DIFF 2010 Review: We Are the Sea

14 04 2010

We Are the Sea is the story of a young English Teacher trying to figure out the purpose of his life.  The movie revolves around the tremendous music catalog of Austin band Iron and Wine.

Director/Writer Neil Truglio talks about how he got Iron and Wine involved in the project.

Image 23

The film follows Sean (Jeff Childress), a high school English Lit teacher, as he overcomes loss, gets to know his daughter (adorable Allison Savoy), and also figures out what is next for his life.   We are able to witness the growth and final awakening of Sean’s tormented character.  The power of the music mixed in with the beauty of the shots (In and around Denver, Colorado) carried the story.  One of the more intriguing relationships in the story is between Sean and his best student Laine (played by Chantelle Frazier).  As their friendship blossoms we see Sean’s character figure things out more and more.  By far their scenes together really standout in the film.   Chantelle, like many on the film, wore many hats on the project.

Image 24

The film is extremely bold for the fact that it leaves some lines of the narrative without a finish or a resolving moment.  That is something that Neil intended.

Now don’t let that fearless choice make you think the film doesn’t accomplish its emotional ending.  Because with the power of the music, the strong and raw performances and the calm ending this film really does move you.  It’s not a typical film, but that unique feel really makes it standout.

I think Neil’s Director’s note on the film’s website sums up everything nicely.

Neil  Truglio Photo

“It is an observation, the town is anywhere, the inhabitants – commonplace. Our attempt was to chronicle their lives with integrity and honesty as if we were merely documenting their struggle: what is the value of a life under-lived?”

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