NFC Predictions 09/10 and More!!

9 09 2009

Um Wait A Second?  Who was in the Super Bowl Last Year?  Wait What?

Ok so I’m pretty sure NO Major Pundit picked the Phoenix Passion to make it to the Super Bowl.  And I highly doubt anyone is doubling up and betting on them to return.   So minus what the rest think – here is HOW the NFC will pan out and then I’ll take you through all the playoffs. 

1. New York Giants –
Offense – Yeah Yeah I know what Plax did and yeah it shouldn’t matter.   This team is still a winner where it counts – ON THE LINE!!
The O-Linemen -run the show in “Jersey”.


This dominant bunch has been the top of their game the last few years.  Now the real issue is indeed – who will Eli throw too.  Eli does have options though – Domenik Hixon showed signs of being a top level guy last year, Steve Smith reminds me of a faster Amani Toomer, Mario Manningham looks solid, and of course two key rookies will be used Hakeem Nicks has looked Amazing in the Preseason and lets not forget the Boss is in Jersey –


This Boss not Bruce – Kevin should be the main Goal-Line Target and for you fantasy players will be a TD machine – he’s on my team.
Defense –
The line aint to bad when you have a healthy Usi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, and those are just the ends – The D Tackles are deep this year with Cowboy Import – Chris Canty, Vets Fred Robbins and Rocky Bernard (thanks Seattle), and Barry Cofield.   The LBs follow Antonio Pierce’s Lead as they should.  The secondary is also very deep with solid corners Aaron Ross, Corey Webster, and Kevin Dockery seeing a lot of the field last season.  S’s Michael Johnson and Kenny Philips round out a young but solid group.  Throw in the best coffin corner punter every Jeff “Ancient” Feagles and this unit looks top ten level.
Overall –
The Eagles look good, the Cowgirls look good, and Washington looks good – this will be the TOUGHEST division in football so can’t say 12 wins is possible but 10 or 11 will bring home the title of NFC East champs.

2. Philly Eagles –
Offense –
Michael Vick is all the rage and talk of the town – and now that they’ll have him three weeks earlier can’t be good for opposing defenses.  Donovan McNabb has plenty of Weapons with speedsters DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, vets Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown and Kendra Baskett (wait I meant Hank).


um what was I saying.  O yeah – throw in Brian Westbrook, Rookie RB Mccoy and TE Brent Celek and this bunch looks GREAT!!  And thats not mentioning the O-Line that got better with Jason Peters coming over from Buffalo.
Defense –
They will be without the Guru – but this bunch still has talent.  Brodrick Bunkley could have a break out year up front.  Ashante Samuel and Sheldon Brown make-up one of the best CB tandems in the NFC.
Overall –
I think the Vick Circus will hurt them a bit and with Andy Reid’s kids being Spawn of Satan who knows what other things will pop up to befall the city of brotherly love.  I wish this team sucked – but they look awfully good and will give the G-Men a run – ten wins is the starting point.

3. Dallas Cowboys –
Offense –
They look like a solid bunch.  Tony Romo has two TEs in Witten and Marty B.  But is Roy Williams a true number one?  Is Marion Barber legit as a starter?  Can Felix Jones stay Healthy? What Happens if big Flozell goes down or his age finally catches up?   These questions plague this team and besides the firepower of Jason Garrett’s offense has been figured out – I really didn’t see anything that is super impressive during the pre-season – though the Two TE set could be what is needed.  In the end I just don’t understand the hype and haven’t for 4 years.  Hey Tony has a new girl by the way –


Defense –
The issue with this unit has nothing to do with there 3-4.  DeMarcus is the best Outside LB next to those fellas in Pittsburgh.  But Losing Greg Ellis and Kevin Burnett will hurt.  But Wade Phillips knows his 3-4 – the only problem is his secondary is very weak after T-New.  Sensabaugh doesn’t seem like the answer at either S.  This team will be beat deep and that is what caused them to finish in this place last year.
Overall –
I really don’t see any difference from last year – other then losing a productive TO.  They didn’t gain like the Eagles and G-Men (Plax was lost – but they did a lot else where).  And having a Washington defense look this good can’t be good if they are on your heels.

