Week 3 NFL Picks

27 09 2009

 Which came first, the music or the misery?

Several years ago, I met Mark Schectman, our leader here at pearlsnapdiscount.com.  I immediately realized he was the closest thing to John Cusack’s character in High Fidelity (great movie, by the way) than anyone else I had ever met before in my life.

Even then, his indie music chops made me jealous, and now, Mark has taken it one step further, garnering some recognition from the always tuned-in Dallas Observer.

Congratulations to Mark, Dallas Observer’s Best Radio DJ.  Suck it, Kraddick.

Now, onto the picks…we’re short on commentary this week, but promise more bad jokes in next week’s version.

Indianapolis (-2.5) over Arizona

Super Bowl Hangover strikes Arizona again.  This AZ team just seems to be missing something.

Cleveland (+13.5) over Baltimore

Cleveland is a mess, but almost two touchdowns?  I’ll take the points and hope that Brady Quinn turns off the suck.

Chicago (-2) over Seattle

Even the discombobulated Chicago offense and my man Frat Boy Cutler should be able to handle the weak Seattle D.

Denver (-1.5) over Oakland

Did anyone see Jamarcus Russell last week?  Granted, he “led” his team to victory, but there’s no way I would feel comfortable taking them at any point for the rest of the season.  I don’t care if Josh McDaniels and my Mom were the Coach/QB combo, I’ll take that over Tom Cable/Russell.

Green Bay (-6.5) over St. Louis

I drafted the St. Louis kicker, Kris Brown in a fantasy league.  He’s scored one point this season.  That should tell you everything you need to know about the St. Louis offense.

Jacksonville (+4) over Houston

Jacksonville’s playing for their lives.  By the way, could that franchise be in more trouble?  Looking at a second consecutive season, they’re in a small market and can’t sell tickets and have already publicly discussed overdrafting Tim Tebow in the first round next year.  Yikes.

San Francisco (+7) over Minnesota

Who needs Michael Trabtree?  I really like this San Francisco team.  Should be a fun game to watch, especially since the last time Singletary and Favre squared off it was 1992.  I feel old.

NY Giants (-6.5) over Tampa Bay

Lock it up.  Since I’ve got nothing else, a TV review: Modern Family = funny.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Tennessee (+2.5) over NY Jets

A make or break game for 0-2 Tennessee against the overconfident NY Jets.  Two weeks in a row, I’ve ripped the Jets, two weeks in a row, they’ve made me look silly.  Let’s go for three.

New England (-4) over Atlanta

A game that shouldn’t be important but is.  I’ll take New England’s offense to bolt up from it’s eternal slumber against the upstart Falcons.  Great read on the Patriots from my leader, Bill Simmons.

Kansas City (+7.5) over Philadelphia

A team led by Kevin Kolb and with Michael Vick lurking in the shadows is favored by more than a touchdown?  Even if Todd Haley’s on the other sideline (anyone catch his act last week?  Wow.), I’ll take the points.

Pittsburgh (-4) over Cincinnati

If Cincy wasn’t on Hard Knocks, would they be a sleeper pick?  I think not.  You’ve fooled me before, Hard Knocks, not this time.

Miami (+6) over San Diego

Big day for the Single Wing. I mean the Wildcat.  I know it’s always cool to go retro, but I’ve never seen Bronco Nagurski become so cool as when the Dolphins turn back the clock on offense.

Washington (-6.5) over Detroit

Keep waiting, Detroit.  It will happen.

New Orleans (-6) over Buffalo

New Orleans is so fun to watch.  They’re basically a run and shoot team.  All they’re missing is Haywood Jefferies and Ernest Givens doing the Electric Slide.

Carolina (+9) over Dallas

Or, as I like to call it, the Bill Cowher Bowl.  For the record, I think the Cowboys will win, but 9 points when Carolina is playing for their lives is steep.  The triple-fake, USC Steve Smith torched the Dallas secondary.  What’s going to happen when the real model comes to town.  It’s like the first time I upgraded from generic “Fruit Rings” to brand-name Fruit Loops.  Trust me, there’s a reason that the brand name can charge a dollar more per box.  The same goes for WR’s with the same name.

Last week: 11-5
Overall (2 weeks): 19-13




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