NFL – thank you for being back!!!

21 04 2010

NFL Schedules released, Big Ben suspension on the horizon, and the 3-day NFL Draft – I LOVE APRIL!!

Lets tackle those darn schedules first.

The season will start off on Thursday September 9th with a rematch of last year’s NFC Title game as the Vikings travel to the “Big Difficult” New Orleans.  Some highlights for that Sunday are Panthers traveling to the NEW NY stadium and a rematch of last year’s ass-whupping Carolina put on my poor G-Men.

The Cowboys traveling to Washington on Sunday night is going to be a huge highlight.  Monday night has the treat of Rex Ryan’s old team coming to the NEW NYC stadium and facing the toughest defense on the planet.

So I’ll give you a run-down of my picks for each week’s MUST SEE game and then also another nice match-up of the week to round out things.

Week 2 – THE MANNING BOWL DUH!!! – Sunday night has the G-Men traveling to Peyton’s world.  It always fun to see the Manning Bowl – and since i’ve been predicting a freaking Manning Super Bowl the last five seasons, its always fun to at least see this matchup.

The other game to keep an eye on is…Baltimore traveling to Cincy in hopes of bruising up the defending division champs.  Also Pats at the Jets should be a fun game.

Week 3 – Monday Night pits the Pack Attack @ DA BEARS!  A revamped Chicago defense (hello Mr. Julius Peppers) and that lovable Aaron Rodgers should be a fun game to watch.  If Jay Cutler can actually live up to his potential then this one should be one hell of a game.

Aww the good ol’ days!!

The other game of note pits AMERICA’S Team vs the Houston Texans @ Reliant Stadium.  Houston is a team to keep an eye on as they have a lethal QB/WR combo with Schaub and Johnson.  And those damn Cowgirls always are exciting to watch.

Week 4 – October opens with Donovan returning to Philly…o god!!

Donovan remembers full well how Philly welcomed him as a rookie – with BOOS!!!! And now he’ll be wearing a Yellow and Maroon uniform – o great these are the same fans that hit Santa with Snow balls.   Why again did Philly trade him to Washington and not ANYONE ELSE!!! San Fran and Oakland would have made sense but freaking Wash-ING-ton?


The other fun game of the week is Da Bears traveling to the Giants.  This old school rivalry has a new home to play in and with Chicago having a healthy Urlacher and Peppers that defense is looking INTERESTING!

Week 5 – This is all contingent on Brett Farve returning for one more year – MINNESOTA @ J-E-T-S

Brett having a chance to not only play his most recent team but also being in a new stadium should make this a special Monday night.  Also we’re talking two of the best defenses in the NFL.  Lot of fun match-ups in this game.

How he left Jet land – his head down.

Other game of the week has to be Julius Peppers and Da Bears visit Carolina.

Week 6 – A Monday Night battle of RBs outshines last year’s key playoff matches for me.  Who’s the baddest of them all?

Is this a lame shout out to the BEST DAMN VIDEO GAME COMPANY – UM YEAH – EA SPORTS thank you for everything.

In sunny Jacksonville in front of 6 people the two most electrifying backs get to dance around for 3 hours or so = JOY!

It is tough to not say Dallas @ Vikings – that was an ugly mugging and D-Town is not known for taking mean mugging’s lightly (WE SHOT JFK – look it up).   Or how about Baltimore and there little dandy of a back…

No not D Mason – Ray Rice!!  The Ravens travel to Gillette Stadium to play the Patriots who Ray Rice tore apart.

Week 7 – Remember when Young Manning signed the NEW Cowboy Stadium – I FREAKING DO!!

(not actual incident)  He also tore the Cowboy’s a new asshole – swept them in fact.  This should be the best Monday Night game of the year.  4 straight years we’ve been treated to Giants playing at night in Irving/Arlington.  This rivalry is still cut throat and with the recent squabbles between Brandon Jacobs and any Cowboy that’ll listen has made things a bit tnse.  Dirty October football is the perfect pick-me-up for the upcoming barrage of fun holidays!!  What’s the biggest football game ever played.  UM GIANTS VS COWBOYS LAST YEAR IN ARLINGTON.  ALL MY DAMN ROWDY FRIENDS!

I miss you T.O.  – Go to Washington P.L.E.A.S.E.

Other game of note = If Donovan had gone to Oakland then the Raiders @ Denver would be nice, but I do like Brett Farve going to Lambeau or how about New England @ San Diego (salty!).


NFL Football @ Wembley is just so much fun.  Especially with NFL Full Contact on Tru TV being so freaking awesome.

This guy is gold!!  How can you argue with Broncos vs 49ers – ok, ok pipe down that was just a joke.   Anyways football in London is awesome – NO ARGUMENT will change my mind.  I enjoy Cowboy football in Mexico – why not expand brothers and sisters – besides whats better then our American film crews spying on Foreign hot ladies?  WHAT’S BETTER?

How about STOCKHOLM???!?!?!

Other games of note = The Vikings travel to Foxborough looks like a dandy.  And Houston @ Indy is becoming a nice staple – Schaub vs Manning is turning into greatness.

Week 9 –  Any one else thinking Buffalo playing in Toronto full time would be nice?

Why not just move the Bills there?  O well its still nice to see a bunch of Drunk Canadians watching American Football.

