Build It and THEY will Come…

25 03 2010

Yeah I know the Angelika has been around for a while, but on April 8th expect BIG things…

This year’s Dallas International Film Festival, formerly the AFI Dallas International Film Festival, packs one hell of a punch.   Opening night in itself will be an intriguing night for just the scope of it all.  The Angelika Film Center of Dallas and the surrounding Mockingbird Station area will be devoted to FILM.   I’ll let the DIFF explain whats going on.

“April 8, starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Angelika Film Center
The DALLAS International Film Festival welcomes over 1,600 film
lovers as the Festival takes over all eight screens of the Angelika Film
Center and hosts a Gala with events throughout Mockingbird Station.”

Since we’re still two weeks out I thought this post could be used to show some of the fun NEW things for this year’s festival.  Don’t worry in the next two weeks, Mark and I, will break down the kick ass from the ass kickers.  We’ll do our best to motivate you to come out for the amazing experiences, the celebs, the pretty people and of course the films.  I don’t want to spoil what we have in store for you, so no HINTS!!  Instead let me digress and get to the point.  Why is this night different then all other nights?   (haha like my little bit of jewish humor – come on look at the calender and think about it!!!)

The ladies and gents at Diff have tricked up the fun this year by adding the swanky Hotel Palomar to the event “stations”.

The Magnolia in the West Village is still a big player and so is the Angelika Film Center.  This year though other Dallas area staples will take center stage.

Yep the DMA has a few events and screenings.

Nasher Sculpture center.

The SMG off Royal.

Now all of these events have been used for film based events in the past, but this year’s DIFF has moved the action away from Victory Park and more to the other side of Dallas.  The DMA and Nasher give a more downtown connection and should lead to a lot of extracurricular fun before and after screenings.  The Palomar replaces the W Hotel as the night spot and also NUMERO UNO spot for Celebs!!!

Another big addition to this year festival is something that actual expands over the entire ten days, but April 13th is the big date to remember.


This full day event is still a hush hush/ need to know type operation.  We do however have some fun tidbits to share and hopefully push you to come out to the event.   Over the next few weeks we’ll reveal a bit more about the event (thanks to our friends in high places!!!).   First off DIFF is awarding writer-director Guillermo Arriaga a Star Award.

Mr. Arriaga is someone we’ve covered in the past and we’ll hopefully have a lot more on the dynamic visionary.  Along with Guillermo’s award, the bicentennial event will showcase…

A special screening of Nosotrol Los Pobres (We the Poor) and a special star award given posthumously to Mexican Icon Pedro Infante.

Mexican Spotlight
(Mexico , Spain, 2009, 93 mins, 35mm)

In Spanish with English subtitles


Directed By: Rigoberto Perezcano

Without Her
Without Her
Sin Ella

Mexican Spotlight

(Mexico, 2009, 108 mins)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Jorge Colon

Mexican Spotlight

(Mexico, 2009, 115 mins)

In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Alejandro Gerber Bicecci

And a special screening of Mr. Arriaga’s most recent film, The Burning Plain.  Which is QUALITY!!
The whole day will happen across numerous locations and its going to be an incredible event to witness.
The DIFF has also expanded on its Family Friendly events.  These co-inside with another Star Award recipient, Pete Docter.  You may remember a little film he helped create, UP!

Pete Docter
I have to take my hat off (its a bucket hat if your curious).
Yeah I know its really pimp.  What can I say, I like Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J.
Back to the films!!!  There are going to be tons of films to see from April 8th-18th.  I’m sorry if this is a bit brief, but like I said check back with us, because we have a lot to discuss with you.
Also for you SXSW fans, don’t worry Mark has GOLD for you coming SOON!!!



3 responses

26 03 2010

I know it’s dead and all, but I’m gonna miss this thing being centered around Victory Park.

26 03 2010
Pete Ruscett

Yeah, but you don’t have a party at a funeral home…

26 03 2010

Touche! Good point, sir.

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