DIFF 2010 Review: Waiting for Forever

14 04 2010
Waiting for Forever
How exactly are you suppose to act when you’re in love?
Veteran actor and director James Keach has made a wonderful film about love.
James was able to take quirky writer Steve Adams unique tale and make a gripping and fantastic story of one man’s journey about love in the film Waiting for Forever.

British actor Tom Sturridge plays Will Donner a traveling juggler who decides where to go based on where his childhood love, Emma (Rachel Bilson), is living.  Tom helped bring the film to life and one more cast addition made the film start to truly take off.

Richard Jenkins plays Emma’s father who is slowly dying of cancer and his scenes with fellow iconic actress Blythe Danner (Emma’s mother) are some of the most heart-wrenching I’ve seen in a long time.  There is a bath scene that will make you hate Richard and then moments later adore him.  Easily Richard has become one of our acting treasures in the film world.
The movie though is carried by the unique way in which Will handles life and his performance really stands out.  James really sums up that the way we perceive Will’s character is the most important element of the film.
James really gets to the true heart of the story.
Also a quick shout out to a Texas actor in the film.  Scott Mechlowicz plays Will Donner’s older more realistic brother Jim.  Scott, of all the characters, goes through the most growth and I felt like he represented the audience’s feelings on the issue.  We are scared for Will, we’re confused by his choices, we’re fearful of him losing himself and then in the end we love Will.  Scott transformed slowly and quietly throughout the film.
Nelson Franklin (Joe), Nikki Blomsky (Dolores) Tom Sturridge (Will) and Scott (Jim).
This movie may remind you of Benny and Joon, but this isn’t about people who are struggling with a disease or a sickness.  This is about a young man who is completely and utterly immersed into his love.  You want in the end to believe like Will does and that’s the difference and power that this film has over other similar films.  James Keach has made a wonderful film in Waiting for Forever.



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