DIFF 2010 Review: Lovers of Hate

14 04 2010
Lovers of Hate
Two brothers, one woman, one house, and one hell of a fun film!
Director/Writer/Editor (whew) Byran Poyser brings to life a dark comedy that feels so close to the edge of crossing the line and yet all I did was laugh and laugh.  Lovers of Hate stars Chris Doubek (he’s all over the place at DIFF 2010), Heather Kafka, and Alex Karpovsky.
The film predominately takes place in a lovely home.  I’ll let Bryan explain a bit more…
Toilets?  Well lets just say that the film doesn’t shy away from potty humor, sexual humor, being in a crazy house humor and most importantly creepy humor.  Bryan’s film really accomplishes its goal.  TO MAKE YOUR ASS LAUGH!  The film is about a down and out man, Rudy (Chris Doubek) who is dealing with a failed marriage and his own jealousy to his younger brother Paul, who is a successful writer.  Rudy immediately gives us the creeps and yet we wonder how he got so miserable and defeated.  Rudy decides to prank his brother so he travels to Paul’s massive home in Utah.   This happens on the same day as Paul brings home Diana, Rudy’s estranged wife.  Amazingly this film was shot a lot quicker then I would have imagined.
The film interestingly doesn’t show a sex scene, though there is nudity throughout.
Overall this film is heartbreaking at times, creepy in others, and always funny.  You never stop enjoying watching these characters go through the two days they are up in Utah.  The tone and feel of the film always seems on the verge of crossing the line and never does.
This movie is up on IFC Video on Demand.  CHECK IT OUT IF YOU LIKE TO LAUGH!!  Its really simple, if you like poop pranks, children’s stories, and penis on the shoulder shots then you will LOVE this film!!



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15 04 2010
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