Champions League Semi Final II

21 04 2010

Naughty Boy…

Bayern Munich  v  Lyon

Geez its been a crazy week for Europe (Volcanic Ash anyone?).  Lyon had to pull a Barcelona aka travel by bus to there opponent today.  The French will travel to a packed Olympic Stadium.

The French seem to be all over the news as Franck Ribery (Munich) and Sidney Gouvou (Lyon) have both had to deal with questions about an underage prostitution ring.  The two French national team members have both been deemed innocent (check article), but the stigma of being mentioned may take there minds off tonight’s footie match.  Ribery has already been all over the European news watch with where he potentially will end up in the transfer window.  He’s been on the radar of the top teams of the world as the next great midfielder for them.  Man United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barca, and Arsenal have all been linked with the talented Frenchman over the past few transfer windows.

Whew we haven’t even talked about the game.  Lyon have never reached the final for the Champions League and Bayern Munich haven’t been back since they took home the trophy in 2001.  Both squads have stout defenses and are known to be a bit more physical then there Spanish and Italian counterparts.  When it comes down to what to look for Munich’s massive defender Daniel Van Buyten sums it all up nicely.

“Lyon beat Real Madrid [in the round of 16] and played very, very well, especially in the second leg in Spain. Lyon’s defence is very well organised and they know how to counterattack. Their keeper Hugo Lloris is one of the best in Europe. He has been their match-winner several times this season. But we also did very well. We won our ticket to the semi-finals during the second leg at Manchester United.”

Ditto buddy.  Injuries are always a key equalizer in football and Lyon are on the down end with leaders like Jean-Alain Boumsong,  François Clerc and a play maker like Mathieu Bodmer out.  On top of that scoring talents Jean II Makoun and Lisandro are banged up and game-time decisions.   Its fitting that over this last decade (the OO’s if you will) both teams have won 2 games and they’ve had two draws.  Its all equal and ready to be decided!!

Players to Watch:

Bayern Munich – Mario Gómez – Big German Sub could be a late game hero.

The big German hasn’t seen the full 90 minutes since the group stages, but his size and intelligent movement on the line could be key against a banged up Lyon defense.  Gomez has the world’s eyes on him now and a big performance could lead to him leaving Germany for…England maybe?  Who wouldn’t want a tall goal-scoring machine…Liverpool has talked about needing players (ahem – imagine Mario along side Fernando Torres – hell it works just beautifully on Fifa 2010 – just pulled off the treble!!)  In the end his reign in German has been on and off, but he has the stage to finally showcase his talents.  And o by the way – he’s only freaking 24!!

Olympic Lyon – César Delgado – Argentinian Mid may need to shine if Makoun is a no-go.

He started out the Champions League playing sparingly, but injuries and match-ups have allowed him to see significant time as of late.   With potential play-makers like Makoun, Govou, Lisandro out Delgado has a chance to showcase his talents.  The 28 year old isn’t as attack minded as the trio above, but he does have a lot of flare to his game.  To play well on this stage could be huge into solidifying a place on the National team as well.

Memories aww – The great midfielder Stefan Effenberg holding up the 2001 Champions League title.  Bayern Munich should do well in this opening match game.  A nice 3-1 victory to mirror Inter Milan’s performance yesterday should get everyone thinking them for the title game.  A late goal for Mario Gomez would be nice – since I do believe I called Maicon’s heroics yesterday!!!




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4 06 2010
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Fucking GAYS!!!!!!!!

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