DIFF 2010: Famed Writer/Director Just Announced!!!

8 04 2010


The man that brought Stephen King’s best work to the screen and so much more greatness…

Tonight is OPENING NIGHT and Mockingbird station will be packed with film fans, celebrities, filmmakers, and a ton of hard working DIFF workers.  Make sure to pat those workers on the back a little harder tonight.  They’ve been busting there asses to make this festival a wonderful experience.  Last night was the Press Party at the Hotel Palomar (the HUB of this year’s festival).  It was announced that James Faust and the gang (new band name anyone?) are still hard at work bringing more talent to this year’s festival.  Before I jump to the newest information I kinda want you to giggle a little bit.  Enjoy Giant head Gadi and the gang at last night’s soiree.

Scary I know!!  Ok back to the new news.

First off – Academy Award nominee Frank Darabont will be here!!! Yes the guy behind Shawshank Redemption (Greatest Film ever made? YEAH!), The Green Mile, The Majestic, Mist and the TV series The Walking Dead (coming out later this year).

If you didn’t know already Frank’s association with King goes back to the earlier 80’s and the start of a young Frank’s career.  He entered in a filmmaking contest and made it far enough where his short film (based on King’s, The Woman in the Room) was even shown on TV.  This is when he got to meet Stephen and thru that friendship we’ve had the honor of seeing Frank turn some of Stephen’s work into great films.  None more recognized and beloved then Shawshank Redemption, which is based on a short story from King’s 1982 short novella collection, Different Seasons.

Now those are the big notes on the writer/director, but as a huge fan I don’t want you to miss out on Frank’s awesome start in the industry.  With the Nightmare on the Elm Street series getting a nice “revamp” don’t forget that Frank helped out on the series too!!!  Frank was the screenwriter for Nightmare on Elm Street 3:  Dream Warriors.  Yeah not the greatest of films in Frank’s career, but he helped a little Jewish boy in Dallas get over his fear of a flame-charred child killer.  The reason is that the story is about this one boy who realizes he can control his dreams and thus defeat evil Freddy.  I didn’t sleep from 1985 till this film came out in 1987 (thanks big brothers for showing me Freddy when I was like 3 years old!!).  Its hard enough trying to be a cool kinder-garden kid put trying to not FALL ASLEEP on top of that!  Well Frank’s visionary script helped me figure out that our dreams are ours and so I could beat evil Freddy.  Now that I’ve let you in on my dark childhood secret – make a point to come out and support Frank.  DIFF is going to give Frank, “DALLAS Shining Star Award during ‘The Dallas Film Society Honors’ presented by the Gail L. & Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation event on Friday, April 16 at Hotel Palomar. DALLAS IFF will also screen one of Darabont’s films followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker on Saturday 4/17 at the Studio Movie Grill”.

Now DIFF has also announced:

Mel House’s horror thriller WALKING DISTANCE has been added to the line-up.  The film will be screened on Saturday, April 17 at Studio Movie Grill and followed by a Q & A with producers and actors from the film.


Also a wonderful gift was given to the Dallas Film Community! –

The Dallas Film Society announced that it has successfully matched a challenge grant of $200,000 from an anonymous donor that launched on February 17 and ran through April 1. This was a dollar for dollar match that allowed DFS to maximize the benefits of receiving $400,000. In the changing landscape of the way the funds to support film festivals are generated, the sea of support via Dallas Film Society memberships and outright donations allows DALLAS IFF and DFS  to take a major step toward being an event (and year-round organization) that is supported and sustained by a film going and film loving community.

Congrats to the DFS for such a generous gift and thank you for giving us a wonderful film festival in return.

So remember tonight is the opening night for the 2010 DIFF and show your support by being at Mockingbird Station.  The Angelika will screen 8 films tonight and Special guest Bill Paxton and Honorary Chairs Mayor Tom Leppert and Laura Leppert will walk the red carpet and welcome festival goers to this fourth celebration of the best in cinema.

See ya there!




2 responses

8 04 2010
Elizabeth Bair

Your brothers must have thought such a cool toddle could handle Freddie!
And that is a giant head.

8 04 2010

That head’s a virtual planetoid. It has its own weather system.

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