It Might Get Loud

5 09 2009

This might be one of the finest music documentaries I have ever seen. Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge give us a deep look into their maturation in music, love for the guitar, influences in rock, and they try to define their creative forces. Absolutely amazing film. If you appreciate music – this is a must see.




4 responses

5 09 2009

I have been waiting for this one to come out for a long time! It’s number one in my queue.Jack White is the best guitarist of our time.

5 09 2009

Looks Awesome – There is a reason why Jack White has forty freaking projects – the guy’s mind is working overtime. Amazing artists on what looks like an amazing project.

5 09 2009

Yeah, I too have been waiting on this little gem. It still gives me chills in my pants every time I watch this trailer. I can’t freaking wait.

5 09 2009

Checked it out last night at the Angelika in Plano at Legacy. Well worth the drive.

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