Climate Refugees

21 05 2010

May 23rd everyone will be watching this film, including the former President of our country George W. Bush.

Now that i’ve got your attention how about I let Producer Justin Hogan explain to you why you need to change your life.  Don’t worry he’s trying to help things out.

Justin would first like to show some praise to the Dallas IFF.

They did pretty good while here in the big D.

Climate Refugees was one of four films in THE ENVIRONMENTAL VISIONS COMPETITION.  They won the ENVIRONMENTAL VISIONS FILMMAKER AWARD and it was presented to Director Michael Nash (as you heard who was flown in specifically to be honored – GREAT JUDGING cuz Michael deserved this recognition!).

Michael Nash and Justin have been all across the country from Boston, Vail, Ashland (Beautiful Oregon folks), Dallas, and Sundance because they feel like we’re so behind on trying to fix our climate issues.

The reason why Justin talked about Copenhagen in particular is because they screened there film there pretty early on.   In fact they were there during the Copenhagen Climate Summit.  Justin and Michael witnessed how proactive European nations have been and also how even polluting countries like China and India are making more changes then us.  Justin explains why our country is so torn.

Michael is making the trip back to Dallas this weekend to further showcase his gripping film.

Justin explains whats going on and gives the details.

That’s right they are the opening to the whole WINDPOWER convention.

Now Justin talks about why the film was picked to kick off this major event.

In the two interviews I’ve done with Justin I’ve come to realize how important this issue is to him.  How impacting this journey with Michael has been on both men.  Its really awe inspiring to hear his passion in trying to change our world for the better. Also this picture makes me giggle – elephants up-close is pretty awe-inspiring!! (Or when they charge you – Story time another day maybe!)

Justin talked about the feelings and emotions he had from going around the world to shoot the film.

Justin also explained the horrific flip-side to the issue at hand.

Woman who lost her family and home in cyclone. (Southern Bangladesh).

One of the interesting points of view the film captures is how government and specifically the military looks at the huge issue of Climate Refugees.

Justin with Senator John Kerry.

So who did Michael and Justin make this film for?

What does that mean?

This film has a life changing effect on the people involved.  Justin talked about how he’s changed on a day-to-day level.

Justin gets at the heart of the film.

Thank you for making the film.

Now Justin has one more message just for you!!!

That’s right he said FREE – There isn’t a reason why you can’t make it to see a film that is life-changing.  Here are the details again.




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