DIFF 2010 – An Afternoon with Wally Pfister

27 04 2010

Wally Pfister – Award Winning Cinematographer

Wally Pfister with Michael Cain at DIFF 2010 on Saturday April 17th.

With almost 40 major films to his name and three Oscar nominations Wally Pfister has become one of Hollywood’s more recognizable DP’s.  He’s become Director Christopher Nolan’s  go-to-guy for all of his films including the upcoming INCEPTION and Untitled BATMAN 3 PROJECT.   Mr. Pfister did an interview with long-time AFI buddy Michael Cain.  Wally starts out with his first influence in filmmaking.


“HELLO WALLY”  – giggle.

Wally had one particular influence though when it comes to his love and passion for Cinematographer.


Wally touched on how technology has changed the game, but its still can’t replace film.

The recent success of DARK KNIGHT brought up the conversation of why IMAX?


Wally talks about his start in the industry and the impact of a young British writer/director.


A Bearded Wally Pfister with a fellow beard growing Christopher Nolan.

So now Wally has become Nolan’s eye on all of his films and that keeps him busy enough.

Is there a moment when you realized that this guy is someone to stick with?


How has the way you work on films changed over the years?  (enjoy hearing Wally’s phone interrupt himself!!)

And now Wally explains the actual process with Chris.

Wally was asked about the difference between 3D and IMAX and well he gives the most honest answer i’ve ever heard.  A few curse words start coming out when he is talking about Memento seen through 3D glasses.  Thanks Wally for this Gold.


Once again thanks Wally for that moment of honesty.   O wait you’ve got more to say?

At this point of the Interview Wally showed us all a long trailer for INCEPTION.  Now I had to turn the recorder off for this, but I can say its a film that takes all the budget, excitement and feel of the Batman films and adds on a twisted structure similar to Memento and Insomnia.  In other words its going to blow your fucking mind away!!


And of course the next Batman film has already begun pre-production.  Wally Pfister one of our best cinematographers and someone we’re blessed to see make films for the next few decades of our lives.

Yeah that last line is a bit sappy.  Hope you enjoy Wally Pfister as much as I did.  Thanks.




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