Auto-Tune Ain’t Dead

5 09 2009

With it being the holiday weekend and all, I thought this was as good a time as any to both post some exciting content on PSD, and also piss Mark off a little bit with yet more Radiohead content.

 Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Reading festival

Well… sort of.

Let me explain a little. First of all, there are few things in the music world I enjoy as much as Radiohead, but one of them is Jay-Z. Now Jay (or “Hova” for the elitists) has collaborated with a lot of artists, and even most recently with Brit pop/rock super group Coldplay. But Hov has never done anything with Radiohead…

Until now…

Chaps, I give you Jaydiohead. An online (most likely illegal) remix of some of Jay’s music with the fine talents of Yorke, Greenwood and the gang. The result is something I can’t stop listening to. Go on over to the “official” website, and listen, download and enjoy this free little treat (before someone from BMI or ASCAP puts the kibosh on things…)

They even have some sweet ass album artwork!

Speaking of Jay-Z, the east coast king of hip-hop (at least in Biggie’s absence) is releasing an official album next Friday titled “The Blueprint 3“. The first track is actually called “DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)”. Obviously, Jay is a little tired of all the Auto-Tune crap that has replaced the likes of real music. Ironically enough, arguably the biggest culprit is Jay’s little buddy and protégé Kanye West.

Well, despite my excitement for a new Jay-Z album, and the obvious annoyance with Auto-Tune overload, I am actually super excited about a new App for iPhone users. Mark alerted me to a new product in the iTunes App store today called I Am T-Pain. Unlike any app before it, this will actually let you “become” T-Pain in a way, and enjoy the art of Auto-Tune from the safety of your own home (or seedy truck stop bathroom for that matter.) Now if you’re reading this wondering what the hell Auto-Tune is, you’re probably not alone (although a little behind the pop culture curve.) However, it’s hard to explain in words, so check out this video on the new product, and I think you’ll get an idea about what it does.

If you think this might be something you’re interested in (and you own the appropriate piece of hardware, being the iPhone,) then go on over to iTunes and pick it up for it’s reasonable $2.99 price tag. You’ll be singing the back-up vocals to I’m On A Boat in no time.

Until next time, have a great holiday weekend, and stay tuned to PSD for the staff’s official Fantasy Football Draft Party update, which takes place Sunday night. Oh, and don’t be shy to leave me some hints on what to do with my #2 overall pick down below in the comments section.

Adios, MFs!




4 responses

5 09 2009

Thanks. This is really cool.

5 09 2009

I’m sorry Hova, auto tune is so not dead. For proof, see my iPhone.ShhhAAwwwwTTTAAAAYYyyyyyy!

5 09 2009

Hoooooovvvvvvaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Still aint going to get the i-phone though. Hate Me. Also Drew DRAFT. JOHN ELWAY! Heard he is good.

5 09 2009

If only I COULD still draft John Elway…

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