NFL Draft Recap and Free Agents to watch

26 04 2010

The Future of the NFL!?!?!

The 2010 NFL draft is more then just about sooner Sam, a boy named Suh, a scary Berry and a not so tiny Tim Tebow.  The three days of NFL drafting was one trade away from tying the all-time record.  I’m going to take the journey across the country to look at how each team did over this weekend.  Starting from the AFC East across to the west and then back through the NFC from the west to finishing on the east.  I’ll look at the draft picks, trades and free agent moves to determine a letter grade for each team.  I’ll also finish with a list of the top 5 Free Agents and possible solid fits for there talents.


Buffalo Bills:

Its always a positive when you get a potential big play threat like CJ.  With that said the rest of the Bills draft was pretty crappy.  They added some big boys in DT Torell Troup (2nd round – 315lbs) and DE Alex Carrington (3rd – 285lbs) but they also passed up on a big time offensive lineman and one of those two falling QBs (Clausen and McCoy).  They did pick-up a solid T in the fourth in Va Tech’s Ed Wang, but they have to had seen the Dolphins, Pats and Jets improve there defense this off-season.  Bills still have way to many holes to not have addressed them in the draft.

Grade – C

Miami Dolphins:

The Tuna seems to have played it safe indeed.  Jared Odrick could be a salty player, but they didn’t grab anyone’s attention.  Obviously the moves that matter for the fins were getting a big play wide-out (Brandon Marshall), but why they shipped Ted Ginn Jr is a bit weird (they got nothing for him).  AJ Edds could be another LB find (Tuna loves picking out quality LBs).  Overall weak draft.

Grade – D

New England:

Stop playing Urban, Tebow aint worth that.  Its good to see Bill doesn’t hate everyone.  The SEC lead all conferences and Florida lead all teams with players draft.  BB was a big reason as he grabbed three gators (could have been more if Denver hadn’t gone for Tebow so early) and a total of 6 SEC players.  I do believe Billy likes them fast cats playing in the swamps of the south east.  Overall a pretty active day and a productive one.  Starting CB with there 1st rd’er Devin McCourty, starting TE with Rob Gronkowski (2nd rd.) and then two gator defenders to end the 2nd round (LB Brandon Spikes and DE Jermaine Cunningham).  They got another talented TE in Florida’s Aaron Hernandez, the best P in the draft Zolton Mesko of Michigan (only 22 touch backs in 4 years – OMG!), and even got a QB late with the underrated athlete Zac Robinson from Oklahoma St.  Overall they filled holes, found starters and got a lot of depth.

Grade – A

New York Jets:

Say it aint so Coach?  Why Me?  The Jets have been one of the most active teams during the off-season (Cromartie anyone?), but why did they trade away Leon Washington?  Hell why did they cut ALAN FANECA (wait for FA list at end – top 3!!)?  Why the hell did they draft a CB with there first pick?  Um Rex I love your defense, but wtf?  In the end they brought in Jason Taylor, Cromartie, Santonio Holmes and LT.  So the draft wasn’t really that important to them, but still shocked they trade away Leon for a 5th and then cut Alan?

Grade – D



Alabama’s stud CB is now in H-Town.  Everyone kept talking about Ryan Mathews being a perfect fit in the backfield, but the Chargers ended that dream.   Kareem is a physical SEC style CB with of course the approval of Nick Saban.  They added a top tier RB in the 2nd rd, Ben Tate of Auburn.  Also getting TE Garret Graham and WR Dorin Dickerson was big as the Texans now have potential H-Back players they wanted last year.  Look out for LSU’s speed demon Trindon Holliday to battle for a return spot (6th rd. pick).

Grade – B


Love me some Purple Horned Frogs!!  Bill Polian has been called a genius of the draft on numerous occasions.  This year won’t go down as one of those, but he did seem to pick up some future players.  Jerry Hughes of TCU is the only real starter of the bunch (right away that is).  Love that they went and got a tough LB Pat Angerer (run stuffing beast from Iowa).  Filled some holes but nothing spectacular.

