Austin City Limits 2009

30 09 2009



To Open up October – Austin is holding its annual FESTIVAL of GREATNESS (my nickname not an official name).   When I think of the good ol’ Captial I think 3 attractions (well four – the fourth is for first timers to A-Town though). 

The 4 reasons to make it to Austin at least once in your lifetime.  (ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN TEXAS!!!!)

4.  The Capital – I mean we’re talking the heart of our wheels off government – we’re talking all that sweet Texas History and most importantly we’re talking –

SQUIRREL?  Yeah the capital is a haven for the little fun creatures – they love humans and love photos (for real!!).  Sometime I’ll tell you all about my extensive theory on Squirrels.  Anyways back to Austin, TX

3.  Now to the real reasons to visit the city – THE LONGHORNS – HELLO  – HOOK EM’ –

Bevo and the Boys are the damn toast of the town – Its all about UT down in Austin.  Its the staple of the city.  Hook Em’ or Die.  Also nice coeds –


A few things – whats the deal with the shopping cart and yes they allow these girls to have Cars – its a staple of Texas – BAD DRIVERS.

Ok back to the fun.

2.  THE FOOD IN AUSTIN IS SUBLIME!!!  From the famed Katz to Hoovers to Trudy’s amazing stuffed avocados.  Austin is famed for there eateries.   AND AUSTIN CITY LIMITS HAS OUT DONE THEMSELVES THIS YEAR.  Check out all the fun food at ACL this year.
ACL!!!; –  GOOD STUFF.  Also its been announced that Fort Worth’s finest – Top Chef Master Tim Love will be cooking up his tasty BBQ at ACL.  O YEAH!!!! That’s one tasty burger! (BBQ burger that is!!)

1.  The Main Reason to Visit Austin – HELLO THE MUSIC.   Whether its 35 years of Austin City Limits the show, 6th street and the downttown music scene – Big Shout out to Bob Schneider he has a new album Lovely Creatures out (the Dallas Morning News gives a great take on Bob and his new album – )

But the Music scene in Austin is Historic – its the hub of the South – Maybe New Orleans can battle for blues dominance in the south – but nothing takes on Austin for Music Capital of the South and its prized showcase – the ACL!!  Three Days of debauchery and hippie love not nothing else in the States of America (huh?)

So lets jump into Gadi’s “Schedule” over this weekend.

Friday October 2nd, 5770 (2009 for you new book readers). 

The Lady and I will be heading out around noonish and hope to get the ol’ Delorean up to 88 mph  –


We should reach Austin around 1:30 – but if our Flux Capacitor breaks down like usual it’ll be closer to 3:30 – 4 pm.    So we’ll most likely begin our ACL voyage with –

COHEED AND CAMBRIA – HAHA – For Realz – The Lady loves it and minus Daniel Johnston (meh!) aint much better so we’ll check out CC and rock out.  Things will get a bit more funky as we’re shooting for a lil’ time spent with each of these next two fellas (5:30 – 6:45 on the ACL schedule)

Raphael Saadiq and K’Naan – Most know about Raphael – but K’Naan seems like a complete bad arse and can’t wait to see them – little running between stages though!!

Ok things remain on the Funky side – but throw in a bit more soul and from (6:30ish – 7:30) we’ll be listening to the sweet voice of –
John Legend.

THEN ITS ON TO THE NUMBER 2 REASON WHY ACL 09′ will be the best ever!!!

THEM CROOKED VULTURES – (7:30 – 8:30 ) they’ll be at Stubbs on Thursday Night if you can’t make ACL – Can You name the guys?


(Seriously they are going to steal the show on friday night!!!)

Then for the Headliners on Friday Night (sorry beastie fans, get well son!!)

Kings of Leon and Yeah! Yeah! Yeahs!  – there on opposite sides of Zilker Park – but we’ll figure a way to not only shake our stuff to “Sex is on Fire” and “Zero”.   It’ll be crazy but a nice end to Friday night.  
Then off to late night fun somewhere in Austin to be determinded by the Gods… other words – who the hell knows.

Saturday October 3rd 5770 –  Ok Pearl Jam is filming there Austin City Limits (the show) appearance this afternoon but getting tickets is nearly IMPOSSIBLE – but hey that hasn’t stopped me in the past – De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Joey Pants anyone????

We’re going to try and start early and catch Denton songstress – Sarah Jaffe (11:20 – 12) gotta support those from the ol’ stomping grounds – fingers raised crookedly and screaming like a deranged Eagle – KAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Now don’t mistake me for Music Snob – Mark Schectman – the fearless leader of this Pearl Snap world we’ve created – I will easily pass over bands that I careless to know.   So yeah – we’ll skip out of the park for a few hours and return for –   !!! (actual band name)
They rock the west stage for m2 till 3 and should be GREAT!!

Up Next is the Airborne Toxic Event from 3 to 4 (mix in some time at the autograph area to see some folks – you’ll have to search on the interwebs for that bit of info).  ATE ROCK and it’ll be a highlight for Saturday.
We’ll most likely take a breather before a great end to Saturday.

The Talk of Dallas – Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights (name should fall in nicely with all those hippies in A-Town who love the green leaf) – Should be raucous fun.   Blends in nicely with – “And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead….” (5-6pm) Rocking Good Times. 