4. Washington Redskins –
Offense – Dan Synder had no problems letting his QB know that he wasn’t that good.  Washington tried there darnest to go and get Jay Cutler and few other guys.  Jason Campbell is a solid QB but having an entire town want to replace you (though you played pretty well the year before) can’t be good on one’s mind.  Clinton Portis and LaDell Betts give them a solid ground game for this run heavy offense.  A little confused why they didn’t push the young WRs more – Santana Moss is really the only big play threat they have and minus the Cowboy Secondary teams seem to have him figured out.  Cooley is the real key to there success – a big year and this team can easily slip up a few spots.
Defense –

O Gosh – the Skins/Cowboys games should be interesting.  Adding the most destructive force in the NFL to your Defense Line = Solid pickup (big paychecks to sign though).  This defense has a lot of weapons around Albert – including Rookie DE Brian Orakpo, CB Carlos Rogers, CB Fred Smoot and  S LaRon Landry.  They have a lot of depth in the Secondary – they picked up DeAngelo Hall by the way – could be interesting.  But lets be honest this is a group of hot heads.  But this group won’t be the reason why the Redskins don’t win.
Overall –
Jim Zorn’s offense just doesn’t seem ready to dethrone any of the other EAST teams – they have the Defense set – now they need to ad a legit WR and maybe another RB to really contend.

1. Chicago Bears –
Offense – Matt Forte was the talk of the Windy City, now its Jay Cutler.  This team has the weapons to be a really strong unit.  Watch out for Earl Bennet at WR to explode on the seen (he went to Vandy with Cutler).  This team needed a legit arm to be a contender and they went out and got one.  I really think Cutler will make the Bears into winners again.  Forget Brett Farve – Jay Culter is the best pickup of 2009.
Defense – Last Time I checked Brian Urlacher was still in the middle, Tommie Harris was the LDT, Alex Brown was DE, and Lance Briggs roamed the Weak LB slot.  This Defense still has all the pieces that lead them to the Super Bowl a few years ago.  Coach Lovie Smith is still a leader and Chicago now has the Offense to match the Defense.   This team could be scary!!!
Overall –
Devin Hester is still amazing on special teams – not sure if he’ll pan out at WR – but TE Greg Olsen should make up for that.  This team looks really solid and Cutler is a winner.  Denver messed up on that trade.

2. Minnesota Vikings –
Offense – #4 is back in the league and wearing Purple – INTERESTING.  I was one of those people that thought Farve looked pretty good for the Jets last year – now he has a real offense to work with – REALLY! GOSH!!.  Brett may not h
ave all the weapons but with Peterson he should see a playoff berth nonetheless.


Kinda like that look.
Defense – This is the real story of Minnesota – and Jared Allen leads the way –

This is a great picture on SO MANY LEVELS!!  This unit may not be the athletes that the Purple People Eaters were – but they are instead HUGE – Kevin and Pat Williams are each 330 plus (they get past those suspensions and we’re talking HAVOC for the Central).  Winfield and Griffin at Corner are solid and lets be honest this Vikings defense looked great last year.  They should be solid again.
Overall – Brett gives them the missing piece – it may not give them the Central Title – but the Playoffs will work and Brett will have his chance to point and Laugh at Green Bay.

3. Green Bay Packers
Offense – Rogers had a great year last season and this team still faultered – that is because they don’t have the running backs they need to be thought of as a solid team.  Ryan Grant needs to show that he is worthy and if he does show up then this team can finally regain there division titles.  Other then Greg Jennings I just don’t see why people like this unit.  The TEs aren’t that good – Driver is getting ancient.  The Offense Line looks pretty beatable.  They just don’t have the weapons outside of Jennings to really scare either the Bears or Vikings.
Defense – I think everyone like A.J. Hawk’s ability and so do I.  But Up front they are more then beatable – Aaron Kampman might get you some sacks – but the front four will get run all over by Matt Forte, Adrian and even Kevin Jones in D-Town.  The LBs are solid with Hawk and Barnett.  The secondary still has Charles Woodson so I can’t hate them that much.  Bigby at Saftey last year was a solid find and with Al Harris and Nick Collins the secondary doesn’t actually look bad at all.  To Bad they’ll have to spend most there time dragging down Forte, Peterson and Jones.
Overall – 7 or 8 wins is just right for this team – they need another WR and some help on the Lines to do anything.  I just don’t like this team.