Grade – B


Instead of trading down and grabbing the local KID!  They had the biggest shocker pick of the 1st rd.   Tyson Alualu is a solid DT from Cal, but not as the 10th overall pick.  O and the rest of there draft had NOTHING.  Don’t get me wrong i’m no Tebow fan (I’ll be to Denver soon enough), but how the heck do you not take someone better then Tyson.

Grade – F


Hey JAGS this is the kid you could have had at #10 – IDIOTS!  Is Derrick a Jevon Kearse style freak, no he aint, but this kid will sack the QB at least 10 times this year.  Bold prediction I know, but seriously he’s talent.  They also got another blitzing presence in LB Rennie Curran (another Georgia kid – UGA this time)  They got a solid WR in USC’s Damian Williams.  They went and solidified there secondary with DB’s Alterraun Verner, Robert Johnson and S Myron Rolle (The Rhodes Scholar will be the biggest steal – 6th Rd, really?).  It was interesting to see them move LenDale White, but Chris Johnson is the most explosive RB in the league so they should be just fine.

Draft – B



Ozzie Newsome doesn’t have the skins on the wall that Bill Polian has, but the great TE is one of the best draft minds around.  He did it again this year without a 1st rounder.  Sergio Kindle (LB – 2nd Rd. – Texas) and Terrance “Mount” Cody (DT – 2nd Rd. – Alabama) = the best steals of the 2nd round.  Both fella’s have 1st round grades and give an aging defense a jolt of energy.  Imagine Cody @ NT, Haloti Ngata on the End, Ray Lewis with Suggs to his one side and the kid Kindle on the other OLB side = DESTRUCTIVE.   Anquan Boldin counts as there 1st round talent.  Add a pair of TE’s (Ed Dixon and Dennis Pitta) and the Ravens are making the move to win the North.

Grade – B+


Cincy got the best TE in the draft and now have a legitimate weapon there for the first time in Carson Palmer’s career.  Add a few Longhorns like WR Jordan Shipley and LB Roddrick Muckelroy and you’ve gained a solid draft.  Also they took a huge risk with the 2nd round pick Carlos Dunlap.  The Florida Gator DE has some character issues and a lazy demeanor.  Cincy has not had the best of luck with “project” picks and so this one could be a bad choice, but Dunlap has tremendous upside if Marvin Lewis can get to him.

Grade – B


To get your QB in the 3rd rd.  STEAL?  YEP!  Holgram had a wonderful draft for his new team.  CB Joe Haden (1st rd.), S TJ Ward (2nd rd.) and RB Montario Hardesty (2nd rd.) all should be opening day starters…NOT BAD.  Then they drafted the QB of the future.    Sadly they didn’t do much with the next four picks.

Grade – C+


Hey more street clothes for Big Ben (at least for 4 weeks).  Obviously Pitts season comes down to can they survive life without Roethlisberger.  A lot of people were screaming for them to draft a QB and smartly they didn’t.  Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch should be fine for 4-6 games.  Instead they got a Dermontti Dawson (remember him at C?) look-a-like in Florida’s Maurkice Pouncey.  He is an intelligent beast that secretly ran the show for the Gators (NOT TEBOW!!).  Pouncey will be a decade long stalwart at C (Big Ben be excited).  They went out on a limb in the 2nd rd with Va. Tech LB Jason Worilds, but i’m not about to doubt Dick Lebeau’s Defense.  Love local SMU kid Emmanuel Sanders being a potential Santonio Holmes replacement.  Also two steals LB Thaddeus Gibson (4th rd.) and RB Jonathan Dwyer (6th rd.) will be on this squad for a few seasons and may even see plenty of time.

