DIFF 2010: Opening Night

9 04 2010

This was the scene on Opening Night at the Angelika.  AND, they even showed some films….!!

The red carpet was a little less full of stars than in previous years.  Mayor Tom could be seen, and of course Michael Cain.  Bill Paxton gave a very nice speech about how great the festival was, then in the highlight of my night, introduced Michael Cain while doing an impression of (Academy Award Winner) Michael Caine. Pure golden gold.

I took the path less traveled last night (literally, there were maybe 30 people in there) and saw the Opening Night Shorts Block.  The main draw for me was Dig Deep, a short film directed by Mark Birnbaum and Manny Mendoza, focusing on famed local artist Frank Campagna and the deconstruction of Deep Ellum.  See it again Sunday, April 11 at Noon or Monday, April 12 at 7:30p.


Another highlight was Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No.  It truly was the greatest athletic achievement ever…

Also worth checking out is The New Tenants.  Didn’t really know what to expect with this one, but it was dark and funny and worth sticking around for.  See it again Wednesday April 14 at 7p, or Thursday April 15 at 4:15.

Afterwards, they turned the Angelika (inside and outside) into one big party. I can already tell, the combination of Stella and decent vodka (not that Zodiac crap) is going to make for many difficult mornings for the next two weeks.  Here are some more pics from Opening Night….

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