Guillermo Arriaga – UNT on the Square.

18 05 2010

The Man, The Teacher, The Family man, The Writer, The Director, and An honorary Mean Green.

Over the last few years we’ve been blessed with the presence of one of the finest writers of our time.  No joke.  No kidding.  And seriously.  Guillermo has etched out a unique, challenging and fulfilling career up to this point.  He’s continued to gain momentum and it’ll be amazing to see his next steps in the film world.  Luckily Guillermo and his family gave us one last treat before he ventured home to Mexico.  He gave the UNT family one more farewell.  And we got invited.  YEAH! JOY! And o yeah sssshhh I got to record it for your pleasure.  Now I’ll say this was the most honest, open and funny that Guillermo has been (in the 8 or so times I’ve seen him).  I’ll stop with the suspense and start from the beginning.  (Yeah I get the irony in that with a subject like Guillermo.)

He started from when he was only 15 years old.  He teaches us our first lesson.

Thoughts with Guillermo Arriaga:

Shakespeare and the English Premier League Champs.

What about your favorite writer?

Guillermo talks about how powerful language is to us all.

From letters to words and then to sentences.  The Perfect Sentence in fact.

Now for Guillermo to ask himself questions.

How about Sean Penn talk.

Guillermo is talking about how the script is important and it needs to be followed.  During his directorial debut, THE BURNING PLAIN, he explained how sometimes he does have to change things up.

Ok how about a story about Robert Altman.  O and he’s talking about what advice to give to young directors.

Guillermo talked about the amazing people he got to work with on THE BURNING PLAIN.

How about a little more from Walter Parkes.

Now for just how bad ass Guillermo is with how he works.

Yeah.  Pretty Genius.  Guillermo is a truly giving person and if you’ve ever heard him speak you’ll know that he loves talking about other talented people.  Here Guillermo is discussing a film he truly adores.

Guillermo then talked about how Mexican film has gone down in importance and suffered over the years.  But he also gives a few great films to showcase the talents of his countrymen.

Guillermo then talked about something he rarely speaks about.  His relationship with Director Alejandro González Iñárritu has a harsh lesson.  I felt that since he was kind enough to talk openly and honestly about their falling out.  That he would understand why I feel like you should listen to his response.  The question was about their relationship and how it ended negatively.

Thank you to Guillermo for being open and honest to us that night.  He gave his side of the story and I don’t intend for anyone to think that I am trying to sway your opinion of anyone involved.  Both men are great filmmakers and both have moved on from there partnership to better things.  Guillermo Arriaga learned a grand lesson from that relationship.  Lets move on to what Guillermo is best at doing.  And that is teaching.

Now Guillermo explains how a childhood experience gave a key moment for one of his most famous and well awarded films.

Guillermo talks about a friend of his.

And Now I’ll let Guillermo tell you about how he first got the idea for his film directing debut.

Now Guillermo talks about Jane Austen.

Now he talks about a special young actress from Louisville.

Guillermo with his lovely muses – Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence.

I second that one Guillermo.  Go see Jennifer in THE BURNING PLAIN and also WINTER’S BONE (which cleaned house at Sundance and Berlin film festivals.

And of course I’m going to end things with my question.  I asked what Guillermo is doing for the World Cup.

Of course I’m going to end it with Guillermo talking about Soccer.  Have you been reading my posts?  (have you?)




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