Grade – B



Its not that I don’t like Tim or think that what he did at Florida wasn’t amazing.  I’m just a bit shocked that everyone is so in love with him.  Take a breath and realize he is by far the biggest project QB.  Now the one shining spot is that Denver and Josh McDaniels drafted him.  Josh is one of the reasons why Tom Brady turned into one of the greatest QBs ever.  I doubt Tim has the ability to do what Tom did, but if anyone can mold him it would be Josh (a Belichick disciple – who by the way is the only other person that would have chosen Tebow early).  The rest of the draft was great.  Love them getting Baylor’s amazing C JD Walton (Next Tom Nalen!).  A 5th round pick like Perrish Cox will haunt teams because he had 2nd rd. talent and speaking of 2nd rd. T Zane Beadles is a beast and possibly opening day starter.  They also got a Brandon Marshal clone with there first pick (Ga. Tech’s Demaryius Thomas).  Joshy Josh maybe the youngest Head Coach but damn is he good.  Denver looks like easy front runners in the West (sorry San Diego – you broke my heart when you let our Texas RB go to the J-E-T-S).

Denver – B+

Kansas City:

You’re looking at the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR folks.  Eric Berry is on everyone’s list as the best NFL ready player right now.  He was a stud for Tennessee and he’ll anchor the Chiefs defense for the next decade.  The next two picks they took athletic studs with Ole Miss’ RB/WR Dexter McCluster (speed demon) and CB/Returner Javier Arenas of the National Champion Crimson Tide.  The Chiefs aren’t out of the water, but they have gone from the bottom to mid-level just with this draft class.

Grade – A+ (Berry is a star).


Jason Campbell take the towel off you’re in sunny Oakland and out of Hell aka Washington.  The redskins made there choice and it was old man McNabb.  The Raiders get the kid with the rocket arm.  All those people that say Jason aint got it, watch him turn around Oakland.  He has the speed WRs and the rocket arm to challenge all of the AFC defenses.   O and the draft they went and picked the best MLB in the whole damn thing (RATS my G-Men could have used this kid) Rolando McClain is such a no-brain-er that Kirk Morrison was shipped out immediately.  Love the size they picked up in Texas DT Lamarr Houston and Maryland’s Bruce “Evil Dead” Campbell.  Also WR Jacoby Ford is a speedster to watch out for this year.  Hell I love there 6th rd. pick of Arizona St. LB Travis Goethel, he’s a player.

Grade – A

San Diego:

The entire draft will depend on how Ryan Mathews does at RB.  He’s going to be looked to to replace LT.   He is the best RB in the draft, but was he worth trading up for?  Do think they added some nice pieces on the defense with LB Donald Butler (3rd rd.) and Big Cam Thomas DT out of UNC.  The one position they didn’t really fill was Antonio Cromartie’s replacement (4th rd. pick Darrell Stuckey is serviceable but that’s it).   They may have let to many starters go in Free Agency or through trades to hold off the Broncos in 2010.

Grade – C



To get DT Dan Williams at 26 is just retarded.  I would have loved him at #15 for my Giants (o well).  This kid gives the Cardinals a great big anchor for the defensive line.  They picked up Karlos Dansby’s replacement (they hope ) with TCU agile LB Daryl Washington.  Other then that not much to talk about, but QB John Skelton of Fordham could be a great steal with the 5th rd. pick.

Grade – B

San Francisco:

Mike Singletary went and had a stellar first round.  They have there starting LT and LG with Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati.   Then the 49ers went and picked a USC Trojan with the 49th overall pick.  Taylor Mays dropped much further then anyone expected and now he gets to be mentored by the original USC Trojan great – Ronnie Lott.  Also watch out for there 4th rd. pick LB Navorro Brown out of Penn St.  He’s so underrated – he was just as good as Sean Lee.

Grade – A


Pete welcome back to the NFL.  You’ve been a busy busy busy boy.  They got talent from trades (Leon Washington anyone?) and from the draft they got three starters.  Can we also go ahead and say best 1st round of the draft (maybe Detroit can argue).  With the 6th pick they get the LT of the next decade in Oklahoma St.’s Russell Okung and then they got Texas’ stud DB Earl Thomas with the 14th pick (WOW!).  Then they got Notre Dame’s WR Golden Tate in the 2nd rd.  Ok Pete you did good buddy.  REAL DAMN GOOD.  Watch out for the only Trojan that Pete did pick-up TE Anthony McCoy.  He was very underrated with all those Trojan weapons around him.  Pete obviously sees something in the kid.

