Michael Ian Black – Finally in Denton

1 04 2010

The snow storm in February forced the comedian to reschedule for last night.
MIB aka Michael Ian Black aka the smoke monster was at the Murchison Performance Arts Center on the campus of UNT (KAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!)
The famed armadillo style and incredible interior have made this one of the marquee performance venues in all of North Texas.  The 11 year-old building has the beauty, backing, and brass to be relevant for another few decades.
Domed look really gives the whole venue a big feeling and yet there isn’t a bad seat in the house.
The fantastic organ give the “umpfh” a quality music venue needs.  Its freaking HUGE.  To find out even more about the tremendous organ click here.
Lets get back to MIB and first off a thank you to the Fine Arts Series and the people behind it.   Straight from the horse’s mouth – “The Series is the oldest continual program on campus charged with presenting a well balanced season of the visual, performing, and literary arts”.   In fact its being doing all that for the past 105 years.
The evening started a little early as I got there early enough to snag a sweet balcony seat (Yeah I think the balconies are the way to go for these types of venues).   By 8pm the Winspear Hall had filled up (yeah that’s Bill and Margot – the new Dallas Opera house has there newest gift – all of DFW and the surrounding areas owes them for their kindness to the arts!).
Now most people recognize MIB from his funny rants on VH1’s “I Love the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s” series.  But I’d like to point out some of my favorite MIB bits, moments, shows and antics.  Here is the top 3:
3.  REAPER – Played funny gay demon Steve (*spoiler – later an angel!).
Tyler Labine, MIB, Rick Gonzalez, Bret Harrison, and Ken Marino.
Genius show that is so underrated and unknown because its on the WB.  But anytime the Devil is a complete awesome dude then i’ll be a fan of the show or film.  And Ray Wise is so utterly brilliant as Satan.
2.  Of course the VH1 “I love the…” series.
Making fun of ourselves is always funny and this may well be one of the few highlights for VH1 programming.  MIB was on a slew of these and always brought his dry sardonic style.  Its by far the most recognizable show MIB has been on.  His stand-up comedy and humor may be best on his blog, magazine Cracked, and group of tv shows.  But people most know him from the VH1 shows.
1.  Stella – a nod back to his start with the “State” – so underrated!!
Michael Showalter, David Wein and MIB.
Now I love this show for its Jewish humor, physical comedy stunt work, and the homage to the Marx Brothers!
When you can make fun of the Irish Potato famine then you’re a bit eccentric and thus edgy.  Its not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it sure as hell makes me giggle.
MIB’s newest project is the film Young Americans.  It stars Topher Grace and Anna Faris (the girl in the picture is actually Australian hottie Teresa Palmer).  MIB plays the character PETE.  Sadly the film shot in 2007 and still hasn’t been released.  Hopefully we’ll see it released later this year.   Maybe why MIB is “on the road” to make sure we keep an eye on him since the film is taking so long.  He finished Stella before this film has been released.  Anyways I digress.
The show last night was really funny.  MIB made fun of McDonalds and Doritos websites (racist anyone), cracked on our egotistical Texas swagger, talked about his two kids (yeah he joked that most people think he’s gay), and then ended the night with a really crude joke about pooping on a girls breasts (GENIUS STUFF!).  Now to end this post I wanted to give you some fun trivia about MIB (thanks IMDB for your help, as usual).
1.  He is in fact married and has been for 12 years now – wow shocking I know.  They have two kids (a boy and girl).
Awww – Martha and Michael.
2. “His birth name, Schwartz, is derived from the German word “schwarz,” which has the same meaning as his stage name, Black”.   Interesting and SO JEWISH!
3.  He has written a funny book.  “My Custom Van: And 50 Other Mind-blowing Essays That Will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face”.  Bravo on the title.
4.  Lastly – he also has written a children’s book!!! – “Chicken Cheeks: The Beginning of the Ends”.  It deals with the bottom “cheeks” of animals – in other words there asses, butts, behinds, cabooses, pillows, and toilet seat companions.
To end here is the funniest pic of MIB I could find.




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