Then we’ll funky it up with some MOS DEF – YEAH BUDDY!! MOS “FREAKING” DEF – 6pm to 7pm.

Then we’ll take a break – breather – whatever you call it.  We’ll try and catch the end of the Decemberists show (7-8pm).  But its all about the last two bands.

Ghostland Observatory – (8 – 9:30pm) on the West Stage and then on the complete opposite end are!!!


THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND.   Granted they all took it hard when losing one of there own.  Sax Man – LeRoi Moore died last year – I’m guessing DMB will do him right and rock the Austin Crowd as the stars twinkle over the Barton Springs Area.    I might shed a tear when Davie starts singing about Satellites in the Sky.  Beautiful ender to Saturday Night.

Ok The World Changes As Pearl Jam returns to the Great state of Tejas.

Sunday 4th of October in the Year 5770 of the Lunar Calender:

Simply put – THE JAMMERS take over Austin.   A huge influx of PJ fans are expected just for the Sunday show – most will be in town on Saturday and will try there best to break on in to the ACL recording.  But nonetheless Sunday looks like a FUN ARSE DAY!! 

Due to Late Night Saturday Fun – I’m expecting Sarah and I won’
t make it to Zilker until 2ish – JUST IN TIME for Sean Bass’ favorite Karaoke Band – THE B 52’s – YEAH BUDDY!!! 2 to 3 on the AMC West stage  the old schoolers will own the “Weird” World.  We’ll most likely try and meet up with friends and prepare ourselves for the 4 – 5 pm showcase that are the ARTIC MONKEYS!!!  Some will see those lovable Toadies on at the same time – but I highly doubt I’ll move from my stragetically placed fold-a-ble chair as I zone out to some British MuZack.    AM will own the mid afternoon!!!  AWESOME!!!

Ok so throw in another break to prepare for what could be the “special” set of the night. 

Sweet Ol’ Ben will have the crowd prepared for greatness later on this sweet evening.  Benny-Boy has a RICH HISTORY with This Fella –


Now these two gents have a history of playing amazing stuff together – It may be hard for Eddie to make his way across Zilker Park – so Benny Boy may actually show up on Saturday afternoon for the filming of ACL the show instead. But you can’t blame a guy for wishing.

After Ben tells of sorrowful times and a bit about God – we’ll try and get some energy in our bones with some upbeat – GIRL TALK from 7ish till 7:30ish. 

But we’ll just be gathering energy for PEARL JAM!! (8pm till heaven).

In the End it’ll be thousands and thousands of young folks (and some old ones too) just trying to listen to –

I’ll have good stories, pics and maybe special goodies when I return.  Full Report coming in October. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed your September!!!

Here is my ultimate-perfect set list for Sunday Night (20 total songs with one amazing encore)

Pearl Jam (Gadi’s Wish list) – Granted I’m going with the thought that PJ will play alot if not ALL of Backspacer and most likely sprinkle some of the regular hits on top and then maybe one or two special songs in there.

20.  Black – As the Sun is just set PJ brings out the darkness and maybe the bats?
19.  Evenflow – TO WAKE US THE F UP!!!  THIS IS PEARL JAM!!
18.  The Fixer – By now everyone should be in place for greatness – and its time to run through a bit of Backspacer.
17.  Amongst the Waves – quality Backspacer tune.
16.  Just Breathe – not only calms down backspacer but should bring on soulful Eddie.
15. Corduroy – flash back to Vitalogy times and jump away from Backspacer.
13.  Unthought Known – Will need a break from the emotion that’ll happen with Alive – always a CROWD PLEASER – this gets Backspacer back on track.
14. Johnny Guitar – Good Backspacer tune.
13.  Betterman – Just when you thought it would be the new album how about another earth shattering sing along with the crowd.
12.  Life Wasted – My personal Fave from the self-titled album – and nice tribute to Johnny Ramone – expect Eddie to have a moment for the great Ramone.
11. Low Light – Why not a Jeff Ament penned tune – the backspacer album seems to be for each one of the PJ guys a thank you – by far Low Light is Jeff Aments best non-base line addition to Pearl Jam history.  Awesome Song.
10. Dissident – Lets get angry in this bitch!!
9.  Jeremy – Another Crowd Pleaser and Sing Along – Yep!!
8.  Speed of Sound – Backspacer again
7.  Force of Nature – More Backspacer!!
6. Leash – Vs.  Gold.
5.  Daughter – Another Sing – A – Long
4.  Inside Job – Mike McCready’s first penned tune (on self-titled album) – the shortened version!!!
3. The End – Backspacer Ender – but its not necessarily the end of this Great Band!!
2.  State of Love and Trust – Pearl Jam Classic!!! I’ll cry through this song completely!!
1.  Garden – ok so its my personal favorite song and if they ended on Garden I could easily die a happy man – IN THE GARDEN WE ALL GO – YEAH THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.


PEARL JAM COMES OUT and they end Sunday Night – into Monday Morning with – WHAT ELSE



Ok so what would be your set list?  You can stick to the usual 15 song set if you want or live a little and give your 20 song one!!

Hope to Seeya There!!





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1 10 2009

Please, Gadi, never use my name in the same sentence when talking positively about !!! (Chk Chk Chk). πŸ˜‰

1 10 2009

Oh, and you forgot another must see band: The Dead Weather, holmes!

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