DIFF 2010 – Frank Darabont

30 04 2010


The award winning writer/producer/director Frank Darabont hung out with us in Dallas.  AWESOME!!!

Frank Darabont and Joel Rosenzweig – with the light of god all over them (gosh!!).

Ok so we did a piece about the master coming to Dallas a few weeks back.  In that post I touched on how big of a fan I am of Frank’s and told a little story about how important NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET:  DREAM WARRIORS was on my childhood.  So of course I was extremely excited for April 17th when Frank would hold a Q & A with the masses.  The one question I had all week leading up to the event was who would be the moderator for the Q & A.  I figured Michael Cain would be busy talking with buddy Wally Pfister and so I thought James Faust would handle the duties.  I was more then shocked when I arrived and saw my old high school theater teacher, Joel Rosenzweig, would be the moderator.  He was one of those influential teachers that makes you look at life a bit differently.  Early in his class he could tell that I loved the arts (film, theater, museums, books, etc.) and he pushed me to try harder then everyone else.  So having the chance to catch up with Joel and then watch as he “chit-chatted” with his old friend Frank was truly a wonderful experience.  Now I don’t want to bore you with a description of all that Frank Darabont has done in his career.  Here’s the link to his work, but if you aren’t familiar let me ask you to please listen to his stories below, then immediately go out and buy all of his films and scripts!!! (its worth it!!)

We’ll start with the very very beginning.

I’m not about to ramble on – I’ll let the master tell us his story.



But before we jump into the films, Frank told us about his writing history.

So what was the script that got you first noticed?

How about your whole connection to Stephen King?


Stephen King and Frank Darabont.

By far one of the most entertaining sequences of any Q & A at DIFF 2010 – was Frank talking about the adaptation of  FRANKENSTEIN that was directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Robert DeNiro.


Kenneth Branagh and Robert DeNiro.

Yep the intro clip reel had a long scene from the film.  Here’s why Frank has an issue with that film.

But there’s more to the story and it sparked Frank doing something special for us folks that love reading scripts!!

Thank you for doing that Frank because we do care.   Ok how about the film we all love – SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.


Frank went on to talk about the magic moments of film and how sometimes they are captured without you really knowing or having to just do a quick take.

Frank discussed what happens when things go wrong.  Get Ready to laugh!!!!!!


Frank was talking about the Star Award presentation on Friday April 16th.   Frank how did Red become an African-American guy in the movie?


What a pose!!!  PSD adores Morgan aka GOD!

Frank has had a long history with the works of Stephen King and he was asked in the Q & A about how he breaks down the story into script form.

Frank went on about how to stay true to yourself and the author who’s work you’re adapting.  To do this he gives us a wonderful story and capped off the afternoon beautifully.


Well I’ll let Frank sum up his point.

And ladies and gents that has been one of the most influential and important directors of our time.  Hope you enjoy it.




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30 04 2010

Not Sure why my pics of Frank and Joel aren’t coming up. But we’re trying to fix the issue. Enjoy the rest of the article and the incredible clips of Frank.

30 04 2010

UPDATE: You can click on the picture and it should show it. Sorry for the hassle. We’ll try and fix it soon.

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