If you’re not familiar of SCTV – PLEASE Netflix immediately.

Da Bears @ Bills isn’t really that greatest offensive game, but the defenses should be a little nasty, to remind Canadians why the CFL isn’t really real.

Though it was VERY hard to skip over Dallas @ Green Bay.  I know I hate the Cowboys, but Romo vs Rodgers is a nice game all of the time.  Lambeau seems to relish having America’s team there and its always good quality football.  The Steelers @ Cincy is a nice match-up if Pitt can survive the time without Big Ben (Byron Leftwich aint half bad as the fill in though).

Week 10 – Dallas visits New Giants Stadium.

I’m sorry if this is a bit redundant, but darn it this is always fun football.   I love Giants vs Cowboys in November its just perfect (by the way i’m a scorpio – go figure).   By week ten we’ll start to have an early sign of the divisional and playoff races.  Plus its in the new stadium and on Fox with Joe and Troy calling the game = GREATNESS.  Can’t argue against Joe and Troy.

Gosh guys why so sad?

Other games of note?  How about Matt Ryan vs Joe Flacco – Ravens visit Hotlanta?  Or how about Cincy @ Indy?  Viks at Soldier Field?  O then there is Eagles @ Wash on Monday Night – that one is a close close second.

Week 11 – Peyton vs Tom.   Love Is…

Indy flys up north to Bo-ston…e.    Its a battle of who wants to be the GREATEST QB of all time.  Also the clock is ticking on these two and both were shocked by there playoff and SB demises in 09′.   The Draft could really help both teams figure it all out.  I will say the pick up of Torry Holt by Bill Belichick is pure genius.

Other fun games are Monday Night’s Broncos @ San Diego, Pack Attack @ Minnesota, and Texans @ J-E-T-S.

Week 12 – One Word.  THANKSGIVING!!!

O yeah how about the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS @ Cowboy Stadium = Instant Classic.  Does anyone remember the Cowgirls pulling off the undefeated spoiler against the Katrinas?  (Too Soon?)  Romo vs Brees, Ware vs Saints OL, Who Dat vs D-Town.  Its just AWESOME!

Other fun-tastic games are BENGALS @ J-E-T-S for the late night Thanksgiving game.  Also Chargers @ Colts and Packers @ Falcons will be two good solid games.

Week 13 – Cowboys travel to Colts.  Battle over the next two Super Bowl Sights.  Also great way to celebrate Hanukkah.


Open December up with a nice battle between two playoff contenders.  NOT TO SHABBY!

Monday night with Jets @ New England is a huge playoff level game and divisional battle.


Week 14 – Bengals @ Pittsburgh – with Big Ben suspended at least 4 games Pitts season is shaky – this could bury them or actually revive the Black and Gold.

These games have been close and hard fought wars the past three years.  A healthy Carson Palmer and a revived Pitt would make for the best game.  If the division is on the line then this is easily the best game of the week.  Another quality divisional game is Falcons @ Carolina.  The Panthers rushing attack is still explosive enough to keep them in the race, especially with the Bucs still sucking.

Week 15 – Great Sunday Night matchup with Packers traveling to New England.

For the stache’ alone I hope Green Bay is doing well.  Plus in mid-December Gillette Stadium should be nicely “packed”.

Gosh cold football is so much fun.  I remember playing on iced over streets back in the day.

Broncos do travel to the Black Hole that is Oakland and that is always a dirty game.

Week 16 – X-Mas, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa begin or happen over this weekend.  JOY TO THE WORLD.

The Champs travel to Atlanta!!!

Passing the torch off, maybe not just yet.   Could decide the division and maybe even home field in the playoffs – GREAT Stakes.  Solid offensive units going to battle.  All this on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL too.

Giants visiting Lambeau is a nice 4 o’clock game on FOX.   San Diego AT Bengals is a salty Sunday night show.

Week 17 –  Roger Goodell and his NFL masterminds have made this weekend so more impacting with 16 divisional battles.  What a great way to make sure you have quality hard fought games on the final weekend.

Bengals at Ravens stands out to me – They battled for the title last year and with Big Ben’s suspension these two should battle over it again.  Also its always fun when its in Maryland.  All my relatives in that area though will be yelling about how badly my Giants whup up on the Redskins @ Fedex Field.  Have to admit I really love the look of Fedex.

There’s also Cowboys in Philly, San Diego in Colorado, and how about Arizona @ San Fran for the AFC West title.

Ok so that is the NFL schedule for 2010.  On to Big Ben?  Did he deserve 4-6 games – YES thank you Goodell for popping him on the head.  Who cares if the LAW didn’t do anything – this is the NFL – NO FOOLS LEAGUE.  The guy has two super bowl rings – lay off the public bs and just rape your whores at home.  Bury them in the back yard, just don’t flaunt your douche bag ways in front of us.  Act a bit more like Tom Brady and you can get away with dropping a pregnant hottie and still be loved.  Instead Big Ben you act a fool and you get harassed by toothless Georgia coeds = FOOL!

Now about the NFL DRAFT – I was going to reveal my first round mock – I had Toby Gerhart going first overall – then I realized why not make something of my picks – so I’m entering a local Draft Contest (I beat the Goose – google it!!).   If I do well then I’ll post my winning picks – if not then well nothing will be on here!

Ok I’m tired of typing.  Hope you enjoy it all.




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