I Am The Walrus

9 09 2009


This will quite possibly be the greatest game ever released in the year of our Lord, 2009.  Or maybe the greatest game in the history of ever.

Not to mention that, but we are also (finally) being given remastered versions of all Beatles studio albums.

Needless to say, Good Records will be receiving a sizable portion of my paycheck so I can own this.  I especially can’t wait to take a listen to the remastered version of The Beatles’ finest work, and one of my favorite albums of all time: Abbey Road.

BTW, I’m a Paul.




8 responses

9 09 2009

Wow looks amazing!!

9 09 2009

I am a George

10 09 2009
Nick Carraway

The Fab Four are to us what the characters from Sex and the City are to Sorority Girls from 2002. I’m totally a Paul.I’ve got Beatles thoughts on something I like to call “The Yoko Theory”. Related content coming soon?

10 09 2009

I sure hope so……

10 09 2009

Will you be getting the re-mastered mono edition or the re-mastered stereo edition?

10 09 2009

More on the “Yoko Theory” and gosh guys I guess I’m stuck with Ringo – AGAIN!!! I hate the drums – hey Drew don’t you like to play drums – I’d rather be Pete Best or hell Brian Epstein. Yeah I’m Pete!!

11 09 2009

I kinda want to get the mono edition. Actually, I want both. Is that wrong?

14 09 2009
Crazy Jeff

FYI-they are also releasing this on 180 gram vinyl sometime in November. I hear the price tag will be about $400-actually not a bad investment considering mint LP’s of some of these records are $100+.

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