Opening NFL Weekend, MNF preview, and WTF is up with people

14 09 2009


Watch out folks MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL – TO in Buffalo – wonder if he has seen the Seinfeld Shrinkage episode?

Anyways WOW what an exciting weekend in sports.  NFL is back – College Football had some huge shockers (even more so then the Sooners last week) – and the MTV movie awards was on (JOY!!??).

Ok I figure I’d do a winners, losers and WTF? sections for this post.

Lets of course start with the losers (gotta beat you down with the bad crap)

1.  Jay Cutler – Maybe more time on passing routes and less time partying with TE Greg Olsen –

Hey Dill? – 4 Ints – COME ON You have Matt Forte on your team.

2. The Cardinals Organization – Um Yeah you just lost to the 49ers – Didn’t I tell you folks (in my NFC predictions post) to watch out for Singletary – and a LB named Patrick Willis (huge INT of Warner early) – by the way Sean Bass brought up the San Fran Jersey’s have gone back to the old gold look – N.I.C.E!!

3. St. Louis Rams – nothing absolutely nothing from you guys on Sunday – I mean seriously the Seahawks SHUT YOU DOWN?  Really – Long season for you guys.  Shut OUT = Sorry.

4. Rafael Nadal – you lost 6-2, 6-2 , 6-2 in the semi’s to Juan Martin Del Potro – what happened?  Yeah Del Potro is a 6 foot 6 giant but wow to give up your worst Grand Slam performance ever – ouch – guess you aint fully healthy. 

5. Browns Defense – I figured you guys fire Eric “Manager” Mangini for a “Defensive” minded guy – well um did you not realize to stack the boss (the line for you non-lingo folks) against Adrian “Freaking” Peterson?


I mean he had one run that’ll have Samuel L. Jackson giving away an ESPY for it.  I know Adrian is incredible – but keeping him below 200 yards is not a good game at all.  You guys have a hard time figuring out how to tackle and it was badly shown for the WORLD on Sunday.

Ok Enough of these poor performances – who are the weeks winners?

1.  Tiger Woods Ya’ll – Yeah I know it wasn’t a Major – but 8-stroke win – I think that was a shout out to his Nike buddy – MJ!!!


Yeah we know you’re bad ass.  Congrats and Can’t wait till local radio morning show has its 8:40 bit – wonder if the fake tiger woods will be there? 

2.  Giants Defense Shows Its own Muscles – Washington Offense had NOTHING all day – and the G-Men looked Good.

3. Dallas Cowgirls – Ugly Start is erased by two HUGE plays – Tony had a Career Day in yards because of those two plays – but – doesn’t get my number 2 spot because he wore this crap early this year


What NO Pearl Snaps you Pretty Boy.  Congrats on the good game though.


4. Kimmy – She takes a break from the game to bring life into this world – and then comes back.  Survives Serena Williams (we’ll get to her in a sec) and then takes home the 2009 US OPEN Women’s Single’s Championship – Congrats.

5. City of Manchester – Both the Red Devils and the Baby Blue Boys were victorious this Weekend and impressively at that.  Manchester City put it to Arsenal – 4-2 (and those 2 were weak and late goals) – Emmanuel Adebayor (Man City Striker and former Arsenal front man) not only STOMPED on Robin Van Persie’s face – but after scoring he ran the full pitch to slide “at” the Arsenal Fan
Base – See the Row of Yellow – those are security for the blues n the Arsenal fans. 


CRAZY English won’t appreciate this one when Man City visits LONDON later in the season.  Now away from home the Defending Champion Manchester United boys – put on there own show – after letting a goal “bicycle” in the first minute (goal of the week by Jermain Defoe of Tottenham) the Red Devils answered with 3 unanswered goals.  Ryan Giggs put that magical lefty to work –


Wayne Rooney also netted one home.

Lets Now get to the CRAZY antics of this weekend and there are only three choices – two of which happened at the MTV Music Awards.

(Side Note – Mark covered this wonderfully well in his most recent post)

1. Kanye West – now since Mark posted the video – I’ll concentrate on his APOLOGY!!!??? WHAT IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT?