Grade – A+

St. Louis:

Hey wuzup Sammy.  Aren’t you glad they also got you a LT – Indiana’s Rodger Saffold and WR – Cincinnati’s Mardy Gilyard.  You should be.  You still have a nice RB to hand-off too.  Not much else in the draft though they did get a mouthful with Illinois TE Michael Hoomanawanui.

Grade – B



Don’t be fooled by the lack of a draft – Julius Peppers is where there first round and second round money went.  Now they did actually fill a huge need with the selection of Major Wright with there first pick (#75 of the 3rd rd.).   They took a hit in this draft as the Lions, Vikings and Packers all got better.

Grade – D


Meet a boy named Suh.   The Lions had the simplest pick of the draft, do you want the most destructive force seen in ten years of college football?  Sure and you know what i’m going to trade back into the first round and steal RB Jahvid Best of Cal.  Ok sold – best 1st round of the day!  The Lions have two starters now all the need is 20 more.

Grade – A

Green Bay:

He looks perfect for Green Bay.  Iowa has been a factory of talented offensive tackles the last few years and Bulaga might be the best.  They also got two starter possibilities in DE Mike Neal and CB Morgan Burnett (great hands – could be the nickle starter).

Grade – B


God the Vikings hope that’s a thumbs up for 2010!!  If old Brett comes back (lets go with that) then the Vikings didn’t do bad at all.  They didn’t have a first rounder but they made up for it with there 2nd round pick of CB Chris Cook (big fella at CB).  Then they got Adrian Peterson a reliable back-up and change of pace back with Stanford’s Toby Gerhart.  Then with the 100th pick in the draft they got a huge steal with USC’s DE Everson Griffen.  They’ve now got secondary help checked off, another speed rusher (Hey Cowboy fans that must spook you out a bit), and a solid bup for AD.

Grade – B



Sean Weatherspoon gives the Falcons a solid OLB and they also got a nice DT from Kentucky in Corey Peters.  There 5th rounder Dominque Franks a DB out of Oklahoma might be a steal.  Just nothing really to stand out for Atlanta.

Grade – C


I really think the league was confused by Jimmy Clausen’s laid back surfer ways to understand he can be the best of the 2010 class.  He isn’t as accurate as Bradford and doesn’t have the history that McCoy and Tebow have but he’s got youth and raw talent over all of them.  I might understand arguing that Bradford has the same or better talent, but Clausen doesn’t have a recent shoulder injury.  Carolina let Jake Delhomme go and now have a steal in Jimmy and a solid QB down the stretch in 09′ (former Cowboy) Matt Moore.  I think the Panthers did a great job after Clausen (2nd round – no 1st for Carolina).  They picked up three WRs to help out Steve Smith – LSU’s Brandon LaFell, Appalach. St. (Michigan killer) Armanti Edwards, and Baylor Bear David Gettis.  They also got QB Tony Pike in the 6th rd., who for a wile was talked about possible 2nd or 3rd rounder.  And they also shored up there defensive front line with DEs Eric Norwood (South Carolina) and Greg Hardy (Ole Miss).  Then add on LB Jordan Pugh a warrior for the Aggies.

Grade – B+

New Orleans:

Every year one team in the draft gets to say – um you see this – its my get out of jail free card if my draft sucks.  Well hate to make the league shutter anymore but the Saints didn’t have a crappy draft.  In fact they did pretty damn good.  They got a much needed upgrade at Corner with Patrick Robinson of Florida St. there 1st round selection.  Then they got sliding OT Charles Brown in the 2nd (steal!).  Then you add on there 4th rounder – DT Al Woods and 5th rounder – C Matt Tennant and the Saints have future starters.  To get a CB, DT, OT, and C for the future is just amazing with such late picks.