4.  Detroit Lions
Offense – Scott Linehan is a master at figuring out what works on the offense – Detroit should actually win a few this season – but i’m a bit shocked they will go with Mr. Highland Park at QB Matthew Stafford (went to Highland Park High School in D-town before tearing
it up in Athens) –


Glad to say I did see the Scots play once -and to be honest Meh’ ,Ennis High School had a kid just as good who went on to rewrite the NCAA record books at Texas Tech – Poor Graham Harrell – How that kid ended up out of the NFL and Matthew ended the NUMBER 1 overall – um a bit shocking for this fan of Texas High School Football.  In the end I think Stafford has the weapons to build something special in the next few years – Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature and Kevin Smith is a solid to good RB.  But lets be honest Matt Ryan plays in Atlanta not Detroit.  Get off the Rookie QB doing well this year.
Defense – Wow they stunk last season.
They didn’t go get anyone either.  Minus Ernie Sims at LB this unit maybe the worst in the NFL for sure the worst in the NFC.  Matt Millen really ruined this team.   And they need a full clean-out of this group.  They should win a game – just not much more then that.
Overall – Do you really care what the Lions do this year – they don’t.


1.  Atlanta Falcons –
Offense – the sexy pick is the Saints to go from worst to first – really?  Why?  The Falcons looked like they were the best team last year and they were only a game away from clinching the division.  Matt Ryan is legit = True, Roddy White/Michael Jenkins are legit = True, Tony Gonzales still has something = TRUE, Michael Turner won’t get hurt = False.  Hey 3 out of 4 aint bad.  I know Turner was amazing last year but that work load will hurt him this year.  In the end I still really like this team. Get used to hearing Jerious Norwood’s name because he’s the X-Factor and the key guy if Turner goes down.  I really liked the offense and they just got better with Tony coming in.  This team is for real and besides they are to young to know they shouldn’t be this good.
Defense –
They let veteran Keith Brooking leave to Dallas – a bit harsh for the Georgia Tech standout – but this defense is still solid.  John Abraham was a great pick up from the Jets and will shine this year as well. I like the Rookie Peria Jerry inside and love LB Curtis Loften – throw in VET Mike Peterson at LB and this bunch looks good.  The corners are a bit young – but Chevis Jackson could become a star. 
Overall – Jason Elam is one of the most dependable kickers, Matt Ryan is legit and the Atlanta Falcons will oust the Panthers for the Division title this year.

2.  Carolina Panthers –
Offense –
DeAngelo Williams is great.  Jonathan Stewart will return and should be healthy sooner rather then later.  Steve Smith is still amazing at WR and Jake can still throw the ball nicely.  The offense has new life with the running attack and I really don’t see them digressing to much – 10 wins is about right, but they will have to battle those NFC East boys for the final playoff spot and/or the Vikings.  I still really like the Panthers offense over the Saints (no offense to Drew Brees but you were INCREDIBLE last year and finished 8-8 for a reason – it aint your fault). 
Defense –
This team follows the talents of Julius Peppers – He still has a lot to prove – like if he’s really worth a HUGE Payday – I think he is and he should show us this season.  Why do People forget this team won 12 games last year – o yeah they got Embarrassed in the Playoffs.  But this unit is still solid. Thomas Davis and Jon Beason at LB really are stars in the making.  Chris Gamble is another Buckeye who can play Corner at the top level.
Overall – They won’t win 12 again but they should still win 10 at least.

3. New Orleans Saints –
Offense –
Yeah I can read the stats and see Drew is amazing – but Reggie is back with this lady –

nice butt – but Reggie should worry about his injuries and his starting RB spot – Pierre Thomas is about to take it and he might just take Kimmy as well.  Pierre thomas looks like a solid player – but who else do the Aints have – the WRs have really only shown one year of consistent play.  I know Drew can find them – but 5,000 plus only got 8 wins and it’ll get about the same this year as well.  They just didn’t do anything to improve on a middle of the pack bunch.
Defense –
Who Dat?  That is the only question I have.  How do you lose 8 games with Drew Brees having a CAREER YEAR at QB – well you have this bunch of misfits on Defense.  Did they even do anything this off-season – NOPE!! WHY THE HECK NOT!!!!  Who cares how good they are on Offense – they allow 30 a game on defense and they brought back pretty much everyone.  WHY?
Overall –
Its sad to see another amazing QB not win a thing – but we all watched Dan Marino do it – why not Drew Brees?

