Climate Refugees at Windpower

25 05 2010

Sunday night Michael Nash brought his film Climate Refugees to the 2010 Windpower exhibition.  It was an interesting and educational evening.

Green friendly Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and author Anna M. Clark joined filmmaker Michael Nash at the Windpower convention showing of Climate Refugees.

Governor Bill Ritter, Anna Clark, and Michael Nash.

This is the third time I’ve seen the film and its power doesn’t dip with extra viewings.  Before we get to the unique response to the film I’ll let Bill and Anna introduce themselves.

Governor Ritter first.

He goes on to explain his rationale behind getting involved.

Anna, author of “Green, American Style”, discusses her background and how she became an activist for change.

From the get go the educated and aware audience really tested Michael and the Panel about the issues.  It was most impressive to see a different viewpoint that was pro-green but yet wanted more answers.  An audience member brought up how the film screened originally at the Copenhagen Climate Summit and that in some peoples eyes that event ( COP15) has not impacted the world as they thought.  Michael Nash gives his perspective of the event and tried to showcase the positives gained from it.

Michael went on to explain a conversation him and Justin Hogan had with Chinese officials.

Its frightening because.

Michael goes on to explain how his film is bridging the divide between left and right.  He points out that even some of the more religious conservatives have shown an interest in change.

Governor Ritter finished answering the question about how some people don’t see what Climate Refugees is trying to showcase.

A great question was asked about one of the main issues against such a quick change into Green, is a fear of economic growth specifically more jobs.  Governor Ritter explains how going Green is more productive.

Governor Ritter went on to explain how states that are not going green are not helping and that this is a much more vast of an issue then we’re treating it as.

One of the final questions of the night was from a member of a Puerto Rican delgation that argued that statistics seem to  differ with the film.  Michael Nash gave an enlightening and scary response to why the figures seem off.  To accomplish this he gives an example of how things really happen in the world.

Michael continued with another example.

Michael further explains who Climate Refugees are.

And that is what the film is trying to show.  These Climate Refugees will have an impact on our lifetime and that is why this issue is so dire to these people.  Its why they have such a passion to make this issue dire to us.

This was an enlightening experience.  Windpower continues tonight with George W speaking and George Costanza (Jason Alexander as Donny Clay – YEAH!) performing and dining.

Climate Refugees continues on its journey to educate.  CR is going to the LA Film Festival and the Mexico International Film Festival (hey we heard from a little birdie that the film got amazing response at the Mexico International film festival!!!).

* – I do have pics from the event and will have those up soon.




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