Grade  – B

Tampa Bay –

With the 3rd overall pick they wanted the next Warren Sapp.  So they took Oklahoma’s terror in the middle Gerald McCoy.  But then they decided McCoy wasn’t enough and picked up UCLA’s beast Brian Price with there second round pick.  Back to back DTs – Raheem you sly dog – all you want is your defense to kill people.   But from there they tried to get some weapons but every other pick was a Defensive player.  WRs Arrelious Benn (2nd rd.) and Mike Williams (4th rd.) should be good weapons.  Also DB Cody Grimm and LB Dekoda Watson should be great special team guys.  Tampa’s style will be destructive and mean defense and stout play-making special teams make up for Offensive woes.  Hard fought close games should be in the Bucs future and with some luck they can actually look decent in 2010.

Grade – B



Jerry you made up for Randy Moss by trading up for Dez Bryant.  Is he Randy Moss though – maybe?  You better hope so because the rest of your draft wasn’t good and last year’s was the worst in the whole league.  MLB Sean Lee is a major improvement over that long haired girl you had named Bobby Carpenter.  If Dez is legit then you’re on the verge of the Super Bowl if he’s not then Wade Philips is the next Defensive coordinator of the Browns.

Grade – C

New York:

With the selection of Pierre-Paul over Dan Williams and Derrick Morgan the Giants were officially ending the Usi Umenyiora era.   PP is a younger and bigger version with a big pay check to boot.  Dan Williams would have been the smart pick but the Giants love size and knew they liked an even bigger DT.  So in the second round they got behemoth Linval Joseph.  Then they went and filled there saftey hole with 3rd rounder Chad Jones of LSU.  4th round they got a MLB in Nebraska’s Phillip Dillard.  5th round they got depth along the guards with Arkansas’ Nick Petrus.  6th they picked up another MLB and a Punter in the 7th to finish off a productive if not quiet draft.

Grade – B-


Gosh it seems like every year the Eagles get a DE that can wreck havoc on the NFC East.  Brandon Graham is a great selection even if the Eagles had to trade up to get him.  But for a team that has two 2nd rounders, four 4th rounders, two 5th rounders, a 6th rounder and three 7th rounders I would have figured to see better talent.  DB Nate Allen is a decent choice in the 2nd round.  And TE Clay Harbor of Missouri St. caught a lot of eyes with his never die attitude.  Overall though this has to be a similar draft to Dallas of 09′.  Quantity but not necessarily Quality.

Grade – C


By far the best moment of the draft was hearing Roger Goodell say “With the 4th pick in the 2010 NFL draft the Washington Redskins pick T from the University of Oklahoma Trent “SILVERBACK” Williams.  Pure gold moment!  Then Washington went home and phoned in the rest of the draft.  They also traded away there future at QB (Jason Campbell to the Raiders).    This team was all about veteran pick-ups in free agency but having a shitty draft is never a good thing.

Grade – D

Ok so here is a run down of the top 5 names to keep an eye on in Free Agency.

5.  RB Brian Westbrook – Concussions are the concern – one more and he is going to retire.  But if a team wants a proven multi-threat back with return ability history then watch out for the little guy.  Pack Attack have shown a lot of interest and would be a decent fit for Brian.

4.  WR Terrell Owens –  I know he’s all ego and if he doesn’t want to he won’t play well but you can’t argue the guy still has it (Buffalo wasn’t a bad season).  There even was a hint Washington were interested – o god.  But how about a team like the Rams with a young QB needing well someone to throw to.  Why not sign TO for a 2 year deal and let him leave the game ushering in the next great QB?

3. Gerard Warren – He looked like crap in Cleveland and New England wasn’t much better but he still has good size and ability at DT.  Injuries always seem to rattle Defensive lineman.  Why not a Miami Dolphin insurance pick-up?

2.  Marc Bulger – I know he sucked in St. Louis but there are a LOT of young QBs out there.  Hey Carolina why not bring in Marc if one of your three pups doesn’t do well (two rooks with Jimmy C and Tony Pike and Matt Moore has only one season worth of starts).

1.  Alan Faneca – Its really simple do you want the best guard over the last 10 years?  Sure how about you Bills.  Grab him and CJ Spiller may just get a hole  to open up enough to shine.  Also put it to your AFC East rivals by picking up the angry veteran (hell they’re paying him $5.25 million this year).   Toss him a $3 million dollar deal.

Hope you enjoyed all that – I’m exhausted.




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