4. Tampa Bay Bucs.
Offense –
They fired there offense coordinater last week – who cares what they have.  THEY ARE IDIOTS!!! Though I am glad to see Auburn Tiger Cadillac Williams has been named the opening day starter- thats a huge plus – minus injuries this kid has something.  But wow the rest of this bunch is pretty pretty crappy.  Antonio Bryant is your big play WR – REALLY – he made Braylon Edwards look like Jerry Rice!!Defense –
Monty has always coached this bunch to greatness – now his number two is the HEAD COACH – so expect Ronde Barber and Company to still play solid defense.  It won’t matter though as they have to deal with watching that offense mess up all there hard work.  I really see the Defense giving up on the Offense and this thing getting really ugly in Florida.  Tampa Bay why o why did you not bring in an Offense minded Coach?
Overall –
9 wins to around 4 or 5 seems about right for this Byron Leftwich led group.  OUCH!!!

1. San Francisco 49ers –
Offense – YEAH YOU’RE READING THAT CORRECTLY.  Mike Singletary has something with this unit.  Vernon Davis got a rude awakening and should actually turn into the star TE everyone has thought he should be – They finally have stuck with a QB NOT NAMED Alex – and it should pay off this year (mainly cuz Arizona will be on EVERYONES Radar).  I have to say Frank Gore has been a really good player the last few years – he isn’t in the spot light but seriously the stats show him – three straight 1,000 yard season and fully healthly – he should really come into his own this year.  Behind him Glen Coffee could be the Pierre Thomas of last year – watch out for this quiet Bay Area Team. 


now get used to this Guy being the best LB in the Game – MEET the 49ers

Patrick Willis – this is your world.  He is the single reason why this unit is so good.  He is that good – but this team has a lot of good quality talent surrounding the MLB.  Justin Smith upfront is a solid DE that has good technique.   The LB core is stacked – along with Patrick in the 3-4 system are OLBs Manny Lawson and Parys Haralson and vet Takeo Spikes in the Middle with Willis.  The secondary has money bags Nate Clements who should regain his cover ability that got him a huge contract coming out of Buffalo.  I’ve always been a fan of Michael Lewis as Eagle and he gives a solid run stuffing Saftey – he’s also started everygame for the 49ers the past two season.   This defense is very good and very underrated.
Overall – Frank Gore on Offense and a top 5 Defense leads this team back to the playoffs and to NFC West Champs.

2. Seattle Seahawks.
Offense – This team still has Matt Hassleback at QB and now he FINALLY has a legit #1 WR in TJ Housemandzadeh.  Throw in tall Nate Burleson and upcoming TE John Carlson and Hassleback should rebound from last season.  Also lets not forget this team has good depth at RB – Julius Jones and Edge really should complement each other nicely.  The O-line is a bit green but FB Justin Griffith is one of the best blockers on the run and pass and should help out.  Also Edge is a very underrated pass blocking back – watch out for him to be an important piece to Seattle’s offense.
Defense – The front four are not very impressive and should easily be run on by the likes of Frank Gore and Steven Jackson.  The LBs are a solid group with Lofa Tatupu and Aaron Curry.  Also the secondary is highly underrated.  Deon Grant is wiley veteran Saftey and with Lawyer Milloy as an extra coverage saftey and leader on the defense this team looks ready to compete in this weaker division.
Overall – Seattle is a team that seems to go up and down.  Last year was down and its not to much to think that they can easily go back up.  I like that they went and spent money on a legit WR and also brought in a veteran RB like Edge.

3.  Arizona Cardinals
Offense – Yes I know Larry Fitzgerald is the best in the game – but Kurt Warner is 54 years old and Matt Leinart is barely holding on to the backup role – this team is in deep deep doo-doo if Kurt gets banged to hard.  The Cardnals schedule is pretty tough and I’m still not sure why they let a vet like Edge go.  Beanie Wells was a great draft pick for the Wisenhunt style team – hard nose runner from a northern power house school – but he is injury prone.  Can Bolden and Breaston do what they did last year – I don’t think so.  This offense won’t shock many people like last year.
Defense – They have a solid secondary and possible the best up and coming corner in the game – Dominique Rogers-Cromartie.  Also Antrel Rolle at saftey is good.  Adrian Wilson at the other Saftey is the heart of the defense and legit star in the league.  But other then a solid secondary the defense doesn’t impress me – Darnell will have a hard time trying to repeat last year and the LBs are not very good.  They got hot late – that shouldn’t happen – since everyone is gunning for them.
Overall – Last year was a surprise – this year won’t be and for Tempe residents it’ll be a long season.

