10 05 2010

A film that is powerful enough for a nation but was made for you and me.

When film legends like W.C. Fields tells you “Never work with animals or children,” usually your inclined to listen.  Luckily no one has ever really paid attention to rules when it comes to film making.  I mean the people who get into films do it for something much deeper then following rules.  Director King Hollis and Producer David Rennke set out to make a film three years ago.  To accomplish their goal they’d break some rules along the way.  They started by finding a subject that goes against Mr. Field’s most remembered rule.

Carter Scott was a only 12 years old when she first met famed pilot Wiley Post.

Wiley Post (Tom Huston Orr) gave 12-year-old Pearl (Elijah DeJesus) her first flying lessons. Photo by Donna Carlton – © the Chickasaw Nation

Through Wiley’s influence and the lessons learned from her parents Pearl would change the face of aviation as we know it.  She became the youngest pilot in American aviation history.  She battled the depression as a star of pilot shows and being a personal pilot for her father’s wealthy businessmen friends.  She also would fall in love and become a parent.  This all done long before she turned 21.  On top of this amazing childhood, Pearl Carter Scott would expand the nation she was born into.  The Chickasaw Nation is a proud people that history remembers and labeled the “Spartans of the Lower Mississippi Valley”.

Its this fighting emblem of a people that sparked David and King to take on the story of Pearl Carter Scott.  Its not the first time or the last time someone will make a film about her legacy, but this film maybe the most heartfelt and believable story.

Producer David Rennke talks about how the crew and cast came to become one tight unit.

David Rennke.

To get a better perspective of the passion that this small crew and cast was able to achieve you’ve got to meet the Director, King Hollis.  And of course leave it to a Mean Green to start from the importance of good ol’ UNT.

King is a captivating presence and if you push him a little, he’ll push back with gold.  I asked him about one of his early partnerships in film with Karl Kimbrough.

Passion is an obvious theme I hope you’re picking up on.  Its refreshing to hear a director be so open about how much fun he’s had with his filming experience.

Aha!  You see where I’m going with this.  I’ll let King tells us what it was like filming in the air.

We are talking about the youngest pilot in the history of American Aviation.  We’re talking about an important person for the whole nation.  Pearl would become famous for piloting a specific type of high wing monoplane called the Curtiss Robin.  First AD on the film Lance McDaniel talks about how open the Aviation community was to the film.

Elijah DeJesus masterfully portrays the daredevil Pearl as the young aviatrix grows into adulthood. Photo by Monte Wilson, – © the Chickasaw Nation

Producer David Rennke talks about the importance of telling a story of the Chickasaw Nation.

David goes on to explain the real purpose of a project like Pearl.

The cast of the film were able to share some of there experiences on this type of film and really tap into the amazing story of Pearl and her family.  We’ll start where any family starts, the parents.

Pearl (Elijah DeJesus) attempts to comfort her parents George, Sr. (Andrew Sensenig) and Lucy (Angela Gair) after the family receives troubling news. Photo by Donna Carlton – © the Chickasaw Nation

Angela Gair who plays Lucy, Pearl’s mother, talking about her own daughter and how that relationship helped her focus on the family dynamic of the movie.

And here’s Andrew Sensenig who plays George Carter, Pearl’s father, twisting the famous story of Pearl Carter’s license which to him shows how daddy knows best.

The Carters lived in the late 1920’s in Marlow, Oklahoma and had to battle the on coming Great Depression.  But the fact that George Carter Sr. was blind forced his family to come together around him.  The story weaves around the four Carter Children and of course second oldest Pearl.  We see her grow from a wild 12 year old to a mother.  She learns to drive, fly, and love all before our eyes.  Elijah and actor Sean Cain, who plays Pearl’s husband Scottie, had to grow accustomed to playing a loving couple.  Despite a pretty vast age difference the actors pulled through.  (Have a wonderful story for later about Elijah’s first kiss!!)

Elijah and Sean in front of pictures of there characters from the film.

Elijah talks about how Pearl’s children felt that she captured their mother’s essence perfectly.

One of the more amazing elements of the film was presence of George’s needing slight little touches of help.  Whether it was Pearl driving the family car and learning to do so at the age of 12.  Or even the little things she specifically had that helped him out.  This was beautifully captured in the film with a simple gesture.  I’ll let Elijah first explain what this is.

Director King Hollis talks about how these real life experiences that they came up in the story really tug at the heart of the film.

Yeah!  Now I don’t want to share to much of this brilliant without letting you know its in the process of being released.  In other words it has a chance to shine brightly and especially showcase the power of what Texan and Okie film folks can accomplish.  Producer David Rennke gets to the heart of what this film is…

The movie is still in the journey of gaining full distribution.  There still showcasing the film in specific cities to push for regional and then national releases.  The cast and crew have opened up there stories from the film to us all.  They shared a lot of inside tales and experiences.  And through there journey I hope to let you in on some of the fun and amazing behind-the-scene tales of the cast and crew.  Like what four and 1/2 hours shooting in the sky with turn of the century antique planes is like.  Or how David Rennke’s graphics back ground in aviation with Lockhead Martin allowed for the creation of a historic plane.  Or how the youngest Carter Family actor Cameron Rostami, George Carter Jr (the youngest and only son), spent his days hustling Director King Hollis.  Or how about a future great actress first on-screen kiss (yeah hinted at that earlier because we have the Elijah’s actual story!!!).  These are just a few of the tales I’ll post to co-inside with Pearl’s travels.

5/20 Pearl will be in Houston at 7:30 PM at the  Studio Movie Grill – 805 Town & Country Ln., Houston.

Then on 6/3 they’ll be in  Kansas City at  7:30 PM at the Studio Movie Grill – 7430 NW 87th Street, Kansas City.

This film is from the heart and it really has the chance to move you.  We’ll keep you updated with the journey of this wonderful story of an American Icon.  Pearl Carter Scott the first lady of Aviation.

Eula Pearl Carter Scott (1915 – 2005).




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