 2010



I’ll keep this one simple – PSD wanted to break down the fights and give our predictions for Saturday Night’s fun time.

We’ll start with Spike’s Live and FREE coverage before the main card begins on pay per-view.

Efrain Escudero vs Dan Lauzon

Efrain Escudero Dan Lauzon

Efrain really dominated his season and Dan reminds me of a thicker Cole Miller.  Efrain looked great against Cole.  Give me Efrain in the late second with TKO due to ground strikes (in other words – he’ll ground and pound his ass).

Amir Sadollah vs Dong Hyun Kim

Amir Sadollah Dong Hyun Kim

Amir finally stops “talking” to fighters and has to deal with Mr. Kwon from Lost.  Dong is quality fighter but hasn’t shown that “killer” instinct.  Give me Amir – minus that one-shot knockout the kid seems to will himself to victory.  He owned Phil “old” Baroni.  It’ll be hard fought and go the distance but give me Amir on all three judges cards.

Diego Sanchez   vs  John Hathaway –  PAY-VIEW BEGINS!!!

Diego Sanchez John Hathaway

Everyone should pick Diego because he’s such a damn beast.  I just don’t see the quiet brit doing something that frustrates Nightmare.  Yeah I’ll go with most folks and pick Diego to pound out John.  Though that height advantage does make the stand-up game at least interesting.  Diego still has better hands, wrestling, submissions and pressure.  Diego kept up with, though he did lose, with Jon Fitch who is a MACHINE when he gets you on the ground.   Diego will be a little hesitant because BJ Penn damn near opened up his head.    Diego ground/pound in 2nd.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira  vs Jason Brilz

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Jason Brilz

Eliot Marshal gave Jason issues all during there fight.  I like A.R.N to use his athletic style to annoy Brilz.  To be honest its VERY disappointing to know that Forest and A.R.N. would have been a GREAT fight style wise.  But Brilz is slow and sluggish in comparison to Forest.  A.R.N. wear down the big Nebraskan enough to finally grab an arm or something.  A.R.N. Submission victory in the third.

Todd Duffee vs Mike Russow

Todd Duffee Mike Russow

Todd Duffee is completely correct when he said the fight will be sloppy and long.  AINT NO 7 second KO – Russow aint an idiot to try and stand with a stronger and younger guy.  This one shouldn’t be pretty but Todd’s such a great athlete I think he’ll figure out the sluggish Russow.  But this fight will do a lot to show folks that Todd still needs work.  Todd wins on all three judges cards.  Though these are some big boys and could have a big ol’ knockout early – but i’ll stick with Todd on all the cards.

Michael Bisping  vs  Dan Miller

Michael Bisping Dan Miller

I’ve always loved the Count but after Hendo damn near broke his jaw and Silva dominated him its hard to not think Bisping is in trouble.  Dan Miller is an interesting choice and he’s talked about not just trying to take Bisping down – O great bad move!!   Bisping is good on the ground but Miller survived 6 rounds with Chael Sonnen and Damien Maia – it would be childs-play against Bisping in comparison.  I think Dan will try and stand and get knocked out.  Bisping first round KO.

RAMPAGE vs RASHARD – Greatness.



I’ll start by saying I like both of them a lot.  Rampage might be childish, but he’s faced the best in the world.  Rashard may be cocky, but he’s one of the best athletes ever in the UFC.  Sugar really impressed when he won the TUF because he was the small guy (by a huge margin – remember the size advantage Imes had on him – CRAZY).  We’ve seen Rashard’s heart, even when Machida kicked his ass Evans kept trying to right himself.  Now everyone brings up that Rampage lost to Forest and Rashard took out Forest.  BUT!!!  Do you remember how Forest beat Rampage – kicks, specifically one devastating kick that looked to do real damage.  When has Rashard shown he kicks enough to cause damage like Forest (who kicks MORE THEN ANYONE in MMA).  I just don’t see how Rashard can handle the size and power of Rampage.  Jackson is not an idiot, he might play one on TV but he is legit.  He’s taken his share of beatings (Silva and Rua – granted Shogun wouldn’t have been able to pull off those freaking soccer kicks in the UFC!!), Rampage can take it on the chin.  Rashard has never really showcased that ability, he’s shown heart, but the first time he got rocked Machida ROCKED him bad and repeatedly.  I full expect to see Rampage dominate the first round – blooding up n hurting Rashard.  Evans will come out for the second trying to wrestle Rampage and will succeed in not getting bludgeoned to death.  He’ll take down Jackson in the late second winning the round with some quality ground and pound.  Round three gets interesting because Rashard is still fresh.  He’ll be more risky and try to KO Rampage and watch for it!!  Rampage will deliver one of his timely uppercuts (remember his brawl with HENDO – what forced Dan to lose – Rampage got that nifty uppercut working nicely).  I fully expect Rampage to catch Rashard with one of his uppercuts.  Rampage finishes him off with some hard shots before it gets broken up.  Rampage KO late 3rd round.

So what does this mean for both men.  Well it works out nicely.  Rashard can fight Machida again and the winner will set-up nicely for a match with up and comer Jon “Bones” Jones (how this kid isn’t more known is retarded)!!!  Rampage gets his shot at SHO GUN!!  That fight will be INCREDIBLE.  Sho Gun has the tools to dismantle Rampage, but Jackson fights so much better when he is angry (Silva, Chuck L, and we’ll see against Rashard).

Thanks  – Enjoy Saturday night.




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