4. St. Louis
Offense – Steven Jackson is still a top five fantasy and real life running back.  But this team puts to much on Bulger – why they let Torry Holt goes boggles the mind – I like Donnie Avery – but not enough to get rid of Holt and Isaac Bruce in back to back years.  They should be a good team sunday to sunday but can’t put up enough points to really beat teams.   They are better then 2 wins like last year – but they would impress to reach .500 this season.
Defense – The best Defense Coordinator in the NFL is there head Coach.  I already miss Coach Spags, he should whip this bunch into shape and add some nice wrinkles to the defense.  But lets be serious, they only really have three real talents – Chris Long (still very raw though), Leonard Little (legit pass rushing DE), and Safety Oshiomogho Atogwe (shined last season).  Other then that they should hope to see MLB James Laurinaitis come into his own in the next few seasons.  Keep and eye on this team the next few years – Spags needs only a few more pieces to have a mean looking defense – but this season they’ll struggle to figure out who can fit in correctly.
Overall – New Coaches take time – I like the defense’s youth – but they still don’t have enough quality on either side of the ball.

PHEW – So there are my NFC Predictions. 

Lets Look at the top players in both conferences and the playoff predictions.

Top 3 Players

AFC Offense MVP –
3. Larry Johnson –  The KC running back did NOTHING last year – he should rebound nicely and lets not forget he’s still under thirty and has a hard nose coach in Todd Haley who is looking for a bruising back to carry this team.

2. Tom Brady – He won’t toss 50 plus tds this season – but he won’t be to far off – adding Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor only makes this offense that much more explosive.
1. Peyton Manning – I can’t see why people aren’t excited about this Colts offense – Reggie, Gonzo, Addai, and Dallas Clark – that is a good group for Manning to do his magic.

NFC Offense MVP –
3. Matt Ryan – he’ll creep towards 4,000 yards and should benefit from having a Vet TE like Tony Gonzales there as a saftey measure.  Also Roddy White is a stud.
2. Frank Gore – he has been one of the better backs the past three seasons and I see him having a field day against the Cards, Rams and Seahawks defenses.   He’ll be top three in the NFL in Rushing yards.
1. Matt Forte – He has great hands and should benefit from Cutler not having a clear #1 WR so he’ll throw plenty of drop offs and screen’s to Forte.  Matt is already a for sure 1,300 – 1,500 yard rusher every season.   He is also one of the most effective red zone running backs in the game – for real he is great at getting into the end zone.

AFC Defense MVP –
3. LaMarr W
oodley – Love me some Michigan Wolverines on Defense – he was outshined by James Harrison last season – watch out for Woodley to wreck havoc again and this year even more then Mr. Meanie Head.
2.  Terrell Suggs – I believe Ed Reed is the best defender overall on the Ravens – but Suggs is in the “flash” position – if he creeps towards 15 plus sacks (very capable) then he will be on all the highlight reels and I really see him creeping towards 20 sacks this year like DeMarcus Ware in Dallas Last season.

1.  Dwight Freeney – The Old Orangeman has already built a fantastic resume in Indy – but watch out this season could be GIGANTIC for this freak of nature – BLAZING SPEED.

NFC Defense MVPs –
3. Nate Clements – I really think he’ll get his hands on so many picks this season.  Teams will try and go after him and they will fail.
2. Justin Tuck – Usi coming back should do wonders for freeing up Tuck on numerous one-on-one battles.  This kid is a beast and a workhorse – he should shine again this season.  Tuck is awesome to watch on Sundays.

1. Tommie Harris is a total beast at Defense tackle – he really has been quiet so far in the NFl – but he has all the weapons in place to shine. 

AFC Coach of the Year –
3. Gary Kubiak – getting the Texans to the playoffs won’t be easy but I really think this team will slide in and Gary deserves recognition for an accomplishment like that.
2. Ron Meeks – Indy’s Dungy Jr. really didn’t turn heads last season – but a revitalized Peyton Manning should help Meeks coach a division champion.
1.  Todd Haley – Kanas City molded themselves after a perfect team – New England – I really see this team turning things around and for that the loud Haley will easily take home the COY award.

NFC Coach of the Year –
3.  Tom Coughlin – He was so close to being fired that all he’s done to respond is win Super Bowls and Divisional titles – Coach C and his rosy cheeks bring out the best in this nitty gritty Giants football team – Parcels should be proud and model his Dolphins like the G-Men of right now.

