Epic ACL – This just a Teaser!!!

6 10 2009

Dave Grohl talks TCV with KUT in Austin!!!

My Good Friend Pat K. is the big lovable fella over Dave’s shoulder at the beginning of the interview.  There is also an Amazing interview the KUT 90.5 guys had with John Paul Jones and some awesome footage of TCV at STUBBS – that our very own Mark Schectman was at!!!

I’ll of course have some kick arse footage of TCV, John Legend, The Dead Weather, DMB, and of Course PEARL JAM!!. 

ACL 09 aka THE MUDD BOWL!! aka THE GREATEST ACL EVER!!!! aka Eating Watermelon Rines while wearing three piece suits in the Mudd Bowl !!! aka OMG!!

Epic ACL recap coming soon I PROMISE – just need to figure out how to do it.  Three days Sarah and I will never forget. 

Can’t Wait to Share with you all really soon.





One response

8 10 2009

Dave Grohl is the nicest guy and one of the best artists alive.He’s also a friend of the show…

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