DIFF 2010 Review: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

12 04 2010
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
I laughed for the entire 88 minutes and for another half hour during the Q & A.
I was going to try and come up with some type of witty line but I don’t think it would fit this funny ass film.  Instead I’m going to IMPLORE YOU to do three things.
1.  Become a fan of Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, and Director Eli Craig.
2.  Join their Facebook.
3.  Enjoy!!!
So i’m sure you are wondering just what is Tucker & Dale vs Evil.  Eli…?
Um, well sort of.  Ok first off the film is about two lovable hillbillies.  Tyler Labine of Reaper and Son of Tucson fame plays Dale.
Alan Tudyk plays the quick-witted hillbilly Tucker.  These two carry the film and are non-stop funny.
This film only has last night’s screening, but Eli did say that if there is enough buzz he’d love to add a screening.  This post is made so we can make that happen.  How about I let Eli explain the films that made him want to spoof the horror genre.
But this film is so much more then a spoof film.  The two leads have to deal with the difference that there appearance and style causes to others (those darn College kids!!).  Eli had a real purpose though in what he wanted us to gain from the film.
Go ahead –BECOME A FAN!!!
This film needs to be seen by so many more people.  Take the time to help out.



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