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11 09 2009

Wow. Watching this kinda makes me tear up.




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11 09 2009


13 09 2009

Jordan’s acceptance speech was pathetic at worst, and disappointing at best. I have lost a LOT of respect for the guy. If he is too blind and too arrogant to see that he did in fact need others around him to be the success that he was, then I have no respect for him.Don’t believe me? Read this:

14 09 2009

I’m not a Jordan apologist, but let me tell you he IS my sports idol. Yes I see how some might find his speech to be a little bitter. I see it as the true feelings of the greatest athlete/most competitive human ever. He was gracious, but also gave a few more parting jabs at spares that doubted him along the way. He loses no respect in my eyes, and should lose no one’s respect.

14 09 2009

Did anyone see his interview with Michael Wilbon? I have to say I understand MJ’s comments during it – now his acceptance speech was VERY unexpected – but when did we need our stars to be humble or respectful. I mean lets be honest – we all loved MJ because of HIS god-given abilities not that he made others Better or that he made a team into champions (He wasn’t Bill Russell). We wanted to see MJ take over the game – we all thought him selfish – but that is why we all loved him. He was that good that him being selfish was the right thing. So I though he lived up to that with his speech. In the end I might not think MJ one of the most likable superstars ever – but when I remember him in my dreams – I see the single greatest Basketball player EVER. Yeah I’m with Mark – MJ would have to pull an OJ to make me look bad on his career. Lets not forget EVERYONE took jabs at this guy during his career – EVERYONE!! They wrote books – they did it all to him because he was so dominant. In the end the Greatest is in the Hall. And what a hell of a class Jerry Sloan and Stock and of course Mr. Spur – David “I miss you so much Admiral” Robinson.

14 09 2009

BYRON RUSSELL RESPONDS TO MJ – “I’ll play his ass right now,” Russell told Yahoo! Sports. “This is a call-out for him to come play me. He can come out here in his private jet and come play. He’s got millions of dollars. He can pay for the jet. He can meet me at the Recreation Center in Calabasas.“We can have Mark Jackson do the commentating. We can have Mitch Richmond do the officiating. We can put it on TV and see if Michael’s still got it.”“To me, that’s the greatest play in basketball history,” Russell said. “It will stay that way because he will always be the greatest player to play the game. I didn’t mind. But the referees didn’t make the call on the push off.“It’s long done and gone. It was a call that wasn’t made on a play that was great.”“I keep my basketball shorts on.”Kinda have to say – I don’t see Byron doing much against MJ now either, but have to respect a guy that gives it back to MJ.

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