2 11 2009

   You may need munchies with this one…..

Gravestoned – Finally. A horror film for stoners.

Hey guys – I was able to chat with the Writer/Director  Michael McWillie.  Since we dive into almost every theme of the film – Here is the Synopsis of the film.

Shark and Coltrane, two out-of-work pot farmers really want to breakinto the movie business. So they chainsaw a cadaver’s arm off and usethe severed arm as a prop in a horror film. Now they have to survive anight in the graveyard with a cadaver zombie that wants his arm back!Pot smoking slacker gravediggers, a movie goddess (Lar Park Lincoln,Friday the 13th Part 7), an obsessed movie mogul, a cadaver salesman,hot cheerleaders who may be exotic dancers, a redneck who would love togrill a severed arm and a horny Scottish Terrier – they’re all here inthis over-the-top horror film for stoners that has been called the mostominous use of a severed arm in the history of celluloid

The film is available on dvd – November 3rd.  You can click the link above to check out the juicy details on the film and ENJOY the TRAILER!!!

<a href="/files/8/0/0/2/7/182574-172008/Gravestoned_Interview.MP3″>The Interview with Michael McWillie .

Courtesy of Painted Pictures – I’ve been given a copy to GIVE A-WAY!!!!!   Yeah FREE!!! 

Real simple tweet to or comment the answer and win your copy of Gravestoned.

Ok so here is the question? What dallas-based theater did Michael first take notice of actor Ivan Jones? 
Good Luck.

More of these to come in the future!!!





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18 11 2009
Retirment Ideas

I like this movie. The synopsis of the story is this. A pair of unemployed pot farmers attempts to break into the film industry by shooting a low-budget horror movie, but make the fateful mistake of using an actual corpse’s arm as a prop. When the corpse realizes that one of its most important appendages has been severed, it sets out to recover the arm and get revenge on the filmmakers. The casts were Lar Park Lincoln, Eryn Brooke, Hope Latimer, Ivan Jones, and Joe Glass.

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