A Look at Valentine’s Day

10 02 2010


Awww.  A Rose on ANY other day.

These days February 14th usually hits the pocket books more then the love pockets…huh?  But the history of Valentine’s Day has always intrigued me.  Most people swear its all just a ploy by Hallmark to own the world.  And this is of course true, but still why this day do we love a bit more.

Like most things – It goes back to the darn Romans and there pagan ways.  But lets fast forward through the crazy Emperor stories and the festival of Lupercalia.  So here we are 496 AD (i’m jewish so who knows how long ago that was and i’m still battling over what AD actual is meant to stand for…I know I know I’ll google it later.).  Anyways Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14th St. Valentine’s Day.  YEAH REJOICE!!  So what then happened.  Well the English took over.  That’s right it always comes down to the British doing something about something.

First Chaucer has his connection to Valentine’s Day.  He was of course talking about Richard II and his recent engagement to Anne of Bohemia (cool name).    But over the years the connection has been argued and re-argued and so on and so on.

Its not really until another English writer writes about St. Valentine’s Day…300 or so years later.  That man.


Nice Feather Sword you got there WS.

In Hamlet, Opheila says “To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day/ All in the morning betime / And I a maid at your window / To be your Valentine.”  Awww she’s so loving.  O wait this is Hamlet.  Anyways WS has many poems and lines from Midsummer’s Night’s Dream are usually “used” by first year lit majors to there portly girlfriends.  In the end its a lot more smooth to let ol’ Shakespeare say it for you.

Lovers started to send out love notes on Valentine’s Day in the early to mid 19th century.  In our great land we can thank Esther Howland for all this mess.  Lace is so useful.  And supposedly was pretty cheap back in the day.  Thank goodness we’ve evolved this love with lace into items like…



Ok, so when did HALLMARK GET INVOLVED – that is the question on all your minds, right?

1913 was the year.  And here are some of the things that happened that same year.

Feb 1st – New York’s Grand Central Terminal reopens and is the largest train station in ALL THE WORLD.


Feb 3rd – The 16th Amendment is ratified authorizing the “Man” to collect income taxes…BASTARDS.

March 4th – My favorite president – Woodrow Wilson succeeds big man Taft to become our 28th president.


March 13th – legendary revolutionary Pancho Villa finally returns to Mexico after being across the borders – ha funny now all we talk about is people crossing the other way over the border.

April 24th – The Woolworth building opens in NYC.

Five days later – Swedish engineer Otto Frederick  Gideon Sundback of Hoboken patents all-purpose zipper.  Ok.


Skip till the end of the year – Woodrow Wilson creates the Federal Reserve.

Cool and Interesting year.

Hope you can use something from this post to woe your lover and have an enjoyable weekend.

In these times of love i’m always reminded of Pearl Jam and specifically Eddie’s great words.

Hold me and make it the truth.
That when all is lost there will be you.
Cause to the universe I don’t mean a thing.
And there’s just one word that I still believe and it’s love.
Love. love. love. love.

Love boat captain take the reigns. Steer us towards the clear.
I know it’s already been sung. Can’t be said enough.
Love is all you need. All you need is love.
Love. Love. Love.

Merry Valentine’s Day!!




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