2.  Lovie Smith – The Bears return to the limelight and everyone remembers how Lovie was Mr. NEW COACH when this team went to the Super Bowl.  Lovie is a solid Coach.
1. Mike Singletary – Any guy who drops trow in front of his team – and turns around cocky Vernon Davis into a respectable TE deserves credit.  Mike has an amazing group of kids on Defense that with his guidance should shine brightly.


AFC Playoff Teams
1.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Yeah they are that good and should win at least 12 games
2.  New England – they won games last year without TB – now they’ll  return to winning there division and a bye week.
3.  Indy Colts – home field in the first round.
4.  Kansas City – ARROWHEAD HOSTING A PLAYOFF GAME!! – I miss that!!
5.  Baltimore Ravens – They just can’t get past the Steel Curtain.
6.  Houston Texans – This team will be fun to watch all year.

NFC Playoff Teams
1.  Chicago Bears – Yeah the Windy City is back.
2.  Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan is for real.
3.  New York Giants – G-Men play better without the bye week anyways
4.  San Fran 49ers – Nothing better then early morning fog before a playoff game.
5.  Philly Eagles – Andy Reid will have to go back to San Fran to take back his heart and the West Coast Offensive Coaching Rights
6.  Minnesota Vikings – Brett does what he could not do last year – lead his team to the playoffs.  Poor Carolina gets so Close.

How Things will Play out.


Peyton and the Gang should take comfort in playing H-Town in Indy – cuz they’ll lose the regular season matchup @ Reliant Stadium.   Colts Move On to New England.


Arrowhead is just such a crazy place – I don’t see Flacco surviving that place.  Chiefs continue there epic run as they go to Title Town.

Brett Farve will once again battle those G-Men – and whether his #4 is in Green and Yellow or Purple and Gold – He will have to see the rest of the Playoffs from Mississippi.


Andy Reid and the Eagles are just too explosive for the young 49er Defense – Donovan McNabb keeps winning in the playoffs – how far will he go this year?

Big Boys had a week to prepare



Brady Vs Manning.  How is #1 – Peyton wins this battle in the long battle between to of the Greatest to play the game.  This one should be really exciting – and yeah i like Indy to fight through the Boston Cold and win against the mighty Patriots.  Sorry Bill but you can’t win every game – Manning’s must really irk Belichecky.


The Chiefs run ends in the nasty rain and towel infested field that is 3 Rivers.  Hard fought battle sees Willie Parker lead the Steelers back to the AFC title game.

(This made me giggle)



The Eagles run will sadly end in Chicago – Matt Forte should control the game well enough for Lovie Smith to return to the NFC Title Game.



I like Matt Ryan vs Eli – But the Giants ground and pound game is just a bit better – Falcons defensive line can’t stop BJ from rushing for at least 2 tds in this one.  G-Men venture to Chi Town for the Title Matchup.



Wow this should be a great matchup – I have to say it’ll be the hardest game of Peyton’s career – but he proves all the doubters wrong and WIN IN PITTSBURGH.
  I have to say I think Dwight Freeney will have a field day with slow-poke Big Ben.  Manning back to the Super Bowl!!!!



This Classic Battle has a hard nose blood gushing war written all over it.  Tommie Harris/Urlacher/Briggs take on the G-Men O-Line.  Tuck-Usi-Kiwi try and take down Forte and/or Cutler.  In the end I like the amazing Jeff Feagles to make Devin Hester a useless player and to pin Cutler deep.  Aaron Ross showcases why he needs to be looked at as one of the better CBs in the game.  A late pic by Ross clinches the NFC title for NYC – and the ALL MANNING BOWL IS COMPLETE!!

Ok so all of you that know me – know I’ve been predicting this game for three straight years – in that time both Mannings have one there super bowl rings – and this year the boys meet up together.  Donald Trump is there eating his gold oreos – and we have the game to end all Manning games.

WHO CARES WHO WINS – Look at these too brothers –

Hope you enjoyed this Horrible Long Post – Congrats on making it through.  Slove you all.






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10 09 2009

Congrats Gadi,I had to call my girlfriend’s voicemail and leave my work phone off the receiver just so I could make my co-workers think that I was on a long sales call while I was reading this post.solid work.

10 09 2009

Appreciate ya pal. Appreciate ya.

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