DIFF 2010 Exclusive: Cinematographer Ron Gonzalez

7 04 2010

One day from opening night at the Dallas International Film Festival and PSD has an exclusive treat for you.  Meet Ron Gonzalez!!!

Ron is the Director of Photography for two films included in the Texas Competition this year.  The movies are Tom Huckabee’s Carried Away and Frank Mosley’s Hold and each film has two screenings at this year’s DIFF.  Both films were also shot on HD cameras (including the RED ONE!!) and showcase the young DP’s talent.   Ron told me just how close the Metroplex’s film community really is.

Ron and I discussed how he works with directors and in particular the experience with Carried Away’s Tom Huckabee.

With the introduction of the RED camera in 2007 the face of independent film changed.  The quality of HD cameras took a huge jump into a new arena.  The ability to be tapeless, fast, high quality and all for a relatively cheap price has opened many avenues for DP’s to make films better.  Ron commented not only on the incredible technology of the camera, but also the innovative mobile editing truck used for Carried Away and created by Confidence Bay.

Ron did get a bit technical on us there, but with the advent of the RED Camera things are changing.  Also having a state-of-the-art RV unit like Confidence Bay allowed Ron and Tom Huckabee to film and edit Carried Away at a quicker pace then ever before.  The whole notion of how much time a film needs to be completed has change because of companies like RED and Confidence Bay.

We did chat a bit more in depth about a few scenes from Tom Huckabee’s film.  Ron was giving a lot of latitude and trust in how to shoot the film.  His team utilized that freedom to come up with some pretty amazing sequences.  In particular the amount of “car” scenes in the film is impressive on its own.

As a fellow goatee and soul patch man myself – I have a lot of respect and kinship shared with Ron Gon and his facial style.


Do you love the Big Lebowski? I do and well Ron has a great connection to the film…well more like to the DUDE! And also enjoy Ron’s run down of all the cool things he has coming out soon!

Also for all you P1’s out there – DO YOU LIKE THIS GIG?!?!?!?!  Well Ron was the DP for the Gordon Keith Show and he has some great news about its NEWEST INCARNATION…

I hope you enjoyed PSD’s chat with Cinematographer/Director Ron Gonzalez.  He was a blast to chat with and please take the time to see the two films he is involved in – HOLD and CARRIED AWAY.

Carried Away can be seen – Fri, Apr 9th 4:00pm  @ the Angelika Theatre 6   and the second screening is Wed, Apr 14th 10:00pm @ the Angelika Theatre 6.  Tom, Ron, producer Gabriel Horn and a few of the actors will be here for DIFF so say hi and enjoy there fun film.   ALSO WE WILL HAVE A PSD REVIEW OF THE FILM – in TOMORROW’S OPENING NIGHT PREVIEW!!

Hold can be seen – Sat, Apr 10th 7:15pm  @  the Angelika Theatre 7  and Tue, Apr 13th 4:00pm @ Angelika Theatre 6

Mere hours away from the Dallas International Film Festival!  See ya there.




3 responses

8 04 2010
Bart Van Bemmel

Ron rules. Plain and simple. He DP’d two of our short films BUTTERSCOTCH and VIRGIN MARY CHRISTMAS. Pure goodness and a class-act.

8 04 2010
Michael David Weis

Ron Gonzalez is truly understands the entwined artistry of technology and filmmaking. One aspect no longer stands without the other, and Ron towers above both. See pics of Carried Away in Confidence Bay on our website. http://confidencebay.com

22 12 2010
Exclusive Interview: Tom Huckabee « Pearl Snap Discount

[…] you heard Tom bring up Cinematographer Ron Gonzalez.  For those that don’t remember Ron was actually our site’s first interview and Tom […]

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