MTV & Kanye: Doing Bits

14 09 2009

I cannot begin to understand what is going on in this picture. Wow, lots of stuff went down tonight. Most of it at the venerable timewaste that is the VMAs. Here’s what “that guy” will be talking about around the water cooler this morning.So right as the show starts, Kanye busts on stage and puts sweet, clean Taylor Swift on blast.

Huge question mark over everyone’s heads turns to Twitter outrage. Later, Beyonce comes out and gives Taylor “her moment”. I do have to give it to MTV for doing everything imaginable to stay relevant, considering they haven’t played a music video in 10 years. Social networking is great free advertising (@PSDcom). Then a-holes like me blog about it. All I’m saying is, don’t be mad at Kanye. He’s doing a bit. He’s been doing it for MTV for the past couple of years. Let’s all just remember, he made this:

Does that give him a free pass to be a massive tool? Probably. And this gives Hova a free pass to scoreboard just about everyone.

As far as I can tell, nothing else noteworthy happened during this year’s broadcast. BTW, Russel Brand is a better gay pirate than Johnny Depp ever will be. Just sayin.Also, Serena Williams went wheels off didn’t she?

And I think football season started.




2 responses

14 09 2009

CRAZY Weekend – Lots of fun stuff on the telly. Good post.

14 09 2009

1. Kanye is an asshole. However, this probably isn’t going to hurt his record (do people still buy records?) sales at all. It’s not like the Taylor Swift crowd was ever buying Kanye albums anyway, and visa versa.2. Jay-Z is still the greatest, and Kanye will only ever be a “wanna-Z” (huge Norm laugh).3. Serena Williams’ outburst is obviously the result of ‘roid rage.

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