Breesus Does It!!

10 02 2010


That sums it all up!

Ok now that the NFL season is officially over, we have to pray that March Madness comes even earlier this year. Super Bowl Sunday did have its fun and interesting moments. The game itself was a bit boring until that onside kick (Genius move Mr. Payton). By the way so sorry that the only time Hank “Kendra’s baby daddy” Basket made it into the game he u…Well…


Imagine this is what he gets to go home too… YUMMY.

So congrats to the whole Big Difficult, you folks have been through so much, it is fitting that you win the SB the way you did. Especially “Graffiti Head” Porter taking it to the house, just seems fitting. Now I am a bit angry to see all the love for New Orleans Owner Tom Benson. He’ll be the Grand Marshal of the Krewe of Endymion on Feb. 13. Um does anyone not remember how keen Mr. Lovable was on RELOCATING THE FREAKING AINTS after “that” hurricane destroyed the city?

Who Dat? Indeed.

Ray Nagin sure does remember…but I digress. In the end the car dealership owner (where he got most of his wealth) did keep the team in the NOLA and I guess all is O.K. now.

Drew Orleans taking home the MVP after putting on one of the most accurate performances. Craig Miller of the Ticket had a great article on “short” QBs and now Drew has joined that small (pun intended) group. . Trust me become a follower – Junior is easily my idol…well him and Hershel Walker.

So everyone was only really watching for the COMMERCIALS!!!

My top 3 favorites.

1. Brett o Brett – Timely, self-deprecating, and funny.

2. Mr. Letterman you win – Getting Leno (N.B.C.) and Oprah (A.B.C) to support David. Loved it…if he had Coco pop out at the end then it would easily have been #1.

3.Tim Tebow – Yeah i know he is annoying with all his holier then thou image – but I laughed when he tackled his mom. It was effective and yeah funny.

Wait that’s not his mom? Whew thought those look wrong on an older lady.

Honorable Mention: Lebron, Superman and Larry Legend was a decent ad. McDonald’s played it light and came out with a gem.

Bottom 3.

1.EVERY BEER COMMERCIAL!!! Bud-Light, Miller-Lite, and all the rest – STOP IT!!! Yeah we get it already you guys want us to drink your piss-water. Geez, I’m still going to order a freaking Heineken.

2.Dockers – I guess I didn’t get it. But why are we walking through fields saying we love not wearing pants and we’re trying to sell you pants…really is that good marketing? Did someone get paid to come up with that. Where the hell did that kid from Big go?

3.Boost Mobile – No one enjoyed the original Super Bowl Shuffle.

Da Bears!

I’d like to thank CBS for not showing us Kim Kardashian. You had your chances and you choose better.

I’m not going to re-use the Who Dat? line again for the halftime show, but you have to ask why them?

I’m not hating on the Who, but they didn’t look right in South Beach. Pete did tear it up, but he also sounded (on his limited singing ) off key just a bit. Roger looked cool and got through 12 minutes of singing. NOT BAD!

Roger Daltrey, left, and Pete Townshend of The Who perform during the half time show

I was really impressed with Zak Starkey and his so British hooligan looking Mullet.

For non-fans who noticed the drummer looked younger than Daltry and Townshend, he's actually Zak Starkey, the son of Ringo Starr.


Read more:

Its not like his daddy’s hair was always perfect.

I didn’t see if he was in Miami – nope. Well would be tough, Ringo is getting his Star (one R!!) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday the 8th.

In the end I thought the old rockers weren’t bad, better then Petty a few years back. It’ll be hard to repeat Prince –


Folks don’t fret Super Bowl 45 is in DALLAS!!! (well actually Arlington)
SUperBowlXLV-2-2.jpg image by Dallasbrink

So who will Jerry Jones get to play the halftime show at the FREAKING DEATH STAR!?!?!?!

Well, I can’t take full credit for this great idea (Thanks “Zooey” Doppelganger).

Just Imagine it!!

From the deep catacombs in the doldrums of the Death Star come rising from the ground (well two of them at least).

Alligator and ALL!!


So put away your voodoo dolls and break out your cowboy hats. JR is waiting.

Seeya next year.




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