“I’m sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and hermom [Andrea]. I spoke to her mother right after and she said the samething my mother would’ve said. She is very talented! I like the lyricsabout being a cheerleader and she’s in the bleachers! …………………… I’m inthe wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!…………….. Beyonce’svideo was the best of this decade!!! I’m sorry to my fans if I let youguys down!!!!! I’m sorry to my friends at MTV. I will apologize to Taylor2mrw. Welcome to the real world!!!! Everybody wanna booooo me but I’m afan of real pop culture!!! No disrespect but we watchin’ the show atthe cribe right now cause…. Well you know!!!! I’m still happy forTaylor!!!! Boooyaawww!!!! You are very talented!!!!! I gave my awardsto Outkast when they deserved it over me… That’s whatit is!!!! I’m not crazy yall, I’m just real. Sorry for that!!! I reallyfeel bad for Taylor and I’m sincerely sorry!!! Much Respect!!!!!” 

Let me ask you – when did the STARS forget to hire a publicist?  These Blogs, Twits, and such are getting down right epic……and funny. 


2.  Ok so Serena – also another great video on previous post – now here apology and rationale are just completely WRONG!!

“Last night everyone could truly see the passion I have for my job. Nowthat I have had time to gain my composure, I can see that while I don’tagree with the unfair line call, in the heat of battle I let my passionand emotion get the better of me and as a result handled the situationpoorly. I would like to thank my fans and supporters for understandingthat I am human and I look forward to continuing the journey, bothprofessionally and personally, with you all as I move forward and growfrom this experience.”

So far – MUCH BETTER THEN KANYE (he should have read her apology before blogging his own) – but I do want to say Serena also made it seem (in other live statements given right after the altercation – and to her defense in the “heat” of the moment) like that line judge had COST Serena the match.  Um no Kim Clijsters swinging you from side to side all day – was why you so easily were going to lose that second set ANYWAYS!!  I mean Serena has only gotten mad when she is sucking on the court – so this was merely an angry child having a sit down in the grass and sulk time.   In the end though Serena did the right thing and her apology at least made sense. 

Now the the US OPEN – had some words for Ms Wiliams:

“Pursuant to the Grand Slam Rule Book, the maximum permissibleon-site fine of $10,000 has been levied for Unsportsmanlike Conductagainst Serena Williams for her on-court behavior during the women’ssingles semifinal match against Kim Clijsters on Saturday, September12, 2009.  Ms. Williams also will be fined $500 for racquet abuse whichtook place at the end of the first set of the same match.  In total,Ms. Williams’ on-site fine is $10,500.

“The Grand Slam Rule Book also allows for an investigation to beconducted by the Grand Slam Committee Administrator to determine if thebehavior of Ms. Williams warrants consideration as a Major Offence forwhich additional penalties can be imposed. This investigation has nowbegun.”




3.  The Whole Caster Semenya Case is CRAZY –


Is she or isn’t she a she?

Ok now the reports have come out that indeed Caster is a hermaphrodite or to be politically correct “disorder of sexual developement.  Most experts have come out and stated that they believe Caster should run and be considered a woman (like Jamie Lee Curtis – who had similar issues).  I’m not certain how the South African Olympic Committee will handle it all – this is a country (and I can say this because both my parents were born and raised in sweet South Africa) that up until recently considered HIV/AIDS a “myth”.  This whole story is by far the wildest and most wheels off to keep up with in sports right now.  Stay tuned for more from Caster.

In the end I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as us at PSD did – obviously we watched a bunch of TV – so we did enjoy ourselves.

O yeah – the 8:40 bit did not include Tiger Woods – for all you folks that know about the best radio station in the world. 

O before I forget – Monday NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! – How about that TO vs Tom Brady and the Pats?  Well I have to say I’m not going to go for the bills – but I do think a major knee injury like that takes a full season to feel safe on it.  I still like the Pats to win easily – but doubt it’ll be a blowout like everyone is predicting.  I will say watch out for the Bills offense to actually put up numbers (they’ll have to toss it around since Lynch is out for three weeks).  They are also bring back the No-Huddle – like that move A – LOT!!!

Now the other game seems like a really weak matchup – the Chargers are the “sexy” pick – but this team just doesn’t seem like a contender to me this year.  They need a big play WR before I’ll truly like them – but against the HORRIBLE offense of the Raiders – it won’t matter – a touchdown and field goal and you should have the win.

Predictions – Pats 34 – Bills 28 (yeah that close)

Chargers 17 – Raiders 6.







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14 09 2009


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